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TSE 790: TSE Hustler’s League-“Grab Their Attention”

Prospecting, Grabbing Attention, Sales ProspectingYou aren’t the only one fighting for your prospect’s attention; she probably doesn’t even know that you exist yet. So how can you use a targeted approach and an outreach cadence to grab her attention?

In today’s episode, we discuss the importance of using cadences and multiple platforms to create a targeted approach to grabbing your prospects’ attention.

Grab attention.

Your prospect has a million different things competing for her time: Facebook, mail, social media, television. She is bombarded with advertising.

Don’t allow your ego to get wrapped up in the outreach process. Don’t assume that she isn’t responding to you because she doesn’t like you.

What can you say to grab her attention?

Don’t assume you’re annoying her by contacting her more than one way.

There’s a reason political campaigns use mail, email, billboards, social media, television and phone calls. They want to be where the people are.

Use a cadence.

Your goal should be to have an outreach sequence that spans a period of time. You might, for example, have an email sequence that includes sending 5 emails over 14 days.

The sequence will look different for each company, but it will include a variety of contact requests across a variety of platforms.

Those methods will allow us to initiate a conversation that may lead to a sales opportunity.

Aim for conversation.

Conversations at parties begin with small talk; getting to know the person you’re talking to.

Outreach should look exactly the same.

We should begin by making a connection via email or social media, and then seeking to continue the conversation elsewhere. Perhaps we provide value or learn more about the prospect.

Tha goal isn’t to immediately let her know that I sell something that she should buy. It might require 5 conversations to finally reach a discussion about the product or service.

Sales professionals have a tendency to view relationships with the end in mind, but we must get to know people before we ask them to marry us.

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TSE 775-TSE Hustler’s League-“The Science Of Who To Sell To”

TSE Hustler's League, Donald Kelly, Selling, TSE

If you and your team feel that you need to do better or increase your closing rate but don’t quite know how to do so, check out TSE Hustler’s League where we give you coaching to help you perform better as sales professionals.

In today’s episode I discuss the importance of finding solutions and knowing your ideal customer.


Don’t find prospects for your product but solve problems for your prospects. If you focus on their challenges, you will have a much better outlook, more opportunities to close deals and develop business opportunities.

You don’t need to be smart or intelligent, you just need to follow a simple blueprint and go after those ideal customers.


List all the products.

Look at the problem we solve for them.

Figure out which one gives the best bang for the buck. Focus on this.

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TSE 700: TSE Hustler’s League -“Prospecting System”

prospectingToday’s snippet taken from one of our sessions over at the TSE Hustler’s League is big on prospecting. How do you create a prospecting system that keeps your sales  pipeline healthy?

Who is more likely to buy your product or service?

Write down who your ideal customers are. Write your ideal customer profile down.

Where did your last 10 customers come from?

Cold calling, door-to-door, referrals or from your Dream 100 customers. If you’can’t think of the past ten, think of your past five. Write down how you got them.

Where are you getting most of your customers from?

Inbound, outbound, cold outreach, networking, etc. This will give you an idea of which strategy you need to focus on.

Why do they buy?

List down the reasons your customers bought from you. Then you can use the information you get in crafting your message.

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TSE 649: Sales From The Street-“The Cadence Is Working”

Donald Kelly, Sales from the Street, Cadence, ProspectingStill struggling with how you can get your customers to respond to your email? Are you the business card hoarder at events?

You’re probably getting as many cards as you can. And these could be leads you’ve collected for over a year from those events and you’re just letting them sit there on your desk for the dust to consume them. There’s nothing wrong with collecting cards. In fact, it’s an awesome thing to do. But without any follow up, your effort only goes to waste.

It’s time to take action.

On the other hand, what also used to happen in the past after we’ve collected business cards is that we’d blast a client with a phone call then try to get them to buy our product and service. And we just put everything out there. Well, this doesn’t work anymore.

The Power of Cadence

Having cadence means creating a process for your organization. For example:

  • Day 1 is for sending emails.
  • Day 2 is for connecting with the prospect on LinkedIn. Either you connect with the prospect yourself or you can have a sales development rep initially connect with that person. Within days, you’re able to connect with the client on LinkedIn.
  • Next, utilize other social media platforms. Engage with the individual on Twitter for instance by sending a tweet.
  • Your goal here is not to sell but to grab the prospect’s attention. Once, you’re able to do this, you can follow up on those leads.

Grab their attention.

Make your emails short and simple. Only include one point or one idea and then one question. Try to make it just like a text message. Make it simple and straight to the point.

Set an appointment.

Just create the business discussion. Figure out their unconsidered need, which is something they need that they haven’t realized yet.

Episode Resources:

Listen to TSE Episode 642: This Is How You Get People to Respond to Your Emails

The Experience Economy by B. Joseph Pine II and James H. Gilmore

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TSE 435: TSE Hustler’s League: “Prospecting System”

Prospecting, New Client, The Sales Evangelist, Best Sales PodcastThis whole semester of the TSE Hustler’s League is focused solely on Prospecting in all its glory – whether you’re doing door-to-door or referrals, we will help you gain more insights into prospecting.

Today’s snippet is taken from one of our last sessions where I talked about the prospecting system and why it’s important for each of us to have a system in place.

Here are some highlights of the discussion:

Get past the fear of failure: How to put a process in place and develop a system that works

  1. Have the who.
  2. Have a when.
  3. Know how.


You’ve got to have an ideal customer who is the person that is the best fit for your company. One of the biggest prospecting woes is people fail to have the ideal customer. Know who you need to go after because you can’t just go after everyone.

Horizontal vs.Vertical Approach

Consider the horizontal approach and the vertical approach. For example, the horizontal approach is looking for HR directors and companies making x amount of money. The vertical approach is more of the industry so you get folks in the government sector or the financial sector, manufacturing or startups. That said, focus on a particular sector that you can focus on.

Multiple Industries

Identify three industries that you can serve pretty well. (Although I would recommend you start off with just one.) Spend one week focusing on one particular industry. And identify:

  • Who are they?
  • What industry are they in?
  • What is the size of the company?
  • Who are the key contacts you need to go after?
  • What is their amount of revenue?

Account-Based Selling Approach

  1. Understand the key individuals in the company that say yes.

Focus on the account but you have to have a process consisting of multiple steps. There should be at least key 3 individuals in the company that you need to focus on because many companies have multiple people that say yes. Build relationships with them.

  1. The Dream 100 List

Now that you know who to go after, really hyper-market on this. You have to think like a marketer in order to be a good sales rep. Marketers have hyper-focused lists and they do these campaigns focused on these target markets.

In Chet Holmes’ book, The Ultimate Sales Machine, he says that you need to get a Dream List of 100 clients. These are the guys you need to focus on.

Quality versus Quantity

Focus on quality. Don’t go for vanity numbers. Nobody cares about them. Care about the numbers that really matter.

Episode Resources:

Chet Holmes’ book, The Ultimate Sales Machine

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Jonathan Rivera, The Sales Evangelist, Donald Kelly, Best Sales Podcast

TSE 289: Sales From The Street: “Prospecting Systems”

Jonathan Rivera, The Sales Evangelist, Donald Kelly, Best Sales PodcastToday, we have Jonathan Rivera on the show as we drill into the power of having a lead generation system in place.

Jonathan left his 9-year career as an electrician realizing that it’s not what he wanted to do. So he jumped into the real estate world where he made some gains and losses but most importantly, gained valuable lessons that he hopes to share with us today where he is having a four-hour work week with his real estate business (actually even less) primarily because of having a system that works.

Additionally, Jonathan is the host of The Podcast Factory where he puts together valuable podcasting resources.

Here are the highlights of my conversation with Jonathan:

The importance of having a lead generation system:

  • The system is the lifeblood of your business.
  • Focus on the basics first before you move onto the next thing.

Strategies for a compelling lead generation:

  1. Know your market.

Know what they’re thinking, their fears, what they aspire to, and what makes them happy or angry. Dive deep into what your market is thinking. Get to know them better than they know themselves.

  1. Hang out with the water cooler.

Hear what they’re saying through places where they speak their mind unguarded. (Facebook groups, forums, book reviews, etc.) This is imperative to your business.

  1. Use the ALR Formula
    • Ask a question.
    • Listen.
    • Repeat. (Summarize their question and people will think you’re interesting because you’re talking about them)
  1. Focus on the output instead of the system.

Keep in mind that no system is ever perfect. Start with a desired output and build your system around it. Have a quick checklist of what it looks like. Put that down on paper and feel free to tweak and change it. Don’t get bogged down with details.

Jonathan’s major takeaway:

Focus on your end result. Be flexible how you get there. Apply this to your business and life in general.

Episode Resources:

Top 10 Podcast Factory Recipes

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