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Andrei Mincov, Great Sales Leader, Donald Kelly

TSE 1044: Sales From The Street: “Being A Great Leader”

Andrei Mincov, Great Sales Leader, Donald KellyIt’s impossible to overstate the importance of being a great leader when you’re working to build a team or an organization into something that will change the world and make things better for people.

Today’s guest Andrei Mincov founded Trademark Factory in 2013 to help entrepreneurs secure the legacy of their brands and preserve their hard work.


As you grow your team, as you grow your business, as you grow your dream, as you grow your vision, there comes a time when the leader can’t come up with all the ideas.

In order for the organization to grow, leaders need team members who help generate ideas and who provide initiative to improve things.

You’ll likely have some team members who simply have marching orders or tasks. Others will be responsible to help you move the organization forward.

Those team members will have to have vision. They’ll operate from your inspiration.


Finding those visionary team members is different than hiring task-based team members.

Andrei uses small, unique tasks to help make hiring decisions simpler. He might, for example, offer a jpeg with a typo or error in it and ask prospective employees to find the error. The intention would be to measure the candidate’s attention to detail.

He might also ask the candidate to build a video or a graphics project.

This process helps him narrow the field because not every candidate is willing to jump through the required hoops to get the job. It also helps him determine who actually has the necessary skill set to accomplish the work.

Without poring over countless resumes and applications he can narrow the field to the best candidates.

If candidates aren’t excited enough in the beginning to show you what they can do for you, how excited will they be after they are hired?


Leaders must have a compelling vision in order to grow a company. They should also likely have a track record of successfully accomplishing goals.

Conveying thoughts and messages won’t be enough to lead well. Leadership demands action and results.

People will follow leaders who have vision and a successful track record. The better your business and the better your track record, the more likely you are to attract great people to surround you.

Andrei shared that animals in the zoo don’t care about ticket sales. They care about food and comfort and safety.

Your team members are similar in that they care about basic things like provision and comfort. While you probably want them to have full ownership in your business, they likely never will.

Your role is to provide enough vision for them to recognize that aligning themselves with your goal will benefit them personally.


Smaller companies often fail to see that they are capable of building something that matters. They may have a really cool team or a really cool business and they assume it’s a fluke. They don’t take themselves seriously enough to worry about protecting their businesses.

What steps would you take to protect yourself and your business if you knew that you would definitely succeed?

This issue boils down to leadership, because if you don’t have a vision of growing your company into something substantial, you’ll miss an opportunity.

Great leaders like Steve Jobs and Jeff Bezos know that they are building something that can change the world. They are building something that will help a bunch of people do a bunch of great stuff.

When you have a vision toward the path to greatness, people will follow you. Do something that people will remember years from now.

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TSE 354: Sales From The Street-“Humanity In Sales”

Conner Burt, The Sales Evangelist Podcast, Donald Kelly We’re living in a very competitive world today and the major question is how do you stay up front of the curve? You could say you have the best product but others say the same thing too. How can you truly differentiate yourself from the rest of the guys out there?

Today, I’m talking with Conner Burt, the COO of, a learning automation software that helps client-facing teams boost their productivity and he share with us one of their company’s best practices that keep them ahead of the pack by bringing in humanity in sales.

Here are the highlights of my conversation with Conner:

The concept behind Humanity in Sales:

Serves as a bedrock defense that if everything else goes wrong in the day and they’re hundreds of competitors in the space, you could still raise your hand and say you did it the right way.

How to start bringing humanity in sales:

  1. Recognize that you have a problem if you do or recognize if you’re doing it well.

Recognition is the first thing to keep your eyes on. Think about how you can get better at this.

  1. Be an expert in your space.

You have to understand your products and how they’re implemented. You have to understand the impact it has for the prospect. Without baseline expertise, it’s going to be hard to go above and beyond.

  1. Love The Platinum Rule.

Treat others the way they want to be treated (as opposed to treating others the way we want to be treated).

  1. Look for humility.

You don’t know everything. You’re learning just as the prospect is. It’s okay to say that you don’t know. Have an empathetic mindset that the prospect has fears. Attack it if it’s the right opportunity but turning deals away if it’s not the right fit is when humility comes in the most.

How to create a culture of humanity in sales as a leader:

  1. Nobody learns anything the first time.

You can’t just bring this up once a quarter. Coaching about this has to be part of your regular cadence of one-on-ones.

  1. Give sales reps the right to say no.

Give them the freedom to turn away leads when not the right fit.

  1. Coach them on what “good” looks like.
  1. Be a therapist, not a doctor.

The key to the sale lives within the person walking in the door. Ask such good questions that the prospect knows you get it or your business. Take a pause and ask the next deeper question. Get the answer that is 2-3 layers deeper.

Conner’s Major Takeaway:

Be a therapist, not a doctor. Figure out how it leads to your human element in sales and how that leads to your personal differentiator. At the end of the day, you want to be the person where the prospect is calling you and asking you more questions because you’ve cemented yourself as their therapist. But you have to earn that right over time.

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