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Post by The Sales Evangelist. Hey, hey, hey everyone, welcome to another great episode of “The Sales Evangelist Podcast”.  During this part two interview with Chris, we continue the conversation on sales and leadership. Here are some of the take aways:
  • Take control of your personal development/sales training by paying for your own sales training courses and live seminars. Don’t just wait on your company to provide training.
  • Don’t spend all your time focusing on what your competitors are doing, but focus on yourself. You don’t have control over what “they do”, but you do have control over “what you do”. If you focus on offering the best experience to your customers, you will not need to worry about what your competitors are doing.
  • The one competitor that we all need to worry about is the Status Quo!
  • Don’t ever be comfortable because of your success. You must ALWAYS seek to challenge yourself and improve on your very best.
  • Don’t copy others but be the best you that you can possibly be!
  • We must open our leadership lids and unleash our ability to effectively lead. Sometimes we just need a mindset shift to truly accomplish great success.
  • In order to find improvement and success, we need to embrace change.
  • Understand and realize the potential you have in yourself right now! You have to always be a student of your craft and always work to get better everyday.

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