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Shem Carlson, Prospecting, TSE Podcast

TSE 081: Case Study “How To Deal with People Who Are Too Nice To Say No!”

Shem Carlson, Prospecting, TSE Podcast

During this episode I had the honor of having one of my listeners and great friend, Shem Carlson on the show. Shem is an Account Manager for Hibu formerly “Yellowbook”. He is currently finding great success selling media advertising for small businesses.

Now, back in episode 6 Shem asked a question on how to deal with buyers who are too nice to tell you they are not interested. Shem was new to sales at the time and found himself dealing with a lot of these undecided buyers, who ultimately was wasting his time. I shared with him a principle that completely revolutionized the way I sold, when I faced similar challenges.

Since then, Shem has applied what I taught him and has seen a tremndous difference. This episode is our discussion about his story and how it can help others.

Here are some of the major take-ways from our discussion:

  • Offer the prospect an out by doing an upfront contract
    • Tell them “If you recognize this is not a fit, are you willing to tell me so?”
    • Then say, “If I recognize this is not a fit, is it okay if I tell you so?
  • To practice the upfront contract, do it over and over in front of the mirror so that it becomes easy to say/do in front of a buyer.
  • Always seek to challenge yourself as a seller. Don’t be afraid of doing uncomfortable things.

If you want to listen to the episode 6 where his question was first asked, check it out here.

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TSE 045: What Can I Do To Help A Reluctant Buyer?

Mace.Horoff..hi_resHave you ever had a buyer who was reluctant to purchase your product or services and you didn’t know what to do? Well, this episode is for you! Mace Horoff is a coach, keynote speaker and expert in the medial sales coaching field. Mace has over 30 years of sales experience and during that time came across his fair share of reluctant buyers. His years of experience has propelled him to a top level performer in handling these types of prospects.

Here are some of the major take aways from our discussion:

  • Mace doesn’t feel you should tell  someone your product/service is better than what they are currently using, you want the prospect to say it themselves.
  • If you are frustrated that someone is not going to buy, don’t get angry, calm down and collect yourself.
  • When you have a reluctant buyer, the first thing you must do is find out why they are reluctant. Be brave enough to ASK them!
  • Mace feels a lot of people become reluctant because of the price.
  • Don’t try to make yourself look better than your prospects/clients, especially those who are high up in authority.
  • Go for the no! Never be afraid of having the client tell you no.
  • Don’t live on hope and maybes, you must be strong enough to walk away if it’s not a fit at this time.
  • When you are preparing for a sales call or visiting with a prospect/client, make it about the client and use the word “YOU”!
  • The biggest gap Sales Professional face is the gap between what we know and what we do!


Richard Fenton “Go for the No”!

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Remember, go out and DO BIG THINGS!


The Sales Evangelist

TSE 044: “Can You Send Me Some Literature?”

The Sales Evangelist We have all heard this before “can you send me more literature”? Well, in this episode I share some tips on things you can do when approached with this question. In my experience as a young sales professional, I would get excited and start to think, this buyer is very interested! They want more information! “MAYBE” they will read it and realize that our product/service is great and come back wanting to buy!

It’s has been years and I still have not seen any of those folks come back begging to make a purchase. Now, learn from my experience. Many times when someone says send me more information, they are just too polite to tell you that they are NOT INTERESTED or they are too busy to speak with you.

Here is what I recommend you do when faced with this question:

  • In a polite way address the elephant in the room (are they just too busy or are they just not interested?).
  • Rescue them by letting them know that you understand that they are busy and if you can set up an appointment for another day and time to share more.
  • If they are really interested in getting information, provide basic summary of the product/service. They can read it real quick and get an idea of what your product or service is about. You can have a meaningful discussion next time you meet with them.

Listen to the episode and get more details. Tell me what you think by sending an email to or a tweet @DonaldCKelly.

Remember, go out and DO BIG THINGS!