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The Sales Evangelist

When sellers are stuck Sometimes sellers get stuck but where exactly do they get stuck?

Umar Hameed was previously working in Silicon Valley where he worked for high-tech launching companies from Asia, Europe, and the Valley into the U.S. market. He noticed that there were employees in the company who were rockstars in the sales department. Others, however, would invest in training, motivation, coaching, and incentives where they’d only improve a little bit. Still, others would improve a lot but for only a short amount of time. Umar saw how the problem wasn’t in the sales training, process, or strategy. The problem was with the people and their mindset.

Umar’s work entails looking for ways to give salespeople an owner’s manual for their mindset in order to change their world.

Getting the team together 

This can be applied to the sales team and the whole organization. It’s imperative to change the mindset of individuals because that’s how you shift the entire company and improve its trajectory. Consider the hows: 

  • How you can win
  • The hows on beating the competition
  • How you can support each other

Changing the mindset of the organization can produce a work environment where everyone is enthusiastic and passionate. This, in turn, will boost the morale of your sales team and increase their speed. 

The author of the comic strip called Pogo wrote this quote: We have met the enemy and the enemy is us. Oftentimes you may think that the enemy is the economy or the competition. The truth is, how you feel about yourself at a subconscious level determines how well you do. The only way to truly improve is to change the mindset. Umar’s job is to give people the tools to do just that. 

Getting unstuck 

Umar had a client, Paul, when he first started his career in the mindset space. Paul was a sales rep from the east coast who had been hitting way above the quota but he still approached Umar for coaching an area he was lacking confidence:  asking for referrals. The sales rep was an excellent closer but always hit a block when it came to asking his client for the referral. Umar asked Paul to tell him about a time when he asked for a referral badly. Umar says when a client goes back to these memories, the body will offer clues to what happened.

As Paul went back to that moment, Umar asked him what he felt at that moment.  Paul answered that he felt weird. It was an uncomfortable feeling. Paul then remembered a time when he was a child his father had a friend over. Paul overheard his father tell this friend that real men don’t ask for help. Paul’s hero was his father so little Paul took that statement to heart. As a sales rep, Paul was subconsciously remembering that statement when he thought of asking for a referral.  His mindset considered it asking for help and Paul’s subconscious was reminding him of his father’s words. Once Paul realized that he was able to change his mindset and has been able to ask for referrals comfortably. 

Changing your core belief 

You have to let go of the core beliefs instilled in your brain that keep you from becoming more successful. 

After training, you may change for a week but you’ll revert to old habits if you don’t address the underlying belief that’s keeping you from changing your mindset. You want to be able to show up to your meetings with the consistent confidence that comes from permanent and sustainable change.  

Many people have a variety of skill sets but there tends to be a tendency to focus on their weaker areas. It keeps them from realizing their strengths and stepping out as their best selves. When you can get to the core reasons why these weaknesses turn up, they can be addressed and conquered. 

Launching the NeuroBoosterz App

Umar has been helping people find their true potential by providing them with the necessary tools in his app, NeuroBoosterz. He has created audio tracks that use applied neuroscience to take his clients through a thought process that improves their subconscious outlook. It helps people change their mindset exactly when they need it to help them show up as stronger and more powerful individuals in whatever situation needs a boost of confidence.

The app comes in several categories including: 

  • Sales Mindset
  • Confidence and Motivation
  • Life’s Ups and Downs
  • Health and Wellness
  • Transformation
  • Sleep and Relaxation

A free sample on his app is called Mind Movie. When a person goes to a sales meeting, Umar asks them how confident they are that they’re going to do great in their appointment. The Mind Movie will get you to really think about what you want to accomplish in your next meeting. It will get you to think at a much higher level and see how you can improve what you’re about to do. 

NeuroBoosterz is grounded in a science that helps you learn a technique to take charge of your mind. 

Sales Success Story with NeuroBoosterz

Doug Miller was a successful salesman when he found Umar.. He had a problem waking up consistently for his morning run.  It was a problem because Doug realized his sales day were better on the days he ran. They got together for a 15-minute phone consultation to make a personalized neuro boost. For Doug, Umar framed it around a moral imperative. Umar used a mental pattern and created a six and a half minute track that Doug could listen to. Now Doug wakes up at 4:45 and runs by 5 AM. As a result, Doug’s sales days are better and his stats have improved dramatically. 

Another benefit of the NeuroBoosterz app is it can help families connect better at home. There’s a tendency for parents to be so stressed and overwhelmed with their work that even when they’re home, they’re not mentally checked in with the kids. Under the category, Life’s Ups and Downs, Umar has a track that parents can listen to in the driveway to alleviate the stress they’ve brought home from work. Once they’ve decompressed, they’re able to  go join their families with a better attitude and be more available. 

Change for the better 

We all have the ability to change our mindset. Tools like NeuroBoosterz can empower you to do that. 

“Where Sellers Get Stuck” episode resources

Visit the site of NeuroBoosterz and sign up. The app is only for $12.99/month and $99.99/year. They also create personalized new boosters for you. 

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Donald is the host of the popular sales podcast,"The Sales Evangelist". He is the founder of The Sales Evangelist Consulting Firm where he helps small companies develop killer sales process to scale their business and increase growth.

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