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TSE 323: How Selling SaaS To Doctors Is Totally Different Than Traditional SaaS Sales.

SaaS, Donald Kelly, The Sales Evangelist, Justin WelshToday’s episode is another interesting one as we talk about selling Software as a Service (SaaS) to doctors and how this is very different than selling as a pharma representative. This might be another career that you might wish to consider and so I’m bringing in Justin Welsh to talk more about this – what selling SaaS to doctors is all about and how to say the right things without stepping on the toes of the doctors.

Justin Welsh is the VP of Sales at a technology company, PatientPop where they’ve grown 400% year over year and is one of the fastest Software as a Service (SaaS) healthcare platforms. They have defined a new category of software called Practice Growth Platform, which integrates with healthcare professionals with their electronic medical records, practice management systems, and managing patient journey.

Here are the highlights of my conversation with Justin:

Things to consider when selling SaaS to doctors:

  1. It’s your turf. Be the subject matter expert.

Doctors are the experts in patients. A pharma rep’s job is to be the influencer. The software is all about the business side, not the healthcare side. To talk about the doctor’s business, you have to be a subject matter expert in exactly the software you recommend. You have to be prepared as someone with in-depth knowledge about your product and your craft.

  1. It’s not about saying the doctor is wrong, but about immediately adding value.

Don’t just pick up the phone and make 100 calls a day. Do your research. Go home and study a healthcare provider’s online presence. Do a thorough diagnosis on his practice online to see what the gaps are in his strategy. Call him and bring up three things that may need fixing. Set up a meeting and show how you might be able to help.

  1. You have continuous training all the time.

You have to utilize your LinkedIn and resources as well as keep up to date with current trends. You have to be that expert and that change happens when you look at your access. You have to move fast and create an honest look at the physician’s future if they don’t choose to make a change.

  1. You have to cause change right away.

You have to get in front of the physician. Make sure they feel as though if they don’t make some changes, there’s going to be a negative future in their practice. Get them to accept that and ask for a meeting. That is best done by being equipped with all the tools you need as an expert in order to make it happen.

  1. Best ways to get access to the doctor

The best times to see the doctor are times when they’re not expecting the call (8-9 am or 5-6 pm). It’s also about sharing how you’re fixing problems similar to theirs.

  1. You have to be a No man. You can’t be a Yes man.

You have to say no when the provider tells you something that’s wrong. At this point, you have to reestablish yourself as an expert. Empower the physician to make their own decision.

Justin’s Major Takeaway:

Become an expert. Regardless of what you sell, you will be most successful when you spend a majority of your time standing in front of your industry, your marketplace, your physicians.

Episode Resources:

Connect with Justin Welsh on LinkedIn or Twitter @justinosu99

Visit PatientPop and check out their Careers page.

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TSE 086: Evolution Of The Sales Professional….Adapt or Become Extinct!

 Jeff Zelaya, Sales Evolution, The Sales Evangelist, TriblioBREAKING NEWS everyone! The sales professional is evolving. And the way that professionals are selling is changing rapidly too. Therefore, you need to keep up with the changes in the market as it continues to evolve.

In this episode, I had the awesome opportunity to speak with Jeff Zelaya, a social connector, a leading social selling expert, and the head of sales over at Triblio, a flourishing startup company that provides content marketing software, allowing businesses to measure content marketing ROI through data driven approach.

Jeff shares with us today a wealth of information, including the concept of how the sales professional is evolving and what YOU can do to make sure you evolve as a sales person and become a leader/authority in your field.

Here are the highlights of my conversation with Jeff:

  • You have to be open to evolve.
  • Just because things have worked before doesn’t mean it will work tomorrow.
  • So he went back to college and studied sales: how it evolves, how it integrates with marketing, how businesses are evolving because of digital media.
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The Evolution of Sales

Sales Back Then:

  • People picked up the phone and it’s wass easy to build trust.
  • People are not as cynical as they are today.
  • More open to having dialogue, conversation more so than today.
  • You can make things up and the buyer won’t have no way of knowing it.
  • The sales rep controls the entire process.
  • Pound the phone! Smile and dial!

Sales Now:

  • It’s a buyer’s market. The buyer is in full control.
  • 70% of the buying process is already completed without sales being involved.
  • Buyers are more educated and connected because of the Internet.
  • Buyers are consuming about five different pieces of content before even speaking to a sales rep.

How sales reps get in touch with someone on the phone:

In 2007, it shows an average of 3-4 cold calls before they can reach the prospect. Today, it takes 8 phone calls before you get hold of a live person. Double the work for the same pay off.

Sales 1.0 vs. Sales 2.0

Steps in making that change in the way you sell:

You still have to do some cold calling, advertising, canned pitches for certain scenarios. But start looking at new methods, new changes in your industry.

Empower yourself with the right tools.

  • Make sure you’re familiar with the technology.

What should be inside your sales toolbox:

  1. Content
  2. Social media
  • It drives sales conversation.
  • It provides value to people.
  • It is a way to nurture your relationships.
  • It educates your prospects so they can make the best decision.
  • Getting inbound leads through Twitter
  • LinkedIn Premium: Get leads delivered to your email though its lead builder capability
  • Sidekick by HubSpot: When you send out emails to a prospect, it allows you to see how prospects interact with your email. So you would know if they opened that email, if they’re clicking links in that email; if they’ve gone dormant and then opened it a couple weeks later – gives clarity to your job!

Continuing Your Success:

  1. Engage in groups – LinkedIn – join groups that are relevant to your industry and monitor those groups
  2. Leverage your college – Go to your college page on LinkedIn and use your connections to get connected to the right people.
  3. Go to your competitor’s LinkedIn page – Click on the followers and it gives you a list of everyone following your competitor. They may be clients that you might want to win!
  4. Have a great LinkedIn page. It should be complete, with your picture, nice background, with media in it, and have a really awesome page because it’s your online business card!

What Sellers Can Do to Create Their Own Content Today:

  1. Establish their thought leadership.
  2. Being knowledgeable not just about their product or service but the space/industry very well.
  3. Show that expertise and people will trust you, shifting from being a salesperson to being a consultant.
  4. LinkedIn gives you a platform to create content through LinkedIn Publisher to write articles about your industry, observations, valuable information; and LinkedIn Publisher will promote that to your network to bring traffic to that page and further interaction and engagement.
  5. Do webinars or create podcast.
  6. Invite prospects to be part of your content.
  7. Ask them for their expertise. Feature them in your content like blog posts.
  8. Promote your prospects by sharing to other people.
  9. They end up promoting you and exposing you to more, future prospects.
  10. Builds reciprocity.

Jeff’s Major Takeaway:

Connect with Jeff at To know more about Triblio and get a free demo, visit

Check out Jeff’s Slide Share on Social Selling Here:

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