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TSE 067: Uncovering Pain and Creating Revolutionary Solutions!

Mike McGee TSE CoverIn this episode my good friend Jay Quiles and I interviewed Mike McGee who is one of the co-founders of the of  Starter League and Starter School.  Mike and his co-founder started Starter Leagues as a solution to their “pain” they faced as they tried to develop a start up business. Without any coding or technical background, none of their ideas could take life. The final solution was to teach themselves. Along the way they realized that this was a challenge others were facing and the birth of their organization started. As you listen to this episode, Mike shares his experiences.

Here are some of the major takeaways from our conversation.

  • Become very aquatinted with PAIN and finding problems.
  • Look at problems you and your family members are facing and look for solutions. Focus on just one principle.
  • People are more willing to get PAIN killers than they are to buy vitamins.
  • When selling a product or service in a “start up” recognize that potential buyers are already out there looking for a solution to their problems. You just have to present the solution so they can quickly recognize the value.
  • When looking to do a start up, don’t look to copy other successful businesses, look to create your own value.
  • Seek to be the ideal person; as well as the person who can add value. Mike gave the example of Facebook and how Mark Zuckerberg was the coder who took the idea to whole another level because of his coding abilities.
  • Who are the ideal candidates for the Starter League?

o   College dropouts who are looking for an alternative to traditional college.
o   Those who are fed up with their day jobs, have great ideas to solve challenges and add value to the lives of others. They recognize that they don’t have the skills to implement their ideas into action.
o   Individuals who went to get their MBA’s and don’t know how to manage the tech side of their ideas and would like to get involved in the details.

  • If you are interested in solving problems with tech solutions, learn more at www.starterschool.com. Application deadline August 31, 2014

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