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Michael Sardina, Twitter, Social Selling, Donald Kelly

TSE 834: Sales From The Street: “Selling With Twitter”

Michael Sardina, Twitter, Social Selling, Donald Kelly

One of the challenges sales professionals face when selling with Twitter is staying focused on the task at hand. There’s so much noise and there are so many distractions that it’s difficult to avoid falling into the entertainment trap of social media.

On today’s episode of The Sales Evangelist, we talk to Michael Sardina about selling with Twitter, and the challenges he faced when he first started social selling.

Be intentional

It’s difficult to stay focused on social media.

If people don’t guard against it, social selling gives them an excuse to spend an entire day on social media.

Conversely, if you base all your social media activity on what’s good for your business, your social media will start working for you.

Michael focused his communications on only those people who were related to his specific business needs. He started following people who were related to his specific business.

When he discovered people in his industry that he thought might be interested in what he was doing, he started following them.

He made  a list of those people he was trying to target: project managers and leaders who might make good prospects someday.

Pay attention

He started by noticing what his connections  were already doing on social media.

If they posted something, he made a point to like it or comment on it. If something relevant popped up in his feed, he either reached out via Twitter or direct message.

Michael said he realizes now that most people think social selling is too salesy, but that’s largely because they’re doing it wrong.

Engage often

After Michael made a point to start noticing what people were doing on social media, he started getting messages from people asking how he could help them.

He started responding to their messages and having conversations simply as a means to get to know people. That kind of engagement allowed him to get to know people in a way that didn’t revolve around sales.

He called them lighter touches.

Then, when it was actually time to promote something, people already knew him, so communication felt less salesy. It was easier to contact them because he had invested the time to connect with them outside of sales.  Selling with Twitter was suddenly more natural.

If you start helping people, they’ll respond to you and you can engage and have conversations with no expectations.

Identify people in your industry and follow the people you want to connect with on Twitter.

Episode resources

Connect with Michael on Twitter at Michael Sardina and on LinkedIn.

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Donald Kelly, Social Selling, Twitter Social Selling, Twitter, Prospecting on Twitter

TSE 460: TSE Hustler’s League-“Using Twitter To Sell”

Donald Kelly, Social Selling, Twitter Social Selling, Twitter, Prospecting on TwitterToday is another snippet from one of our discussions over at the TSE Hustler’s League where we talk about leveraging the power of social selling through Twitter.

Prospecting should be done right so you need to have ideal people that you’re focusing on. And from there, this helps you with your messaging and in focusing on the things you need to focus on.

But first a brief outline of what we’ve discussed in previous episodes related to prospecting:

The Dream 100 – a list of your top 100 clients you want to target

The 10×10 – making at least 10 calls before 10am and getting into the habit

LinkedIn Sales Navigator – a tool to help you find amazing results on LinkedIn

Using Social Media as a Pitch Fest:

Many salespeople tend to use social media as an approach to sell their product instead of showing that they care about the customers and they want to help. It’s all about buy, buy buy!

What is the goal of Social Media then?

The goal is to meet new prospects that you can build relationships with. Do this 20 mins per day and you will see the difference.

Why are you on Social Media?

Your main purpose for being on social media is to provide solutions. You sometimes even give them a solution to a problem which they don’t know they have. Sometimes they’d tell you their problems too and you want to make sure you’re there.

How to use Twitter in social selling:

1. Update your Twitter bio.

2. Set the blog post feeds of key people on your Twitter account.

Find the blog posts of your 100 clients. Be a noticer and share their content. When they see you’re sharing their content, they would follow you and they would feel special you’re sharing their blog posts. Then you begin to build up your following.

3. Tweet and thank.

When somebody connects with you on Twitter. Tweet them to thank them for following you. The key here is to build relationships.

Episode Resources:

TSE Hustler’s League

Check out The Nancy Gaines Show and listen to Episode 99 where Nancy had me on the show which was a fun chat!

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

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Get a free audiobook download and a 30-day free trial at with over 180,000 titles to choose from for your iPhone, Android, Kindle or mp3 player.

TSE 072: Social Selling Practices That Will Drive Results For You Today!

TSE 071 Amar ShethIn this episode I interview Amar Sheth who is a Principal at Sales for Life. Amar has over a decade of digital marketing experience and currently educates sales professionals like you and me how to effectively use social media to generate leads. There are many sales professionals who have a LinkedIn and Twitter account, but they are not using them properly to connect with qualified prospects. Why? Because they don’t know how to start. Amar shares with us the basic principles on how to take advantage of social media TODAY!

Here are some of the major take aways from our conversation:

  • Sellers should go in with value FIRST! Learn to deliver value first and then you will have the right to ask for the sale.
  • Social selling allows us to deliver value more than ever before and more consistent than ever before.
  • Sales is human to human interaction, not a transactions between brands.
  • 57% of the buying process is done online before the buyer even contacts the sales professional (corporate executive board). Buyers today are just like you and are doing research online.
  • If you are not online or doing social selling this will inevitably happen to you:
    • You will be engaged at the late stage of the game.
    • You will have no opportunity to add value because you are not the first to bat.
    • The discussion will generally move onwards price and commoditization very quickly.
  • Best way to engage with buyers today is through content (information).
  • Sellers can share content (information) on LinkedIn and other social media platforms.
  • “The guy that hustles the most, is the guy that catches the loose ball” -Will Smith.
  • Find content that matters to your buyers and repurpose that information. Find the industry leaders, follow them and share the content that they share.
  • Be consistent with the information you are sharing online.
  • Best practices for Twitter:
    • Follow your top 10 best prospects.
    • Follow individuals in the organization.
  • Use creative techniques to get access to buyers
  • Center your LinkedIn profile to your buyers. Check out Amar’s LinkedIn page below:

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Check out Pulse on LinkedIn

LinkedIN Pulse

Stay in touch with Amar:

Amar’s LinkedIn 

Amar’s Twitter

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