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TSE 229: “Do We Still Need Salespeople?”

Salespeople, Donald Kelly, The Sales Evangelist Podcast, Donald Kelly Do you think you’re replaceable as a salesperson? Well, think again. During this episode, I share my thoughts on an article shared with me by a great friend of mine, BJ Allen. The article was in Fortune magazine titled, “Are Salespeople Becoming Obsolete?”. It cited some very great points and had compelling arguments.

For the most part, the article is correct and in the next 20 years a lot of sales jobs will go bye-bye to the world of robots and computers. However, I feel a large number of extraordinary sellers will outlast the movement and flourish tremendously. This will come because of the indispensable amount of value they bring to the table.

Here are a few things you can do to become immune from the robots.

  1. Do the things that NO one else is willing to do. (aka Value)
    • Become more than an order taker
    • Become an expert in their business and know what they NEED
    • You have an opinion, share it!
  2. Improve on the things robots CAN’T do
    • Learn to listen more and read body language
    • Go above and beyond the call of duty
    • Personal stories….paint a picture in the minds of prospects
    • Have empathy (article cited)
  3. Become creative with the way you catch their attention
    • Become creative in the way you present and be attentive to details
    • Prospect in a creative way
    • Learn to develop solutions for your prospects
  4. Don’t be afraid of the phone (article cited)
    • More and more people will shun the phone. Don’t be afraid of picking it up and using it to make connections
    • Networking and connecting with people

If you are focused on offering value beyond what anyone else is doing, you will stand out and become one of those who survive. I promise you.

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