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The Sales Evangelist

Lisa Nichols on Sales Prosperity We all want to amplify our lives and achieve prosperity. Entrepreneurs would want to prosper in their business, but how exactly will you do that? Sales professionals all have the desire to be successful. The definition of the word can be pretty broad and it may differ from one salesperson to another. Lisa Nichols is a transformational coach but she uses other major areas of teaching. She uses education, motivation, and inspiration to achieve her clients’ transformation. 

Knowing Lisa Nichols 

Lisa Nichols was academically challenged in school. She had a difficult time learning and it wasn’t until in her twenties that she discovered that she’s functionally dyslexic. While she gets by like others, she’s slower than most. C was her highest grade back in school and she was told to be the weakest writer that her English teacher has ever met. Even her speech teacher told her these words, “Ms. Nichols, I recommend that you never speak in public, get a desk job.”

Education was challenging and when she had her son, she had to get government assistance. She applied for WIC or Women, Infant, Children. The organization gives out free cheese, free pasta, free milk, and others. That was her all-time low. She was broke and broken and in that state, she learne a valuable lesson in life. When you’re broke, you just got to figure out how to make money. But when you’re broken, you have to figure out how to be inspired enough to get up and go do something. 

The beginning

When she hit rock bottom, she made a decision to reinvent every single part of her. Lisa was willing to become unfamiliar with every part of her journey so that she can become familiar with everything that’s new. She wanted to explore her potential and know who she is. That was how she began to become the woman she is today. 

What is abundance?

Salespeople need to respect the fact many people think of two concepts when it comes to abundance – monetary and assets. These things are part of abundance but it doesn’t make up all of it. It’s but a portion. Monetary and assets are wealth and there’s a difference between the two. Wealth is just a slice of the abundance pie. Abundance is a 360 experience and most people fail to see how abundance differs from wealth until people they’ve achieved some level of wealth. 

When they reach a certain level of wealth, that’s when they realized that they want to have abundance instead. Abundance means not only having financial assets or tangible things that you want to get such as cars and houses. It also includes having abundant and healthy relationships with others. 

Lisa is working with some wealthy people who are fiscally in the top 1% but she’s not coaching them to achieve wealth, she’s helping them to achieve good relationships with others. Basically, abundance includes relationships, health, spirituality, and finances. Many believe that it can only be achieved by people from a particular zip code, with a specific nationality, and others. But the truth is, abundance is your birthright. Regardless of your nationality, of your social status, you can achieve abundance. 

The limiting belief 

Every so often, we are living inside a limiting belief and that belief didn’t start from us, it was embedded in us from an early age. It came from our parents’ parents. It came from the gender we live in, from our geographical origin, from our cultural origin, and from our spiritual background. 

There are so many elements that are feeding into our minds thus limiting our beliefs and limiting our future. As salespeople, you need to let go of those limiting beliefs. When you change your mentality, you will see that everything will just fall into place. How can you do that?

The first thing is to feed yourself with mental food. This will help you produce a different physical outcome. Learning something new enables you to do something new and when you are doing something new, you also produce something new. 

Getting abundance 

Many think they’re getting a good picture of what they want by repeating what they don’t want. The truth is, the more you spend energy doing what you don’t want, the more you’re living a contracted experience. Energy grows where energy goes. You are a creator, you are an artist. 

You lead where your energy is going. Paint a picture of what your 5 year into the future looks like. People, even when broke, think at least five years out. Ask yourself, how far are you planning? Create a plan then work a plan. Most people are living without creating a plan. Ensure that you are being an abundant thinker and live your life intentionally with a plan in mind. 

Plan ahead, look out and see yourself five years from now. Ask yourself these questions:

  • What are you driving?
  • Where are you living?
  • What’s the balancing of your bank account on a monthly basis?
  • How many vacations are you taking a year?
  • How does your relationship with your children look like? With your spouse? Or significant other?
  • How many times a week do you engage with your parents?
  • How often are you praying?

Be specific about the details. Remember that it won’t happen exactly that way, there will be tweaks but at least, you have a plan. Based on your five-year plan, figure out your three-year plan. You will notice the alignment of your plans, start making decisions based on your five-year plan. Fulfill your plans one by one, the first year will be crucial because it will be the deciding point of where you are heading. It will keep you in check and it will keep you focused on your goals. 

Making a life plan

You’re not just making a five-year plan, this is how you create a lifeline. The blessing is in the details and the more you see these details, it will make you hungrier and inspired you to taste more. You learn to identify the smell, the color, and you learn to run towards it – towards your success. Midset and emotion should go together. 

People fail to do make plans down to the minute details mainly because of two things – one, we weren’t taught how to make plans and including details in it. We make macro goals to get macro wins. The reality is, we need to be taught how to make these details to be able to get that macro win. Learn not to chase after macro wins, instead, create micro wins from your macro goals. 

Look at your micro-goals

Focus on the micro-goals, achieve the bigger picture by checking the little details. Focusing on the macro-goals and seeing it fail affects the mindset of many salespeople. 

When you set a goal for yourself and you don’t hit it, you lose a little bit of faith in yourself. Set yourself up to win. It’s important to set a goal in a way that you know how to hit the goals long before you get there. Set achievable goals that would stretch you to your full potential, not stress you from reaching your maximum potential. 

When your goals stress you, then look at where you can adjust. You adjust your number of goals or your timeline in achieving your goals. Give yourself the time to make it happen. In Lisa’s book Abundance Now, she talked about how abundance isn’t something that you can just get and pull out from the shelf. It’s something that you expand from what you already have access to. 

12 Life-changing areas  

There are 12-life changing areas that can impact people. Some of these areas are as follow: 

  • Love relationship
  • Family relationship
  • Peers, Colleagues, and social circle relationship
  • Mentors 
  • Career
  • Investments and future legacy

Love relationships will help you shape your life. As a person designed to have human connections, we are spending more of our energy in our relationships. This is a great time for people of color because now, you are able to create investments and future legacies. Your legacy can be infinite, it can be like Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, and all the other great people who have left great legacies long after they have died. You do this when you speak to inspire and not to impress. Speaking to inspire has a ripple effect. 

If you are in an environment that’s negative and draining, you can do several things. Number one, understand that you have a choice. Don’t get slide over in the passenger seat of your life, slide over in the driver’s seat. Number two, hunt for positive people and find a natural blend. Surround yourself with people who foster positivity. 

“Abundance Now: Amplify Your Life & Achieve Prosperity Today” episode resources

As a salesperson and as an individual, remember that you are the designer of your destiny. You are the true author of your autobiography. It doesn’t matter what chapter four looks like, all that matters is that your chapter four is a blank page and you are the one holding the pen in your hand. Give yourself a powerful chance to be the brilliant being you are meant to be and write a good story. 

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Donald is the host of the popular sales podcast,"The Sales Evangelist". He is the founder of The Sales Evangelist Consulting Firm where he helps small companies develop killer sales process to scale their business and increase growth.

Donald is also an award-winning speaker, sales trainer, and coach. He's a big fan of traveling, South Florida staycations and high-quality family time. Donald has a belief that “anyone” can sell if they have the desire and receives the proper training.

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