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Samantha Alverez, Donald Kelly, The Sales Evangelist Podcast

TSE 853: The Biggest Roadblock To Learning Soul-Centered Sales

Samantha Alverez, Donald Kelly, The Sales Evangelist Podcast



The sales industry has gotten a bad rap. Many people buy into the idea that the sales industry is bad or manipulative. They have a hard time selling authentically because they haven’t completely invested themselves in sales. But what if you could learn soul-centered sales?

Today on The Sales Evangelist, Samantha Alvarez explains why you should view sales as a service, and the important role persuasion plays in all aspects of life.

Sam coaches entrepreneurs who have a hard time selling themselves, and helps people discover the service side of sales. Prior to her time in sales, she was a nurse practitioner, one of the most trusted occupations in the country. Moving from that to sales, often considered the least trusted occupation, created an identity crisis for her, but it moved her to discover how her coaching could help people achieve their vision.

Now she focuses on removing the roadblocks to learning soul-centered sales.


Sam realized early on that sales involved persuading people to buy, and that felt wrong. She felt like she had moved from an industry of giving to people to an industry of taking from people.

The jolt was so profound that she spent the first six months of her sales career speaking in a fake accent, because she didn’t want to take on the salesperson identity. She was afraid of who she would become.

Along the way, though, she realized that she didn’t have to use her skills to hurt people.

In fact, she discovered that the same persuasion required of sales professionals was the skill that empowered medical professionals to convince people to care for themselves. Most of the people she saw in her practice were relatively healthy, but she had to persuade them to make healthy choices for themselves.

The sales industry helps people dream, and it creates a new reality for people as they learn to do it well. Sam envisioned herself as someone who was helping entrepreneurs create magic, and she learned to accept herself in a sales role.


Although she loved her job as a nurse practitioner, she was burned out. She needed to leave but she wasn’t sure where to go. She accidentally fell into sales for medical research, but she didn’t expect to like it.

It was a perfect fit, because it enlisted her 10 years of medical experience helping to find subjects to participate in expensive medical studies with extremely stringent criteria.

She realized that sales improved things for people, and the more confident she got, the more she recognized her ability to help people create new realities for themselves.


Early on, Sam believed that sales was a zero-sum game: salespeople win, and buyers lose. She bought into the negative connotation, so she just wanted to make her commission and move forward.

Slowly she realized that she was working with people who were doing cool things,  and she was helping them accomplish those things.

She recognized that sales was simply persuasion, and persuasion exists in many different industries. When she accepted sales as an opportunity to persuade people to do things that moved them forward, she started having fun.

When you help people change the way they think and feel about themselves, people get excited.

“Soul-Centered Sales” episode resources

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Donald Kelly, The Sales Evangelist Podcast, Kurt Mortensen

TSE 366: Turning A No Into A Yes

Kurt Mortensen, Donald Kelly, The Sales EvangelistBreaking news! Trust is an all-time low among consumers right now.

And that’s pretty understandable with the overwhelming amount of information out there today and our customers being more well-informed even before they buy something.

The huge, huge challenge, therefore, is how do you master the art and science of persuasion and influence?

Today’s guest, Kurt Mortensen, author of the book Maximum Influence, takes us into the world of persuasion and influence and how we can improve on those skills necessary for generating sales.

Here are the highlights of my conversation with Kurt:

Kurt’s coolest sales experience as a customer at a suit store

Biggest mistakes people make when persuading someone:

  • It’s not about the closing skills.
  • Things have changed dramatically in the world of persuasion
  • Trust is in an all-time low
  • Access to information has changed everything
  • Seller vomits all over the prospect.
  • You go into the situation and you overwhelm the prospect with too many information
  • Talking too much, too friendly and too fast
  • Cheesy, outdated content

Causes of the big decline in trust in sellers:

  • People are more skeptical than ever before
  • Being bombarded with over 5,000 persuasive messages a day
  • Having access to more information

Strategies for Selling with Power:

  1. Adapt to and understand the prospect.

Studies show that when people like you and trust you, you have an 88% chance of persuasion.

  1. Help them persuade themselves.

Not only do you have to persuade them in the way they want to be persuaded but you also need to help them persuade themselves which is another important to your success.

Is rapport-building still important?

Initially no, eventually yes.

Teach them something new, different, and creative or something’s going to help them how you’re going to serve them upfront that they’ve never thought of before, that opens the door to having a need.

Once you’ve created a need or want, then you can build rapport and work through that.

How to start persuading today:

  1. Think about your image (clothing, color, website, brochure, etc.)

Up to 95% of persuasion involves a subconscious trigger. You will be judged for the first 30 seconds whether they’re going to buy from you or not. Emotional subconscious things have a bigger effect than logic salespeople use.

  1. Ask the right questions and listen.

Great persuaders ask three times more questions. They are consultants rather than salespeople.

  1. Change some of the verbiage.

Change the word “sales” to “consultant” to reduce resistance and empower salespeople to be consultants.

  1. Pause. Listen. Reply.

Salespeople hear the same objections over and over again so they tend to cut the person off and give them the answer which triggers arrogance.

  1. Verbal packaging

Every word you use will attract or repel people – contract vs. paperwork, sign here vs. endorse this, etc. Be careful with using words that freak your prospects out.

6, Learn more tools.

There are more tools you need to adapt and get them to learn how to sell with power. You’re not as good as you think you are and your people skills not as fine-tuned as you think. People don’t trust you as much as you think. Open your eyes to these to realize you need to change some things.

More laws of persuasion:

  • Foot In The Door technique (FITD)
  • Break down what you’re asking for into smaller yes’s to double the amount of sales you get
  • Go for the easiest yes’s first to make compliance much easier

Kurt’s Major Takeaway:

Sales is awesome. Have fun. You have a moral and ethical obligation to persuade people into salespeople. Develop your sense of humor. Humor and influence have an incredible correlation. Making your prospects smile can change everything as it changes their mood.

Episode Resources:

Check out Kurt’s books:

Maximum Influence

Persuasion IQ

Laws of Charisma

Listen to Kurt’s podcast at to learn about the latest science and art  of persuasion and influence.

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