TSE 081: Case Study “How To Deal with People Who Are Too Nice To Say No!”

During this episode I had the honor of having one of my listeners and great friend, Shem Carlson on the show. Shem is an Account Manager for Hibu formerly “Yellowbook”. He is currently finding [...]

TSE 045: What Can I Do To Help A Reluctant Buyer?

Have you ever had a buyer who was reluctant to purchase your product or services and you didn’t know what to do? Well, this episode is for you! Mace Horoff is a coach, keynote speaker and expert [...]

TSE 044: “Can You Send Me Some Literature?”

We have all heard this before “can you send me more literature”? Well, in this episode I share some tips on things you can do when approached with this question. In my experience as a young sales [...]