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I don't need training It’s a mistake for salespeople to believe they don’t need any more training. This mindset isn’t productive and it certainly won’t help you improve your skills as a salesperson. 

There are many people who don’t think they need to improve upon what they already know. It’s a pervasive issue and it’s due to several reasons: 

  • There is a hypocrisy that’s often present in the sales arena
  • Training is expected in many industries so it can be taken for granted.
  • People don’t look at areas they can improve on

Hypocrisy in sales

Salespeople know how to handle an objection like “We have this product already. We don’t need yours.” We understand this is a challenge and can share how our product may help them due to the changes in trends. The same is true in sales where trends change there too. We can’t be hypocrites and expect our sales to improve when we don’t improve as well. The change should start from us. 

Training is expected

Sales is a continuous learning process and there are many opportunities through podcasts, books, conferences, and more. People who excel may already have the experience, but they still want to learn more. The individuals, however, who don’t desire to improve start to become stagnant and decline in performance. When your role is critical and you’re not getting any training, people who don’t stay on top of their sales training wash out because they’re not equipped with enough tools. 

Areas you can improve upon

There are numerous training sessions available for the areas that you need to improve. Be the sales rep the executives are looking for. Be a sales rep that executives are willing to take a risk for. 

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