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The Sales Evangelist, Wendell Jordan, Accidental Seller

TSE 1211: The Accidental Seller Series – Wendell Jordan

The Sales Evangelist, Wendell Jordan, Accidental SellerThis is the 4th episode for the Accidental Seller series.

Wendell Jordan is the owner of Jordan Consults and a local SEO specialist. His company works with small businesses to increase their digital footprint.

Growing up, Jordan and his friends wanted to become professional basketball players. However, playing for the NBA became an afterthought when he reached high school. He actively studied music during his first few years in college. By then, he was in and out of recording studios in New York City.

Perceptions of sales

Wendell thought of salespeople as sleazy individuals. He first came across sales when he was young.  A vacuum salesman was doing door-to-door sales and he wouldn’t leave until his mother threatened to call the police. The salesman was trying to force his mother to buy a product they didn’t need. That  experience had a negative impact on Wendel and affected how he viewed sales.

Wendell’s mother worked for the city of New York and his father was a postal worker. His parents’ jobs, along with how he viewed salespeople made him think that sales was not for him.

He accidentally came into sales when he was checking out Craigslist ads. The ad was looking for someone to work in customer service and didn’t mention sales. When he went in for the position, it was a commission-only, door-to-door sales process. Wendell’s wife played a huge part in his decision to take the position. She had faith that he could do it and encouraged him to try. He’s been in sales ever since.

Overcoming the fear

Like any new salesperson, Wendell had fears. He worried he’d become the sleazy salesperson who had to be removed from someone’s home, just like the man from his childhood. In his first days on the job, he shadowed a sales rep and was told just to take notes. For two days, he tried to learn what he could from shadowing. On the third day, he was thrown into the fire and had to have his first door-to-door experience on his own.

Making a sale on the first day can be difficult but Wendell was able to do it. His first deal felt magical and it inspired and motivated him to keep going. He thought, if he could do it the first day,  he can also do it the second day so he kept going.

However, the lack of sales training affected his morale and the number of sales made. Shadowing others for a day or two wasn’t enough for him selling door-to-door effectively. He just didn’t have the skill set to close and the result was a lot of deals weren’t pushed through.

Quitting sales

Wendell’s sales journey wasn’t easy. He experienced being removed from payroll and spent a good part of the year in limbo, not knowing if he’d be able to make a sale again. The instability of the job almost made him quit. An old business partner convinced him to try again, but this time, he’d be selling websites. Wendell had trepidation considering that his previous sales experience wasn’t stellar. Still, he tried again and started cold-calling businesses.

Wendell went from a door-to-door sales process to talking to potential clients and educating them about their services.

Sales have been one of the greatest opportunities Wendell has ever had in his life and he would choose it again. It allows him to work from home and learn about different cultures. The door-to-door sales experience exposed him to different lifestyles and it trained him in different ways to socialize with others.

If you’re new in sales, keep at it. Don’t get caught up in what people perceive sales to be. #SalesMotivation

Shift your focus.

See yourself three years down the road. You’ll think about the number of Nos you got but you’ll remember the Yeses were far greater. Focus on the bright side.

“The Accidental Seller Series – Wendell Jordan” episode resources

Reach out to Wendell Jordan via his phone number, 314-325-9829. You can also visit his website and learn about his company “Jordan Marketing Consultants“.

For other sales concerns, you can also reach out to Donald via LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Use these practical sales tips and let him know how they work for you.

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Sales From the Street, Motivation, Sales Activity

TSE 1199: Sales From the Street: “I Almost Quit”


Sales From the Street, Motivation, Sales ActivityWe all face challenges and sometimes, the sense of defeat is so strong that the phrase, “I almost quit,” is so relatable. 

Luigi Prestinenzi struggled in his sales journey as well. His mom was great in sales and worked for Mary Kay, a global cosmetics empire. His mother won awards and was an icon within the company. 

All the success, however, came to a halt when she suffered complete burnout. Luigi was seven then and he didn’t understand what was truly happening except that he saw his mom hustling and reaching her goals. 

Fast forward to 23 years later, Luigi also fell on the same path. Everything was working well for him but all of a sudden, deals fell apart and they just kept falling through. It was the first time that he found himself in a challenging situation. 

His manager talked to him one Christmas and he couldn’t focus on anything, not the festivities, his family, or the food. He questioned his life and his decisions and he started drafting his resume and looking for jobs. Despite that, he still went back to sales because it was his only option. 

Like other salespeople who got disappointed and might have said the words, “I almost quit,” Luigi also quit – almost. 

Changing the actions and mindset 

Luigi made a decision to triple his sales activity to make up for the last quarter. He realized that the best way to work through it is to change his actions and his mindset. 

He listened to Paul J. Meyer, the founder of the Success Motivation Institute. It was a 50-minute combination of different talks and he listened to it every day in his car. All the talks he listened to prompted him to start his pipes running again. Six months later, he closed the biggest deal in his company’s history. He also won the global sales leader award across 60 countries for that organization. 

Keep Going 

Luigi’s father was a migrant and he’d always tell him, ‘first in, last out.’ People would argue about that saying that it doesn’t foster a smart working mentality. He did not question his work ethic, but he questioned his mindset on things. He needed to change it because he’d still face the same problems at some point. 

There are a lot of salespeople these days who jump from one job to another every 12-18 months. They’re good in the interview process but the moment they hit a bump, they go to the next role. He didn’t want to be that person so he kept going.   

The imposter syndrome kicks in at your lowest points but that feeling shouldn’t let you down. Even when you close a deal, you somehow still feel like you just got lucky. 

You can only control your mindset and the way you approach the situation. 

Break it down to image and pipeline.

  • Image: How are you showing up? How are you getting up? How are you preparing yourself? What is your mindset to achieve success? 
  • Pipeline: Do the activity and get the hard work done. Don’t cut corners in what you do. 

Get these two done and the magic will happen. Do not focus too much on the scoreboard without getting the right mindset. If you’re not getting the target and you’re struggling, just go back to the foundation of success. 

I almost quit,” is fine but never say, “I quit.” 

Sales From the Street: “I Almost Quit” episode resources

Reach out to Luigi Prestinenzi on his LinkedIn account and check out his podcast, Sales IQ. He also talks about sales and does interviews with sales leaders. 

Do you have sales concerns and questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to Donald via LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook

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Rejection, The Sales Evangelist, Cisco Terreros

TSE 1165: Why Getting a No is Not Such a Bad Thing and How to Accept it!


Rejection, The Sales Evangelist, Cisco Terreros

Some people aren’t into the idea of rejection but actually, there are positive reasons why getting a no is not such a bad thing. 

Francisco Terreros is a co-founder of Felkrem, a full-service sports marketing agency focused on two core services. First, they represent professional footballers/soccer players in their careers both on and off the field, and secondly, they sell brands and reach the players’ demographics through sports and marketing. They are FIFA agents and marketers who do sales every day. The sell to parents and kids they want to sign to their firm as well as to teams and sponsors. 

They are selling their experience as sports marketers to brands who want to capitalize on their understanding of how to navigate and reach their target demographics. 

Their company is surviving, thriving, and growing rapidly despite the competition in the industry. Felkrem is dealing with the athletes’ professions and their dreams. 

Getting no as a sales rep

Sales reps have been in this situation once or twice in their careers as salespeople. It’s difficult to hear the rejection, and much more difficult to accept it. But why do we get a no and why is getting a no not such a bad thing

A seller’s job depends on his ability to get a yes, so naturally, a no for an answer is a hard pill to swallow. 

Lions are the kings of the jungle. It’s their natural instinct to turn their chase into actual food. They have their hunting strategies matrixed down that when the prey gets away, they don’t just give up. They walk and find another kill. They also don’t necessarily go for the biggest and the fastest one. They change their game occasionally and go for something else. 

As sellers, we need to think like lions. It is our instinct to turn the potential sales opportunities into yeses. Our game must also be matrixed so that when we hear no, we don’t walk away dejected. Instead, we walk away with a new plan in our head. We should learn to walk away and get the next one. We need to understand that no is part of the process and it’s going to help us figure out what we must tweak to get the yes. 

Overcoming this is a hard job because our lives depend on the yes. ‘

The sales process is a numbers game and our closing rate of yes comes before several nos. Your sales career will change once you realize that and calculate how many nos you need to get a yes. Simply put, a no means one step closer to the yes. 

Back to the beginning 

We must all begin learning the basics before we become successful in our craft. Cisco got an internship with the sponsorship department in a major league soccer team in his area. He was assigned to support the sponsorship team. He took pictures of activations, set up banners in the stadium, and met with clients at the game to let them into the gate. He was a secretary but he needed to be more. He started coming in two hours before his shift and observed. With his notepad in hand, he listened to the sponsorship guide sell and he took notes to understand the process. Weeks later, he asked for more and he was given a list of people. He started calling and calling and got zero yeses. 

Years later he realized that all those nos taught him something since they got him closer to the job. The nos helped him understand himself and his techniques and what he needed to do to change the no into a yes. 

Cisco wouldn’t have been able to understand that it’s all a system and a process if he didn’t start with the basics. 

The hungry lion 

The analogy of the lion is perfect for this subject matter. After missing their prey for a couple of times, a hungry lion is more zealous than ever to catch another one. A hungry lion is persistent and patient in an intelligent way, not in a desperate way. 

We need to help our team understand that. Teach your team to think like hunters and that the no is a way for them to become hungrier. Not desperate; just hungry. Desperation can be felt a mile away, so don’t be that desperate seller who tries to oversell. Be hungry and be patient. 

A seller’s desperation is a puff of wind that clients don’t want to inhale. It’s also good to take a mental note that clients can hear your desperate sound even in a phone conversation. When your voice drops and your tone shifts, your client will start to zone out. Pay constant attention to how you sound and how you deliver your pitch. 

Turn that no to a yes

Cisco had a seller call him in the past for a pitch and his voice and tone were giveaways to his desperation. Cisco helped him understand the process of no and he asked the seller to count the nos he got before he had a yes. A week later, the seller talked to Cisco again but now with a triumphant voice. He said that he got 33 nos before he had a yes. Those 33 nos are no longer awful experiences because those are the setbacks that got him to a yes. 

Knowing the nos is the beginning. Doing something to lower the no-to-yes ratio is the next step. You do that by identifying where the gaps are in your pitch or in the presentation and you fill those gaps. 

‘Check Me’ partner  

Accepting no is a difficult thing but this process is a continuous one. Even if you get better at getting yes, you’ll still face some nos along the way. It’s better to have someone who’ll be on the journey with you. Find someone who can check you and get you back to reality when you’re facing a slump. It can be your co-worker or your business partner. It can be another team member or your boss. It can be anybody who can get you back to your feet. Teach them to remind of you three things:

  • What did you learn?
  • What can I do better next time? 
  • The no means you’re one step closer to the yes.

Be reminded of those three things to overcome the depression and dejection that come with the no. So, go and find yourself a ‘Check Me’ partner. 

This can be applied to basically every aspect of our lives because our society fosters a culture of positivity and negativity. People have high emotions of happiness and low emotions of sadness. This contrast is good because you won’t be able to feel the satisfaction and elation that comes with happiness if you haven’t experienced something bad. 

At the end of the day, rejection is a necessary evil to achieve heavenly success. Your no is one step closer to your heavenly staircase of success. 

We don’t have to become an expert in overcoming rejection but we do have to understand the tools to help us overcome the rejection. 

Learn to turn your awful nos to beautiful yeses. 

Why Getting a no is not Such a Bad Thing and How to Accept it!” episode resources 

Connect with Cisco in his social media to be inspired. Follow him on Instagram or shoot him a mail. 

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Donald Kelly, Believing, 2018 Goals

TSE 732: That Which You Believe You Can Achieve

Donald Kelly, Believing, 2018 GoalsToday, I’m sharing a story that can help you with your selling career. It all boils down to understanding that what you believe you can achieve.

I have a  friend who shares this story with different groups of people, called The Story of the Golden Pear. This is actually a tradition they do every Christmas.

The Story of the Golden Pear

There was a farmer with a wonderful pear orchard. And it was this time of the year that the harvest is just perfect. Now, this farmer had three sons and he wanted to give the gift to the king for their great harvest.

The farmer picked some of his best pears, placed them in a basket, and had his son take it to the king, with a specific instruction to take care of the package and make sure it gets delivered.

So the first one went on and on his way to the king, he found a lady who asked him what’s inside his bag. And he lied and replied he had rocks with him. Off he went to the king and when the king opened up the baskets, there were rocks! Obviously, the son was cast into jail.

Concerned about his son, the father instructed the second son to go after his brother while taking another batch of pears to be sent to the king. Off goes the second son and meets this lade. When asked what’s inside his basket, he answer pig slosh. When he got to the palace and presented his gift to the king, true enough, they found disgusting pig slosh. So he’s cast in jail too.

So he sent his youngest son to go after his two brothers and deliver another set of pears. The lady saw him along the way and asked what’s inside the basket. He said he has some of the best pears ever which are to be delivered to the king. And sure did he have amazing pears.

Pleased with the gift, the king gave him one wish. The son asked for his brothers to be freed so they can all go home. Wish granted.

Moral of the Story

Having this negative mindset, attracts negativity. What you believe is what’s going to happen to you. If you believe you’re not going to succeed, then you’re not. It’s your decision if you want to do well or not. So think happy thoughts and envision success. Know your end from the beginning and work towards that. People like optimistic people, even if you’re still new. Your thoughts manifest your actions.

Give Yourself a Gift

Make sure you have the mindset of a winner every time you go out there. Take action and believe in yourself. What did you not accomplish this year? Don’t bring that belief into the new year. Instead, believe you’re going to accomplish it and even surpass it. You can and will. Get around with the right people.

Episode Resources:

Check out the TSE Hustler’s League.

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Lisa Nichols, Donald Kelly, Abundance Now

TSE 676: Abundance Now: Amplify Your Life & Achieve Prosperity Today

Lisa Nichols, Donald Kelly, Abundance Now

Abundance is yours – NOW.

I’m telling you – this is one episode you want to go back and listen to again.

Today’s episode is loaded with gems. We have the most sought-after motivational speaker – Lisa Nichols.

A successful author and millionaire, Lisa is a single mom.

Her book is called Abundance Now: Amplify Your Life & Achieve Prosperity Today.

Lisa is a transformational coach who uses education, motivation, and inspiration to get someone to their transformation. Lisa helps people how to acquire and sustain, duplicate and scale abundance.

Here are the highlights of my conversation with Lisa:

A Little Background Story about Lisa:

Academic Struggles

Lisa was considered academically challenged in school, having had a hard time learning that she thought she was functionally dyslexic on her 20s. Her highest grade in school was a C+. Her speech teacher gave her a D- and was recommended that she never spoke in public.

In 1994, she had her son and had to get on government assistance. He had to get WIC (women, infant, and children) free food. She was at an all-time low and didn’t have money to buy diapers. She had to wrap him in a towel for two days.

She remembers telling herself – “This must be the definition of being broke and broken.”

When you’re broke, you just have to figure out how to make money. But when you’re broken, you have to figure out how to be inspired enough to get up to go do something. For her, it was difficult to see the light.

A Decision to Reinvent Herself

That time she wrapped her son in a towel for two days, she felt what rock-bottom was like made a decision that she was willing to reinvent every single part of her. She’s willing to become unfamiliar with any and every part of her journey so she can become familiar with something new.

She was willing to disrupt everything she knew for everything she thought possible. She got sick and tired of her own story. And that was the beginning…

Fall of 1995, she began to think about who she can become – period. that was the beginning of the woman we see today.

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What is Abundance?

Abundance is not just monetary and access because these refer to wealth. There is a difference between wealth and abundance. You can pursue wealth, but it's not abundance.

Wealth is just the slice of the abundant pie. Abundance is a 360-experience.

Most of the time, people don't recognize the distinction between wealth and abundance until they're already achieved some level of wealth.

Don't seek wealth and abundance, just go straight for abundance because abundance includes wealth.

Abundance is not only manifested in the tangible things, but also in relationships, health, spirituality, and finances.

The sooner you go after abundance over anything else, you create a holistic 360 abundant experience.

It's not just available to some people.

Abundance is your birthright.

Regardless of what you were born into, abundance is your birthright.

Living Inside a Limiting Belief

Our limiting belief didn't start from us. It started and was embedded in us when we were three, four, five, six years old. It came from our parents and our parents' parents. It came from factors of gender, geography, culture, spiritual background. So many elements are feeding into our belief system.

If it's supporting you, hold onto it. If it's limiting, release it. Then find another belief system to hold onto.

Only when you change your mentality will everything else follow. Otherwise, nothing will follow.

Feed yourself a different mental food. Then you begin to produce a different physical outcome.

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How to Get Clear on What You Want:

Most people think they're getting clear on what they want by really repeating what they don't want.

The more energy you expand on what you don't want, the more you're living in a contracted experience.

Energy grows where energy goes.

You're a creator. You're an artist. You are the Da Vinci of your own piece of art. What are you creating?

Every time you open your mouth or think of your life, you're creating something. What do you want to paint?

Paint ten years out, five years out, three years out.

Be intentional, not reactionary.

Most people are living without creating a plan. And if you create the plan, you only have to work the plan. Otherwise, you have to keep making up the plan as you go along. Then you begin to live more reactionary than being intentional.

As abundant thinkers, we live intentionally because we already made the plan. But most people live reactionary because they didn't make the plans so they only make it up as they go along. They're reacting to life experiences.

The angel is in the detail.

If you want abundant life, what does that plan look like?

Map out your five years.

  • Where are you living?
  • What are you driving?
  • What's the balance on your bank account on a monthly basis?
  • How many vacations are you taking in a year?
  • What does your relationship look like with your children or spouse or significant other?
  • How many times a week are you engaging with your mother or father?
  • How often are you having sex?
  • How often are you praying?
  • How often do you read scripture?
  • How often do you go out dancing?

You have to make the plan at that level of detail. It will not happen exactly that way. It will be very different than what you expected. But you at least have the plan.

Then make three-year decisions based on your five-year plan. Then do your one-year. It will be so powerfully clear because you know where you want to be in three years. And you know where you want to be in five years. So you know what you have to do in a year.

Now you're that clear, you won't live in drama. You won't get distracted more. Because something greater is pulling you forward. Something greater is calling you to stay focused, stay laser-focused, get up a little early.

It's something that gets you super excited because you made this crystal clear plan.

Your thought is the gas in your car. Your emotion is the turbo-boost.

List the color of the car. List the music that you listen to in the evening and what delicious drink you will be sipping - that level of detail. The angel is in the details. The blessing is in the details.

The better you can see it, the hungrier it will make you. The more you're going to taste it, the more you run to it.

Identify the smell when you walk into your new home. What's the color of your home?

At that point, emotional reaction gets attached to the goal.

Your thought is the gas in your car. Your emotion is turbo-boost.

Free Online Workshop

Focus on the micro goals, not the macro goals.

We've never been taught how to do detail. We keep making macro goals and we want macro wins. But we need someone to show us that we take every macro win and break it down into 12-15 micro wins.

Don't chase macro wins. Chase micro wins. Create micro wins from your macro goals.

If you have one big goal, have three milestones to show you're getting to that goal. For every milestone have five action steps. Manage your action steps on a daily basis.

Set yourself up to win.

When you set a goal for yourself and you don't hit, then you lose a little bit of faith in yourself. So set yourself up to win.

So set a goal in a way you know how to hit and that you can clearly get there.

Set achievable goals that stretch you, not stress you.

The moment your goal stresses you, adjust the goal, the number, or the timeline. Give yourself the time to make it happen.

Abundance is NOW.

Abundance is not something you get to have later. But it's something you get to have now.

Some Points from "The 12 Life-Changing Areas"

  • Love relationships
  • Family relationships
  • Peers, colleagues, and social circle
  • Mentors and advisors
  • Career and business
  • Investments and future legacy
  • Philanthropic endeavors - a life of service

The Impact of Your Social Circle

When you speak to inspire, not to impress, your inspiration has a ripple effect because of your social circle. You may just inspire people you've never even met.

Your social circle should inspire you to stand on your tippy toes so you can become a better person. If your social circle isn't doing that, make sure you expand your social circle.

If you're surrounded by negative people, remember that you're choosing to be everywhere that you are.

If you can't remove negative people from your life, go hunt for positive people so there's a natural blend.

Get yourself a tribe that inspires you to stand on your tippy toes. Get yourself a tribe where you can be a student in. Get a tribe that celebrates and honors your brilliance and your genius and requires you to have more brilliance and more genius in order to stay in that tribe.

Lisa’s Major Takeaway:

You are the true designer of your destiny. You are the true author of your autobiography. Write a delicious story. All that matters is you give yourself a powerful chance to be the brilliant being, the contributing angel that you've always been meant to be. Write a darn good story.

"Fill your cup up every day so you get to serve the world from your overflow. Serve the world from your saucer, not your cup."

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Episode Resources:

Go to www.abundancenowonline.com/free and get a free abundance checklist. Check out Lisa's book there too as well as some coaching programs

Abundance Now: Amplify Your Life & Achieve Prosperity Today by Lisa Nichols

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Curtis Rapp, Donald Kelly, Sales Mindset, Sales from the Street

TSE 674: Sales From The Street-“Change Your Mindset”

Donald Kelly, Sales from the Street, Curtis Rapp, Mindset

A quick question – where are your thoughts focused on right now?

Your thoughts are very powerful, they can actually either spell success or failure in your life.

It’s your choice.

Today, we have Curtis Rapp, a professional seller and an award-winning speaker. His current passion revolves around cultivating growth mindset by learning and teaching principles that foster growth in all areas of life.

Here are the highlights of my conversation with Curtis:

Challenges Curtis has faced throughout his career:

  • Work ethic – putting things in the right sequence
  • Curtis found himself in a bad spot where he was down on himself and not having the results he wanted.
  • Not having faith and confidence in himself resulting in being weak on the phone

Strategies to change your mindset:

1. Dedicate yourself to learning.

Work with mentors. Listen to podcasts. Read books. Stop thinking you know everything.  

2. Be present in the moment.

Focus on your task at hand. Overthinking leads to distraction.

3. Be aware of where you are right now.

Figure out how you can develop that once you know where you’re at.

4. Start journaling.

Put your thoughts down on paper to be in tune of where you are.

Things you can write in your journal:

  • Write down three things you’re grateful for.
  • Write down your goals in the morning.
  • At the end of the day, write more things you’re grateful.
  • Write down some sort of results review – what worked today, what was the win, what was the area for improvement.

5. Be a student.

Be a student of meditation. Be a student of writing SMART goals. Be a student of not focusing on you.

6. Shift your mindset looking from a place of abundance.

The Power of Gratitude – Channeling Negative Energy into Positivity

  • Instead of focusing on things you didn’t like, shift that focus into things you like.
  • What you think about and where you put your intention on is going to show up more in your life.
  • Focus on gratitude. Instead of focusing on the gap between “I hate…” and bringing gratitude into your life daily.
  • Be grateful for even the smallest things in your life. It makes a ton of difference!

Results Curtis experienced from overcoming these challenges:

Curtis has found his purpose and he now feels he has connected with what he needed to do. This has given him the courage, the energy, and the fuel to just get out there and go after it.

Curtis’ Major Takeaway:

Be aware. Be aware of your thoughts and emotions. Take a second to interrupt what normally happens and just check in with yourself. Then ask yourself how did that go? Or how do you feel about that? What are you thinking about based on this? Once you have awareness, you can start to address things if you need to.

Episode Resources:

Get connected with Curtis Rapp on Instagram or check out his website on www.CurtisRapp.com.

Curtis has a free gift for you all. He is making a course about changing the words you speak and changing the outcomes you get. Use this to influence your thinking especially if you’re looking to improve your self-belief or self-confidence. Curtis shares some techniques that learned from his mentors and he actually applied and has gotten great results from them. Check out www.curtisrapp.com/tse.

Mindset by Carol Dweck

Unbeatable Mind by Mark Divine

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Mindset, Happiness, Donald Kelly, Dr. Minette Riordan

TSE 468: 5 Mindset, Money and Marketing Strategies for Rapid Growth Results

Mindset, Happiness, Donald Kelly, Dr. Minette Riordan

As salespeople, sometimes you have to think as marketers so you’re able to do unconventional things which competition is not doing.

Today’s guest is Dr. Minette Riordan who’s going to share with us some key insights into what you can do to get the right mindset, money, and marketing strategies to rapidly grow your income.

Minette is an author, speaker, coach, and an award-winning entrepreneur. She had no knowledge about sales earlier and found herself out of business before she even started so she had to figure out how to do it. And it was until learning that sales is about service and connection which became a huge turning point in her life.

Here are the highlights of my conversation with Minette:

Why entrepreneurs have a hard time with sales:

  • Not understanding that sales and marketing are key things in a business
  • Not having a mindset of consistency and persistence

How to prepare for a sales meeting:

  1. Come from a mindset of being there to solve a problem for clients.

Be clear about the impact that your product or service is going to make.

  1. Learn your product inside and out.

Know who your client is and do your homework. Find out as much as you can about your client and their company ahead of time so you can clearly articulate why your product or service is a match for the problems they’re experiencing.

  1. Preparation is also internal.

How are you feeling today? How is your attitude impacting your ability to connect with people today?

Strategies for rapid sales growth:

  1. Have a plan in place.

Have a practical plan as well as a lifestyle plan. And how is that plan connected to your big dreams?  Have those measures in place to always keep you motivated.

  1. Know your numbers.

Know what you need to make and who are the people that can help you get there. What kind of time, energy, and planning are you putting into cultivating those relationships? Track not just your financial numbers. but also the number of calls and emails. Deconstruct each of your conversations to help you improve your overall metrics of success.

  1. Notice the motivating factor that keeps you going.

The ones that shatter their goals year after year are the ones with the big visions and the ones who want more than just make their numbers. Why are you doing this?

  1. Detach from whatever the outcome is.

Even when people say no but you know you’ve done a good job of getting them to the point of making an empowered decision, then that no is just as good as the yes. Don’t get caught up in the no’s in your mindset. It’s okay to say no to clients. Being able to say no to a client means there’s a better one just around the corner.

5.Know inside out who that perfect client is.

Do not just look at their demographics but their psychographics. Do a personality assessment to help you know yourself really well and who you’re best at serving. Write down your ideal client profile to make your marketing and sales presentations so much easier. Actively looking for these people doesn’t mean you’re saying no to anybody else, but you’re just proactively looking for the ones you can serve best.

Minette’s Major Takeaway:

Be mentally prepared. Know what you’re selling and fall in love with what you’re selling. Get to know your client ahead of time as much as possible.

Episode Resources:

Get in touch with Minette and download her free book about the 5 Mindset, Money, and Marketing Strategies at www.rapidgrowthresults.com.

David and Goliath by Malcolm Gladwell

The E-Myth by Michael Gerber

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Money, Mindset, Unstoppable, Kelly Roach, Donald Kelly, The Sales Evangelist

TSE 293: Building An Unstoppable Mindset

Money, Mindset, Unstoppable, Kelly Roach, Donald Kelly, The Sales EvangelistHaving an unstoppable mindset is an essential element as a seller. You need to perform well under pressure to stay motivated in times of difficulty. Today, we have a game changer on the show, Kelly Roach who shares with us a ton of information about her new book Unstoppable: 9 Principles for Unlimited Success in Business and Life. These principles apply to sales, entrepreneurship, and life in general.

Kelly Roach is a business growth strategist where she helps entrepreneurs, small business owners, and organizations increase their sales, close more clients, design and implement a strategy to achieve rapid business growth through sales management, prospecting, charging what your worth, and having an unstoppable mindset to achieve your goals.

Here are the highlights of my conversation with Kelly:

Having an unstoppable mindset:

  • It’s not the smartest or most talented entrepreneur that wins but the one who stays in action, strategic, focused, and having that mindset.
  • The power of having self-confidence
  • The power of practice

Strategies for having an unstoppable mindset:

  1. Discipline

This determines your success or your failure. Discipline means doing what you need to do when you don’t feel like doing it to get from where you are to where you want to be. Say yes to your future and no to your excuses. Make that decision each and everyday to determine your fate and design your destiny. You can make that choice today.

  1. Find the thing that brings you the most joy.

Find that thing that has been the most transformational in your life. Start dedicating an hour a day to design your dream business and begin to put the pieces together to start building a second stream of income and creating a future for yourself.

Top traits of successful entrepreneurs:

  1. Bulletproof mindset

The entrepreneurial journey has no straight line. Be tough and in it for the long haul. Have a compelling vision for your future, dream big, and have a huge passion that no matter what, you’re going to keep moving forward.

  1. Finding a mentor

Join a mastermind program. Find someone that has done what you want to do and link arms with them. Have them give you the road map. Don’t struggle for years trying to figure out yourself and wasting money and time when you can find a mentor to help you or be in a supportive community.

Kelly’s favorite chapter in her book:

“Act like a CEO if you want to earn like one.”

You are in control of what you want to become which is a complete result of your actions and your behavior. Look at your own life and check if what you’re saying that you want matches what you’re doing. Your actions have to correlate with a path that gets you to your goal.

Money doesn’t buy happiness

Money isn’t everything but it does make the discomforts of life a lot more comfortable. There’s nothing you can do to stop challenges that come into your life but just respond the best you can and react to it and keep moving forward. Having money removes a huge stress in daily life.

Biggest mistakes professionals make in the sales world:

  1. Undercharging

This could burn you out and run your business into the ground having to serve more clients and struggling to get ahead in your business.

  1. Aversion to sales

There lies a small gap between where people are and where they want to be. That can be easily closed by SELLING for your business. And many people don’t realize that. You have to send out enough conversations to anyone interested in giving them money.

Talk less, listen more.

You don’t have to have the perfect words. Your prospects will give you the answer key and tell you everything you need to know to get them to say yes. Just focus on being present and interested in their situation and focus on serving them the best way possible.

What you will get from reading Kelly’s book:

Taking you on a journey from building the mindset to walking through the strategy.

Her book will walk you through strategies, action steps, and different elements of what you need to put in place.

Mindset + strategy and plan + implementation = THE LIFE OF YOUR DREAMS

Kelly’s Major Takeaway:

No matter where you are today, you can achieve your goals and dreams. Just focus on where you can go from where you are and with what you’ve got. If you’re willing to be the best version of yourself everyday, you can make your dreams come true.

Connect with Kelly and get the Get It Done guide by texting getitdone to 44222. Or reach out to her through Twitter @kellyroachint.

Episode Resources:

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The Sales Evangelist, Donald Kelly, Donald C. Kelly

Donald Kelly, The Sales Evangelist, Sales Mind-Set, Best Sales Podcast

TSE 272: “It’s Time To Sell”

Donald Kelly, The Sales Evangelist, Sales Mind-Set, Best Sales Podcast

Many startup companies face a common dilemma in our world today and that is taking their product up to the next level – bringing it to market, successfully. Why? Because many of them are scared of selling. Are you?

I’m bringing Chris Spurvey on the show today as we talk about two very powerful topics that are crucial when it comes to selling: overcoming your fears and having a vision.

Based in Newfoundland, Canada, Chris isn’t new to the sales and marketing space having brought in over $100 million in professional services. He also wrote his recent book, It’s Time to Sell: Cultivating the Sales Mind-Set, which offers a new perspective about the concept of selling so you can change your sales mindset in a way that keeps you motivated!

Here are the highlights of my conversation with Chris:

Why Chris chose to write the book:

  • Being a chair in their technology association of about 300 technology companies
  • Meeting startup companies and realizing people are afraid to take the next step – selling!

The fear of selling: The stigma of that “Electrolux” salesman

Chris shares the story of his mom who ended up buying a very expensive vacuum cleaner all because the salesperson was able to overcome all objectives.

Strategies to Overcoming Fears and Cultivating the Sales Mindset

  1. Create a vision.

Write your vision and put it in the present tense. Make it real by bringing in all your senses. Having that vision gives you the motivation you need to sell.

  1. Use the FORM technique to ask questions

Family – Occupation – Recreation – Motivation

  1. Write your morning pages.

Journaling is a very powerful thing. Write down a conscious stream of thoughts. Write whatever comes to mind. This basically allows the conscious and subconscious mind to communicate with each other.

Chris’ Major Takeaway:

Create a vision. It’s not the fulfillment of the vision, it’s the actual process of creating the vision.

Episode Resources:


Sign up for Chris’ newsletter

Check out Chris Spurvey’s book, It’s Time to Sell: Cultivating the Sales Mind-Set

Other book mentions:

The Greatest Networker in the World by John Milton Fogg

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

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The Sales Evangelist, Donald Kelly, Donald C. Kelly

Sales Mindset, Cold Calling, Rejection

TSE 175: Shaping A Successful Sales Mindset

Sales Mindset, Cold Calling, Rejection [Tweet “”The way you think has greater influence over your results than any other factor.” – Kim Ades”@kimades]

Kim Ades is the owner of a coaching company called Frame of Mind Coaching, which consists of a team of 18 coaches helping people who are highly driven and determined to live an extraordinary life but find themselves stuck with something.

Kim views sales as a game which is not something that you dissuade from when you experience anything negative but see it as a fun, enthusiastic experience. In this episode, Kim shares with us tons of fun, creative ideas to get the sales that you want (even if it means singing a Louis Armstrong song to your client!) and more importantly, learn about how critical your way of thinking is in driving great results.

Here are the highlights of my conversation with Kim:

What they do at Frame of Mind Coaching:

  • The coaches look at how their clients think and how they’re thinking impacts their outcome
  • Examines how their clients think and how sometimes their thinking prevents them from reaching their goals
  • Helps their clients learn to think in a way that’s aligned to what they want to achieve and experience  through discipline and awareness
  • They set up a weekly call for ten weeks with every call recorded
  • Clients can listen to themselves in the recording so they can observe how they think and hear the language and concepts they use
  • Clients are asked to write an online journal everyday for the entire coaching duration
  • They pick up patterns of thought, behavior, perspective, or beliefs and start to create a tracking mechanism for clients to help them shift their thinking

How can a salesperson break through the mental barriers?

  1. Clean up your thinking around what your job is as a salesperson.
  2. Look at how you execute sales and how your execution is a reflection of your thinking.
  3. Get rid of self-doubt.

Skill sets are important but skill follows thought. Your level of confidence determines how you show up.

Here’s a journaling assignment for you:

Write down your answers to these questions:

  • What do you believe to be true about sales?
  • What do you believe to be true about salespeople?
  • What do you believe to be true about yourself when you’re selling?

When you’re scared of cold calling…

Change the word “sales” and replace it with “coaching”

“Coaching is sales and sales is coaching. The common thread is conviction.” – Kim Ades

The power of storytelling in sales…

It works as a connector. Creates a picture that the buyer can imagine.

What do you do if your client calls you the most annoying salesperson in the world?

  1. Be earnest.
  2. Apologize.
  3. Deliver value.

[Tweet “It’s not a matter of whether or not you’re going to buy from me, it’s a matter of when.-Kim Ades”@kimades]

Kim’s Major Takeaway:

If you want dramatically different results, whether in sales or any other place in your life, the way you think will determine what you can achieve. When something is not working, examine how you’re thinking about it that’s causing you a problem. If you’re still stuck, get help.

Current projects Kim is working on:

Speaking for the Project Management Institute (women in the titanium industry)

Connect with Kim on www.frameofmindcoaching.com and get a taste of their coaching experience by writing an assessment on their site where you get to journal and get a coaching call based on your journaling.

Kingsley Grant; Fear of Rejection, Sales Coaching

TSE 090: Building A Bullet Proof Sales Professional Mindset

Kingsley Grant; Fear of Rejection, Sales Coaching In sales, rejection is always part of the game. Whether you like it or not, there will come a point in your sales career where a client will reject you in one way or another. How do you handle that?

Rejection is like a treasure chest wherein lies hidden opportunities just waiting to be unlocked. So don’t easily give up when a client rejects you. In this episode, Kingsley Grant will teach you how you can build a bulletproof mindset to handle rejection so you can achieve success in sales.

Kingsley Grant is a Marriage and Family Therapist, a life coach, author, speaker, and a midlifepreneur (an entrepreneur at midlife). He is passionate about bringing the best out of each and everyone in order for people to have more balanced, happier, and more meaningful lives.

His recently released book, Midlifepreneur: Making Your Dreams Come True Without Risking Everything, is all about getting out and just turn your dream into a reality without risking the loss of things or people that are most important to you.

Here are the highlights of my conversation with Kingsley:

How sellers can cope with sales rejection

  • Mastering core strengths so you can dominate
  • Gauging how customers are pre-contemplating what you’re going to sell them
  • It may just be a “no” now so listen to the person and recognize the opportunity
  • Rejection is an opportunity to reassess

How to prepare before the meeting:

  • Know thyself.
  • Sell your likeability first before you sell your product.
  • Recognize how you can connect with the client.
  • Prepare your mind to how you can create a moment of likeability and trustworthiness

Ways to build strong relationship:

  • People have certain ways they want to be sold to.
  • Know to whom you’re selling.
  • Recognize that everyone does not buy the same way.

Building a bulletproof mindset to handle rejection

  • Sell according to how a client wants to be sold. How? –  Listen!
  • Empathize with them.
  • Shift the conversation from the product to the person.
  • Make the client feel that you understand them.
  • Take time to get to know your client.
  • Make it not about you but about the client.

Doing a “fire drill” of your sales presentation

  • Have a strategy and be prepared.
  • Know what to say, when to say it, how to say it
  • Practice so you can put your personality into it, then it will come out naturally

Strategies for handling rejection:

  • Think about what value can you bring to the person.
  • Pound on the value of what you’re selling – For example, you are not just selling a house but you are comfort, security, protection.
  • BELIEVE what you are offering them is something of VALUE

Kingsley’s current projects:

For more information on Kingsley and the amazing things he’s working on, visit www.kingsleygrant.com. Connect with Kingsley on Twitter @kingsleygrant

Kingsley’s Major Takeaway:

Seller, know thyself. Figure out your personality type and understand that your type may not be the same as other person’s personality types. It’s not about you but them.

Eliminate from your mindset all the things you have been hearing about how you should do it because you’re not everybody else. You are YOU. You are uniquely positioned. There is only one you so be you.

Know yourself. Know your style. And deliver through that style and not like how everybody else does it.




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