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Chris Rollins

Hey, hey, hey everyone, welcome to another great episode of “The Sales Evangelist Podcast”.  During this episode I had the opportunity of interviewing Chris Rollins. Chris is a dynamic sales trainer and professional speaker. Chris is known as “The Sales Train Conductor”, because of his belief that “revenue drives the train” of an organization.

Chris and I had a very lengthy discussion on leadership and sales. Our conversation was so rich with practical information that I had to break the episode into two parts. Here are some of the major takeaways from my conversation with Chris:

  • It is important to have effective leadership and sales in order for an organization to grow. You should not focus on one over the other.
  • Everyone in the organization is on the sales team because the whole organization needs revenue in order to accomplish it’s objectives.
  • Unless you are willing to give credit to someone for your success, you should not pass on one word of blame to that person for your failure. You must take accountability for your actions and don’t seek to past blame.

Feel free to connect with Chris here:

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Rollins Performance Group Facebook 


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