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GreenBackground_Headshot.000 One of the most important skills that ANY sales professional needs to master is the ability to effectively ask questions. From being able to connect with folks on a personal level to understanding what challenges they are facing. A successful seller MUST master the art of properly asking questions.

During this episode I had the pleasure of interviewing Deb Calvert and discussing principles from her book DISCOVER Questions™. Here are some of the major take aways from her book:

  • The right questions can help the prospect discover value for themselves
  • DISCOVER Questions™ also allow the seller to be more human
  • When asking questions, don’t ask manipulating questions seeking to back someone into a corner or hit them with a “gotcha”
  • Ask questions that will stimulate the mind of the prospect so they can really THINK for themselves
  • Before your call or a visit with a prospect, know what you need to learn from them and ask questions with a purpose

Learn more about Deb’s book at Click Here To Get A Discounted Price on Deb’s Book!  

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