Corporate Sales Training That Helps Your Sales Team Close More Deals

Training B2B Sellers to Achieve Repeatable Success Through Our Proven Corporate Sales Training Program

Finding the best corporate sales training program for a diverse group of sellers that addresses your unique industry can feel impossible.

For starters, until you know your team’s strengths and weaknesses, it will be impossible to offer relevant, meaningful training that will help your sellers succeed.

Your corporate sales training program must offer concepts that make sense for your team of sellers. If the sales process is too complicated, your team will likely stop using it as soon as the last training session ends. It must equip your sales leaders to reinforce the training concepts to ensure your team’s success. The painful truth is that even the best sales training can’t overcome a team that doesn’t embrace it.

TSE’s corporate sales training program equips your team to achieve repeatable success with a customer-driven sales process. Our training addresses your team’s specific needs and builds a simplified, tailored sales process that teams embrace because it works.

Find out what that looks like for your sales team, and how we can help drive growth in your organization.

Benefits of Corporate Sales Training 

The burning question most people ask about corporate sales training is this: does it help? After all, no one wants to invest money in sales training that doesn’t benefit your sales team. It’s true, though, that corporate sales training is an investment that generates future returns above and beyond the initial expense.

Sales training can benefit every seller, regardless of experience level or industry, in these meaningful ways:

  • Achieve quota
  • Improve sales mindset
  • Boost win rates
  • Increase confidence
  • Build strong pipeline
  • Develop decision-making skills
  • Increase productivity
  • Improve customer experience
  • Reduce turnover
  • Differentiate product more successfully
  • Close more deals
  • Shorten sales cycle

Why Corporate Sales Training Programs Fail

While it’s true that corporate sales training programs sometimes fail, the good news is that the failure is usually avoidable.

Sales training will never be a one-size-fits-all endeavor. Different industries, different products, different company cultures, and different markets demand unique sales skills, and yours must be tailored to your team’s specific needs.

Effective sales training should never assume anything about your sellers’ abilities. Instead, it should begin by understanding their capabilities and their capacities for selling. It must also establish a desired outcome so you can more readily determine its success.

Perhaps most importantly, corporate sales training must establish a tailored process, and then reinforce those steps so the process sticks with the sellers.

Our proven method of assessing sellers, tailoring programs, and reinforcing skill sets, independent of industry, will build your team’s confidence, and provide the skills necessary to consistently achieve quota and increase revenue.

Elements of Effective Corporate Sales Training Programs

Although sales training should be tailored to your industry and your team, there are certain components of any successful sales training program that you should expect:

  • Establish basic sales skills like prospecting, outreach, demonstrations, and closing
  • Understand how to connect with customers and understand their pain points
  • Differentiate your offering and understand your unique selling proposition
  • Outline a repeatable sales process that includes lead generation, prospecting, outreach, sales funnel, and customer satisfaction
  • Knowledge of CRM, its function, and its use
  • Assessment of sellers’ skills and abilities
  • Reinforcement of real-life scenarios that sellers will face
  • Role play of practical scenarios
  • Ongoing followup to reinforce sales skills

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Industries We Serve with Our Corporate Sales Training Programs

Over the years, we’ve built a proven history of delivering corporate sales training to a variety of industries, helping sellers attain their quotas.


The SaaS field is crowded, and the large number of products within any vertical can make it difficult for buyers to commit to one. Sellers in the SaaS space must effectively differentiate their products and demonstrate value to the users who can benefit the most. Empathetic sellers who understand the market and the competition will move their customers forward and build lasting, tangible growth.

Marketing Agencies

Marketing Agencies

Many marketing agencies focus so heavily on helping their clients gain new market share that they neglect their own growth. Sellers within these companies must understand how to generate their own leads without relying too heavily on referrals. We teach sellers to  understand who their target clients are, and how to convince prospects to change their current behaviors and attitudes in order to create sustainable success.

Managed IT Services

Sales professionals in managed IT services must avoid the temptation to focus primarily on price over value. The space is crowded, and many offerings are commoditized, leading to a numbers game that the lowest bidder always wins. Sellers must understand their unique selling proposition and they must build partnerships rather than negotiate transactions.

Medical Device

Sellers in the healthcare industry continue to navigate a landscape dominated by protection of sales margins. As costs rise and government regulations increase, institutions continue to seek increased transparency and value. Sales professionals who champion their clients and help them avoid unforeseen challenges will earn trust, become valued resources for their clients, and build lasting relationships. 

Senior Care/Assisted Living

Nursing Home Care

Nursing Home Care sales differs from other verticals in that there’s a deeply emotional component to the process that demands deep conversations, powerful connections, and creative followup. The market continues to grow quickly, but it relies heavily on referrals rather than lead generation. Sellers must differentiate their offerings within a crowded field, develop a multichannel approach to prospecting, and build rapport with their prospects over the course of a long sales cycle. 

Property Management

The uncertain economy has significantly impacted the housing and rental markets, and property managers must understand the struggles and the trends in order to serve clients well. Those who empathize with their customers, prioritize their needs, have a focus process for following up and communicate effectively will experience long-term growth and increase their market share. 

TSE Customized Corporate Training

No two companies are exactly alike, even if they are in the same industry. This is why we offer customized corporate sales training programs that address your unique needs and situation. Here’s how it works:

Analyze Organization’s needs

Identify the greatest challenges facing your sales team using our sales assessment.

Design Customized Training

Develop a customized training program to address your unique challenges based on our proven training method.

 implement training

Deliver your unique training program and help your team experience ongoing success.

Corporate sales training delivery options:

We recognize the need for flexibility and adaptability, so we’ve adjusted our offerings to fit your team’s customized needs.

On-site Training

When circumstances allow, we’ll provide in-person, on-location sales training to groups of any allowable size

Virtual Training

Virtual Training

We'll deliver online virtual training for your team, wherever you are across the globe, via Zoom

Hybrid Training

As your needs demand, we’ll offer hybrid training that blends both in order to deliver the best training for your sales team.

Maximize Your Sales Team's Potential