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TSE 228: Fundamental Public Relations Principles That Will Boost Your Sales

Donald Kelly, Don Silver, Public Relations

From sales & marketing to PR, from traditional PR to social media and online presence, this guy absolutely knows what he’s talking about. And he certainly knows how to walk the talk more importantly.

Our awesome guest today is Don Silver, the Chief Operating Officer of Boardroom Communications, a statewide Florida-based public relations and marketing company. Having a 17-year sales & marketing career with large companies and having taken down some of their very big competitors to become a national sales manager of a $70-million company in Maine, Don eventually made a big leap from rocking the sales & marketing space to joining his sister, Julie, to develop a PR firm in Florida which his sister initially started.

Today, the company prides on a 25-year experience with 25 years worth of relationships. Many times, they are hired for relationships with the traditional media and online as well as for the industry and community outreaches in those markets. They are here to connect their clients with their target audiences and help them build those relationships.

Here are the highlights of my conversation with Don:

The similarities of PR and sales & marketing:

  • Relationship-driven
  • Target marketing and finding answers
  • Communicating one’s messaging and branding across various channels
  • Customer engagement

Best practices in customer engagement:

  1. Industry relations

Immerse yourself in the client’s industry or their target market’s industries. Become a player and a respected source for information. Get to know people you’re targeting.

  1. Community outreach

Find the causes you really care about and identify the organizations you want to be associated with. This includes sponsorship and events.

  1. Have a goal to make one new relationship (not 22, but 1)

Avoid the “pinball” approach. Make a relationship from a social event or social media and then take that offline. Having a coffee with them makes your customers more relaxed.

  1. Shut up a little bit and LISTEN.

Listen, listen, listen.

  1. Find a reason to follow up.

What are the keys that you’re going to leave with your customer?

  1. Remember, “Givers get.”

Determine what your relationships are and where you can benefit as an individual as well as other members of your circle of business friends.

Principles you can apply to build relationships with your clients:

  • Weekly meetings with educational sessions and guest speakers
  • Developing relationships across the community
  • Community outreach (Get out there!)
  • Client development
  • Find solutions and bring value to your clients (ex. 1-minute videos and larger corporate videos)
  • Focus on what’s most important to your clients.
  • Finding that “one thing” that is important to your clients. It’s different for different kinds of clients. And sometimes, those need change.

What BoardroomPR offers to clients:

  • Traditional PR (print, TV, & radio)
  • Online presence
  • Crisis management
  • Web development and management
  • Marketing and branding
  • SEO management
  • e-newsletters
  • Social media management

Challenges they’ve seen in their industry:  

The real estate market downturn in Florida in 2007

How they managed to bounce back:

Found other areas to really focus on:

  • Professional services (law firms, accounting firms, etc.)
  • Retail
  • Healthcare
  • Luxury condos (when the real estate market started to turn back)

Having a team in place and partnering with industry experts and specialists.

Don’s Major Takeaways:

  1. Give in to get. Get out there. And expand your contact list. Make a sincere effort to meet and get to know new people.
  2. Be an avid reader of traditional media. Listen to great podcasts like TSE. Always be learning and never think you know it all because you don’t. Read newspapers and be a specialist in your own industry in order to develop a reputation for being a go-to expert in your own industry.
  3. Don’t forget your competition. Be friendly and develop relationships with them because they might become some of your best referral sources as they’ve been for Don.

Connect with Don Silver through email at or call him at 954-370-8999.

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Josh-Elledge, The Sales Evangelist, Free Publicity, PR Donald Kelly

TSE 160: How To Get Free Publicity To Increase Sales!

Josh-Elledge, The Sales Evangelist, Free Publicity, PR Donald Kelly

“The bottom line is when you have more influence and you get that influence through more publicity and you get in front of larger and larger audiences, you make more money. You make more sales. You are more successful in business.”

Now is the time to step outside your role of just being an employee or a sales professional. Now is the time to put yourself out there and do BIG things!

Now just how do you do that? How do you amplify your reach? Want to know the secret sauce? Well, you’ve got to listen as Josh Elledge shares with us his strategies that have earned him $8 million in free advertising for his own brand and create a 7-figure company!

Okay, I’ll give you a hint: public relations. Josh Elledge is the genius behind with over $5 million in sales. He is also a leading syndicated newspaper columnist and appears on television 2-3 times every single week.


Here are the highlights of my conversation with Josh:

Why PR is integral to your success:

  1. It puts yourself in the category of a thought leader in your industry.

Invest in yourself and invest in your own brand. You are engaging in public relations every single day as you build your personal brand and reputation.

Be the go-to person in your industry. Subject matter experts make money. Subject matter experts who can communicate well, can get on TV and get quoted everywhere. Your potential customers are going to be reading about you.

  1. Public relations gives you long term results.

You are not only going to appear on TV, have research about you, people find you or get a call to action during your segment and pick up new sales, but also, you are building your BRAND. You are building your reputation.

Being known that you are sought after, will definitely give you an edge over other competitors. You are no longer seen as a sales guy anymore, but as a subject matter expert. How cool can that get?

  1. Doors of opportunities open to you.

Dropping in your media credentials would make people notice you.


Strategies for Creating Your Own Content:

Start generating content.

Generate a lot of content. Build an audience. Build up your credibility. Invest in your own brand by having a blog or podcast.

Have a community.

Have an active social media following. Build yourself up as a thought leader for your industry. The bigger and more prestigious the media outlet is, the more diligent they would be in checking you out. Reputation management is critical!

Practice getting in front of the camera. Work with a coach if you have to. Treat it like you’re auditioning for American Idol. You’re going to have one shot at this, so don’t blow it!

Look for opportunities to participate as an industry expert. Engage with a journalist writing a specific article around your niche and acknowledge them.

Two important things folks!

  1. Networking
  2. Tell your story in front of large audience.


Invest in your image.

Even if you’re only using a Tumblr site or a microblog, make sure you invest in your image and design branding because people would judge you based on how you look. Invest in really good looking graphics or images. Invest in a good designer. Don’t put out amateur stuff.


Josh’s Major Takeaway:

Treat publicity like a very critical aspect of your job. Invest both your time and resources to get really, really good at this.


Current projects Josh is working on:

Check out for Josh’s free videos and find out how he as able to get $8 million in free advertising for his own brand and create a 7-figure company!


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