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Jeffrey Gitomer, Napoleon Hill, Positive Thinking, Truthful Living: The First Writings of Napoleon Hill

TSE 966: The Law of Harmonious Attraction

Jeffrey Gitomer, Napoleon Hill, Positive Thinking, Truthful Living: The First Writings of Napoleon HillIn this episode of The Sales Evangelist, I had the pleasure of speaking once again with Jeffrey Gitomer, The King of Sales, about the Law of Harmonious Attraction.

Jeffrey is an author, speaker, and business trainer who writes and lectures internationally on sales, customer loyalty and personal development.  He also hosts the very popular Sell or Die podcast.

Jeffrey talked with us about his newest book, Truthful Living: the First Writings of Napoleon Hill. The first chapter, Success is Up to You, is now available as a free download for listeners of this podcast.

Napoleon Hill

Napoleon Hill was an American self-help author perhaps best known for Think and Grow Rich, one of the top 10 best-selling books of all time.

Jeffrey has a 15-year relationship of volunteering with The Napoleon Hill Foundation. As a result, when the foundation found the first writings of Napoleon Hill from 1917, they offered them to Jeffrey to edit and annotate as he desired.

Hill, as Jeffrey learned, believed that for someone to sell well, they have to learn more than selling skills; they need to learn how to be a positive person.

This book is not a life-changing book. This book is a life-altering book!

Jeffrey removed the lessons about sales but kept Hill’s personal development lessons.

He included his own observations at the beginning of each chapter and explained how to implement the lessons at the end of each chapter.

But Napoleon Hill’s 100-year-old writings remain completely intact.

If you already subscribe to the lessons in Think and Grow Rich, then Jeffrey’s book will reinforce every single thing that you already believe and already do. It will reunite you with great facts, and introduce you to new ideas.

This book will either put you on a bigger path, a better path, or it will reinforce the path you are already on.  Once you know you are on the right road, the incentive to continue stays with you.

Success is up to You. Finish what you start.

If you can get just those two things into your head, you will completely understand Hill’s writings on personal development and positive attitude.  

The Law of Harmonious Attraction

Don’t confuse this with anything you’ve read before about the Law of Attraction where you simply visualize what you want in order to make it happen.

The Law of Harmonious Attraction instead tells us that big pay and little responsibility seldom occur together.

Hill believed that it’s much easier to create a connection or friendship between like-minded people. It’s easier to build trust when people think alike, converse alike and are comfortable with each other’s strategies, philosophies, actions, and ethics. 

Hill, for example, wanted to attract people with wealth.  To that end, he urged others to read and reread The Law of Financial Success

If you are a diehard listener of Jeffrey’sSell or Die podcast, to offer a more current example, then you and he are already attracted to one another. You know his philosophy, his expressions, and you already feel good about doing business with him.

The salesperson can make things happen by building such relationships and keeping them.

Rapport vs Attraction vs Reciprocity

Building rapport is a lighter version of harmonious attraction. It begins when people ask superficial questions in hopes of finding opportunities to go further. It brings genuine value both people rather than being manipulative.

The idea of reciprocity is that if you help 10 people, then eventually, at least nine of them will help you.

Hill believed we should give without the expectation that people will give back, and with the realization that some will not.

The Five-Point Rule

Hill, in 1917, said this:

Success may be had by those who are willing to pay the price.

Most of those who crave a $10,000/year position*, especially if they are engaged in business, may realize it if they are willing to pay the price.

That price is eternal vigilance in the development of self-confidence, enthusiasm, working with the chief aim, performing more service than you are paid for and concentration. With those qualities well-developed, you will be more likely to succeed.

*approximately $250,000 in today’s dollars

“Harmonious Attraction” episode resources

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Donald Kelly, The Sales Evangelist, r/sales subreddit

TSE 627: No Strings Attached!

Donald Kelly, The Sales Evangelist, r/sales subredditYou’ve probably met somebody in one way or another where they do something for you but you just know there are strings attached to that. They expect something from you in return. Sure, they talk about reciprocity but what does it really mean?

Reciprocity happens when you do it without any intention of getting something back in return. You do it from the kindness of your heart and because you care about the person. You do it because you want to help them. You do it because they’re a friend. You do it simply because you want to help the person.

Reciprocity as a Byproduct

When I did this podcast, there wasn’t money coming from it but I did it because I wanted to help. I saw things that worked and I was passionate about, which I still am until today. Then reciprocity just came in naturally. People started reaching out to me. I got coaching, speaking, and training opportunities.

So you see, it wasn’t something I did and that if I don’t see any return by a month, I am going to move on to something else. It wasn’t like that. I kept going at it because it’s something I care about and it’s something I love to do.

Stop the “Strings Attached” Mentality!

Do something for them without strings attached. Stop the “strings attached” mentality. Give referrals not because you expect them to also do business with you.

Today’s Major Takeaway:

Do things from the kindness of your heart. Opportunities will come. Reciprocity comes as a byproduct. Even if you don’t get immediate return, who cares? Just do it. Do it because you care and you want to help people.

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Reciprocity, Donald Kelly, The Sales Evangelist

TSE 582: Reciprocity Still Works… Even at 7/11

Reciprocity, Donald Kelly, The Sales EvangelistDoes ethical bribe still work? How does the concept of reciprocity help you in generating more sales? Believe it or not, there are some social triggers that actually cause people to buy from you whether they like you or not. And that’s part of human nature. All this and more in our episode today.

The 7/11 Experience

I went to a local gas station the other day.I was going to buy a bottle of water but the whole system was down. There were three other stations around this area but I chose this primarily because of convenience. It was located on the side of the direction I was headed. So I went across the street where there was another gas station and I went over to 7/11. This gentleman behind the counter was super nice and we chatted as I was trying to check out.

After I got two bottles of water, a quick snack, and some gas, he took the plastic bag and handed it to me in a way that I can grab the handle easily, holding it with two hands, and he told me sincerely, “You’re a good man. God bless you.” Man, it was the way he said it. It was a very simple gesture. He simply thanked me but it was that sincerity that came through.

Customers Buy From Who They Know, Trust, and Like

I’ve read this concept before that if people give you a sincere compliment, you tend to feel a certain kinship or some kind of obligation towards that person and they become more favorable in your sight. This simple act made me think that I should come back here and I should be telling more people about it. I want to come back. I want to see him again. He made me good about myself. He made me feel good about spending money in his store.

Before, my criteria of purchase were based on convenience to me. Now, I’d have to consider whether they are like that guy at 7/11 across the street. Their price might be a little higher but he’s a nice guy so I’d chose to purchase from him.

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The Concept of Reciprocity –  A Social Trigger

When you go above and beyond your call of duty., this makes your customers feel some kind of obligation towards you. This concept is in the book, The Science of Selling by David Hoffeld.  And this book, David mentioned this study done by behavioral scientist Dennis Regan where he found that if people were given an unsolicited bottle of Coca-Cola just before they made a purchase for raffle tickets, they purchased twice as many raffle tickets as opposed to those who weren’t given a bottle of Coke. It was no longer a matter of whether they liked him or not but it was because of this obligation that they felt the need to reciprocate what was given to them. This person did something for me, so I should do something for them.This is a social trigger that’s part of the nature of human beings.

It was no longer a matter of whether they liked him or not but it was because of this obligation that they felt the need to reciprocate what was given to them. This person did something for me, so I should do something for them.This is a social trigger that’s part of the nature of human beings.

Do Bribes Still Work?

Yes, it does. I used to work in the medical field where we would normally give customers game tickets, food, flowers, little trinkets and whatnot. In my mind, it was a waste of money. But remarkably, it worked. It doesn’t matter what you give but it’s the fact you gave something. This pushes the individual to think that they need to give something back in return.

Strategies for giving value even before the sales process:

  1. Give out content.

Do research and come up with content, for example, 15 Things You Need to Know Before Buying a Car or whatever is related to your business.

  1. Think outside the box.

A previous guest here on the show did a research on the potential prospects, specifically how many people were there in the marketing department. He went to Starbucks, brought some drinks and wrote their names on it. He then gave those to the security to deliver it. As a result, he was able to schedule a meeting with them. All this because there was something he gave prior to the selling process.

My friend, Jared Easley, sent a ball in the mail to a famous author and this author then he was able to connect with him. It wasn’t because of this author like the ball, but it was this simple gesture that made Jared stand out.

  1. Find out something they appreciate the most.

Go to Amazon and look for something they may like and send it to them. It could be a baseball hat or something representing their favorite football team. If the deal is totally worth it, go out your way to look for things. It’s this social trigger that happens to human beings.

Today’s Major Takeaway:

Think outside the box. What kind of value can you bring to the table in the early decision process? Are you able to provide key insights before starting the process?

Episode Resources:

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Dennis Regan’s Study on Reciprocity

The Science of Selling by David Hoffeld

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