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LinkedIn, Competitions, LinkedHacks, The Sales Evangelist , Donald Kelly Should I connect with my competitors on LinkedIn? This is something many sellers have an internal battle with. For one, if you do so, are you going to be opening up your customer base with them? Will they start stealing business from you, etc?

Well, I personally believe that there are a lot of business opportunities out there and I have the mentality that if this one does not work, I can find others. I’m also confident in my ability to offer value and superior service compared to my competitors. I focus on offering tremendous value and don’t limit myself to worrying too much if someone will see who my customers are.

If they truly want to find out, they will seek a way to do so. I’ve seen this “fear” mentality hold companies back from truly progressing because they think the competitors are watching them online. Don’t let this hold you back.

Now with that said, LinkedIn does offer some options if you are really concerned. Here are some of the ways you can limit what others see. (Listen to episode for all the information)

Turn on/off the your privacy settings

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I hope this help you in some way. As always, I want you to be successful, most importantly, I want you to go out and DO BIG THINGS!



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