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The Sales Evangelist

Troy Rackley, Donald Kelly, The Sales Evangelist, Water Hearing from other sellers can help us improve our own techniques, and today Troy Rackley shares his own killer message and how he communicates that he’s selling more than water.

Troy grabbed my friend Stephen Hart’s attention and Stephen told me I had to interview him. Big shoutout to the Florida State Minority Supplier Development Council for connecting us with entrepreneurs like Troy.

Water problems

Troy’s company, The Next Level of Performance, operates everywhere water flows: residential, commercial, or agricultural.

He always begins by asking people what problem they are having with their water. They usually say it tastes bad or smells like chlorine.

Troy customizes his solution for the problem the prospect is having.

He then asks, “Do you drink out of the tap?” to which most of his customers say no. Troy challenges that answer by pointing out that because our skin is the largest organ of our bodies, taking a 15-minute shower is the equivalent of drinking 8 glasses of water out of the tap. The water is absorbed into your skin.

So whatever you’re avoiding out of your tap is being absorbed into your body anyway.

Educating customers

Troy educates his customers through a questioning process. It pulls the customer in and they naturally want to close the story loop. They want to know how they can fix this problem.

Troy starts by administering a third-party test to the customer’s water. He insists on a third-party test for integrity purposes. He figures if he’s the one providing the solution, he can’t also be the one telling you what the problem is.

When water companies claim to have tested water for their clients, it’s akin to the fox guarding the henhouse. They can literally tell you anything. Troy offers an independent, third-party assessment of what’s wrong with the customer’s water.

Custom filtration

Troy educates his customers about the undesirable things in their water and then describes the custom filtration system that will address those problems.

Troy calls it water math. The municipalities add all kinds of chemicals into the water to kill bacteria. Troy’s company works to subtract those things so it doesn’t get to the customer.

Troy personalizes the message. Unlike big box companies who want to push a single idea or product, Troy offers unique solutions to his customers. He’s selling more than water.

Not only does it help the customers, it helps his business. He hasn’t done any marketing in his business since he started. All of his growth has resulted from word-of-mouth growth. His attention to detail has built a great reputation for him.

Selling more than water

Troy’s focus isn’t simply on customer service; he strives for customer success. If he can make his customers more successful in their health and finances because they aren’t having to buy bottled water, the service becomes secondary.

By making sure that the customer is educated moving forward, he distinguishes between customer service and customer success. Troy eliminates the number of problems that families have to worry about.

If, for example, a customer falls under a boil water advisory, the system eliminates the need to actually boil the water. The company designs the system to create minimal disruption because he says you never know what will happen with municipalities.

His ultimate goal is to make sure that your family never has a disruption to its water supply.

Company growth

Troy’s company operates in about 15 states as well as Canada, Amsterdam, Sweden, and Australia, because water is a global issue.

Water touches everything in life.

The company installed its system in a fish farm it owns and they reduced the harvest time by three to five months. The water is so clean that the food is more bioavailable for the fish.

Troy is doing something the industry hasn’t even seen. It’s an example of disruptive technology.

They moved into residential work because the consumer must be educated. Municipalities will say that your water is clean when it leaves their plants. As a result, it’s the customer’s responsibility to address any water problems that exist.

Troy wants to help the customer make an educated decision.

Clear or clean

Troy is fond of the phrase, “Just because it’s clear doesn’t mean it’s clean.” There are things in water that you can’t see that can hurt you. Often, the things you can’t see are the greatest threat. Cruise ships are notoriously dealing with norovirus, which originates from the water.

Troy said they have answers to every water issue because they study it and design amazing solutions.

He points to the fact that only one man made minerals, and those are the natural minerals they leave in the water. He’s selling more than water.

Sell on value, not expense.

“Selling More Than Water” episode resources

Connect with Troy at nlpaqua.com. There’s a contact form you can use to initiate the water testing process on your way to restoring your water.

Learn more about the Florida State Minority Supplier Development Council.

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