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TSE 953: The 2-Minute Video Pitch That Helps Me Generate Very Warm Sales Call

Deepak Shukla, 2-minute video pitch, The Sales EvangelistVideo is at the forefront of everyone’s mind, including those of us at the Sales Evangelist. We’re launching a YouTube channel called TSE TV and using Instagram as well. On today’s episode, we’ll talk with Deepak Shukla about the 2-minute video pitch that helps generate warm sales calls.

Deepak is the founder of the SEO agency Pearl Lemon, helping businesses generate more of an internet presence or improve their ranking on Google.

Effectiveness of video

There are three primary reasons that video is at the forefront right now.

  1. Improved internet has allowed people to stream videos on the fly. Video has been on the rise in terms of popularity, but accessibility has really improved within the last 18-24 months.
  2. Additionally, people’s attention spans are extremely short: about 30 seconds, because of the massive amounts of information we are targeted with every day.
  3. Video is the de facto way that we make decisions in business.

Cold calls, direct message on LinkedIn, and cold email all work to varying degrees.

There are things you can communicate in video that you could never communicate in an email or a call. Your energy and the way you present yourself on screen offer a different way of communicating.

Video grabs people’s attention, and it’s unique. It engages multiple senses at the same time, offering more sensory engagement than other forms of communication.

Sales pitch

Deepak created a two-minute video that helped generate warm leads, which he defines as a prospect who loves his videos.

Warm leads are those who are interested in him because they liked his pitch but they aren’t sure about the business. Warm leads could also be those who are interested in him and his pitch and who will eventually become clients.

He uses video as a second stage, in combination with a direct response first. Once he has some kind of response he’ll engage with a video pitch.

Personalized video doesn’t scale, so consider using it as a second step. Sending a personalized video to every single prospect isn’t really practical. It’s too exhausting.

Once you have some level of initial response, video functions better.

It drives positive follow-up, allowing us to get past text-only emails. We can use videos to create warm contacts before the markets become saturated in a few years.

Videos allow clients to process information more quickly and it’s far more entertaining.

New tools

Deepak’s team has largely moved away from text, relying instead on “voice notes” and using WhatsApp to communicate. The team has increased its throughput by using video and voice notes rather than text to communicate.

For relationship building, it allows international communication anywhere Internet access exists.

We aren’t taking advantage of all the tools that are available to us because we’re entrenched in the traditional models.

When you’re ready to try your hand at video, check out Loom, an easy and free video recorder that allows you to capture audio and video from your computer camera and then share it, all from your Chrome browser.

Bombbomb and Wistia also offer video capabilities when you’re ready to jump in.

We all have to do things that scare us in order to progress. Try new things with someone that you trust; with someone that you can afford to mess up with. Once you get beyond the hurdles and glitches, you can expand to other people.

Video has helped Deepak generate significant volumes of business.

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SDR, Warm Leads, The Sales Evangelist

TSE 609: Sales From The Street-“Cold Warm Leads”

SDR, Warm Leads, The Sales EvangelistWhat if your warm leads are not warm enough? Just because your leads are smiling back at you doesn’t mean you had them at first glance. You’ve got to make sure you’re able to nurture your leads in every step of the buying process.

This is where I bring on a sales professional or an entrepreneur (or myself sometimes) so we can share our challenges to everyone and strategies we’ve implemented to overcome them so you can hopefully learn from them and apply them to your own process.

Strategies for Nurturing Warm Leads:

  1. Make sure it’s the right individual.

Focus your approach based on these individuals in the organization. Sometimes you have the end-users. You also have the influencers. Then you have the decision-makers. Sometimes all three are involved in the buying process, other times some of them have more pull than others.

  1. Sell the outcome, not necessarily the product.

Find the reasons your influencers like or dislike the product. Then utilize the top three reasons into your discussion with this new influencer. Your goal is to spark an interest.

  1. Don’t throw the lead away.

Whether they’re looking to purchase now or in the future, make each prospect feel that you care for them.

  1. Find out the outcome they’re trying to get.

Just because your prospect smile means you got the deal. You have to figure out the outcome they’re trying to get.

  1. Educate your leads.

There must be something they need that they haven’t recognized before and your goal is to educate them.

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