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TSE 211: Why Am I NOT Seeing Results?

Donald Kelly, Sales Evangelist, The Best Sales Podcast, Sales HustlerDo you feel like you’ve been trying and trying and trying… but you’re just not getting the results?

This is pretty much something most of us have come across at some point in our sales career. In fact, about 80-90% of salespeople give up on the fourth “no.” But you definitely won’t achieve success by giving up.

So what do you do?

  1. Give yourself some time.

Give some time to understand your prospects, their needs, the industry, the company, and how that benefits your clients and articulate that message. This takes some time in the same way that you don’t expect your muscles to grow overnight after a one-time whole body workout.

  1. Keep doing the fundamentals.

Golf would be a good analogy here. Turning your club a tad bit in or out does make a  big difference in the ball’s trajectory. You don’t just head out and whack the ball without any fundamentals in place. Without the proper stance, it’s useless!

Now how does this relate to sales?

For one, there needs to be better planning. Are you taking your focus off doing too many things that aren’t really beneficial to your success? For instance, do you work too much on a presentation when you need to focus on finding prospects? Doing so many things simultaneously doesn’t necessarily mean you’re working effectively or you’ll achieve success.

Other aspects of the fundamentals include:

  • Understanding your ideal customer
  • Success-driven activities
  • Using a script
  1. Be persistent and consistent.

Build relationships. Offer value. Show your client how your product/service is going to help the organization. Sometimes the prospect may say “no” but it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s “no” forever. It may only mean “no” for right now. Now what do you do to stay on top of mind and keep going? Put out valuable content and be consistent.

Case in point: Starting this podcast was magnificent – Hallelujah! I was utterly blessed to begin this journey on a pretty fast track. It was an all-time high being featured on the New & Noteworthy on iTunes, which only lasted for 8 weeks. Following that, the downloads went downhill. I even doubted if someone was even listening to the podcast.

But I kept going and was putting valuable content out there until eventually the podcast experienced an uptake and it got mentioned in Entrepreneur Magazine and another magazine… and another. Then opportunities were rolling down the road with more clients, more coaching, and doing speaking engagements. All of that through persistence and consistency.

Now it’s your turn to apply these to your own life and get those results!


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TSE 068: Learn How To Become An Agile Seller with Jill Konrath

Jill KonrathJill Konrath  is a best selling author of 2 award-winning books: SNAP Selling (#1 Amazon bestseller) and Selling to Big Companies, a Fortune magazine “must read.”

Jill’s newest sales book, AGILE SELLING, was released earlier this year and was the target focus for this podcast interview. The main things that Jill does in her book is teaching salespeople how to succeed in a constantly changing sales world.

Jill is also a frequent speaker at sales conferences and kick-off meetings. Sharing her fresh sales strategies, she helps salespeople to speed up new customer acquisition and win bigger contracts. Jill has worked with companies such as IBM, GE, Microsoft, Wells Fargo, Staples and numerous mid-market firms. She is an industry thought leader and sales expert.

Here are some of the major takeaways from our discussion:

  • Recognize that your clients and prospects may not be an expert in your industry, product or service. It becomes your moral obligation to clearly provide vital information to them that they don’t know. In essence you have to think one step ahead and lead them. 
  • Prepare an agenda for your meeting with your prospects and clients. This will help them to recognize you as a professional and also provide for an easy way for them to build trust in you. 
  • One thing many buyers are making a decision on is their relationship with the salesperson. Today it is not about your product or service, it is about truly understand your buyers! 
  • The more you know about your buyers, the processes they are using, the financial matrix they are using, the goals that they have etc. the more effectively you will be able to provide value to the seller with the ideas you bring. Understand that your buyers are busy and they want to work with people who can think for them without them doing all the work. 
  • If you are having a tough time as a seller, you must be brutally honest with yourself and evaluate where you are having challenges. Whether the challenges are you can’t get second appointments, you are having trouble finding your idea clients etc. 
  • Executives feel that less than 15% of sellers are prepared for a meeting. Only 7% of these executives will schedule a second meeting.
  • Learn to “borrow the brain of others”! This principle allows you to think like others! 
  • Sellers need to LEARN FAST! Be an idea person for your client.

Stay in touch with Jill:

Visit Jill’s resource page to gain access to a lot of FREE information!

Check out a preview of the book on Amazon!


TSE 066: 3 Reasons Why New Sellers Speak So FAST!

TSE Episode 066Have you ever found yourself getting nervous while presenting or even speaking with a prospect? So for your nervousness, do you begin to speak REALLY FAST? Well, you are not the only one. What if I told you it’s something many sellers were (are) guilty of at one time or another? As a new seller I definitely was guilty of speaking very rapidly and lose the people I was speaking to along the way. I may have spent a long time trying to get the appointment and then I would jeopardize the meeting because I was speaking too fast. I wasn’t confident in what I was saying. It was a frustrating because I could not get past the introductory level to help prospects see the value I presented.

During this episode I share my experience and why new sellers tend to fall to the idea of speaking fast.   

1. Not confident in what they are saying:

This tends to happen when you are new to a sales position/company and thrown out on the front line without training. You are given a brochure and a website and are expected to find new business.

When you get someone on the phone or standing in front of them, you don’t know what to say and start speaking really fast hoping to recall everything you read. Or you speak rapidly hoping that if you share everything you know, something will jump out and they will want to learn more.

2. Talking to C-levels or important decision makers:

Another time when I found myself  speaking really fast, was when I spoke with people who were in the executive suite, i.e. Chief Executive Office (CEO), Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Chief Information Office (CIO) or Chief Marketing Officer (CMO).

Since I never had any experience talking to these “important people” before, I revert to what I knew. I used to think back to TV shows when the boss would give a sales person 5 minutes to persuade them to buy their product or service. The seller would then rush through his or her message talking about their product or service and then persuade the big wing to buy. This inadvertently caused me to become nervous, speak faster and quickly make a fool of myself.

A lot of this came from my insecurities that C-Levels were way too busy to listen to what I had to say. As a result of that I tried to get through my message as quickly as possible.

3. Received an objection & got defensive:

Another area where I frequently found myself getting nervous and speaking fast, was when I encountered objections or something I did not know the answer to. Since I didn’t want to look like I didn’t know what I was talking about, I would quickly ramble on, stuttering over myself trying to piece an answer together so that I could impress my prospect. Obviously this never impressed anyone, but it sure made me look stupid in the long run.

So, what did I do to help with this situation? I first had to recognize that speaking fast was not helping. Maybe for some people it was their gift, but for me a as new seller I needed to slow down. I studied and learned about out product or services. I would go on ride alongs with season veterans and learned from them what they were saying, doing and handling themselves in a variety of situations.
After learning my product, I would then practice giving that presentation to an imaginary prospect. Speaking to myself in the car, in the mirror or even recording myself and listening to it over again. You can always invite a family member to join us and then video record your message. Both of you can go back through it and evaluate it.  Taking 4 deep breathes before a call or meeting helped out a lot as well.
With this renew confidence I saw that as I spoke to prospects, they began to have more confidence in me! I was able to articulate my message properly and their confidence grew. This helped when speaking with C-levels. I was better prepared for meetings and had meaningful questions to ask them. This resulted in a thought provoking discussion where they were engaged and spoke more than I did. I also had to tell myself that they were human just like I am and had challenges like anyone else.
As far as objections went, since I was prepared, I  did not fear. I would answer questions as needed and sometimes turned the questions around on them to get more information. If I really didn’t know I learned this cool technique called “tell them that  don’t know”. When I did tell them that I didn’t know, but that I would get an answer for them it wasn’t a big deal.  Deals began to progress and my close rate increased drastically!
Selling is not a race! Your job is to make sure that your prospects don’t misunderstand you! It is to help them recognize an extreme amount of value in your product or service that they can’t live without your solution. However, if you are loosing them because of your rapid speaking, they will not see value. When prospects understand your message, they will have confidence in you as a seller. They will then have confidence in your product and more opportunities will progress along your sales funnel. You’ll be one step closer to becoming that top producer.
Feel free to leave a comment below or share an experience you may have.