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TSE 127: The Need for LinkedIn Recommendations & How To Get Them!

Donald on Bench With the rise of social selling, LinkedIn has become a powerhouse online for sales professionals to find potential business opportunities, and grow their network. However, with such an overwhelming sea of profiles, how do you distinguished yourself so that opportunities can come to you as well? During in this episode I share why LinkedIn recommendations are so important and how to get them.

Here are few reasons why you need to have them:

  1. They showcase your expertise and validate what you claim you are good at
  2. Offer instance reference and credibility
  3. Elevates you for possible promotion opportunities
  4. Helps you stand out to potentially interested parties
  5. Here are the four main things you should do to write powerful recommendation.
  6. 1. Attention grabbing:

Just like with emails or blog post, it’s important to grab the attention of you readers right away! You want them to read your recommendation and not just pass over it right? Well, have an amazing attention grabbing one-liner at the start of your recommendation.

Say something like….“Talented is an understatement when talking about Jim’s work.”

or “One of the best designers I ever worked with”

2. Identify who you are and establish your credibility:

Think like the reader, they are reading your recommendations to evaluate the person you are recommending. Since they may not know the individual you are writing the recommendation for, it’s important for them to know you are a credible source right off the top. What qualifies you to write this recommendation? Here are a couple examples:

“I had the honor of working for John while he was managing the North American division of Global IT”

“For 7 years, David served as our account executive, while his company was contracted as our IT vendor”

3. State a specific reasons why you are recommending the person. Support that recommendation with a reason (stats) that tells a story (people love stories)

There is nothing more disappointing than to read a recommendation, which is it expected to offer key information or insights, but leaves you empty because it’s bland without the suitable points of recommendations. To avoid this with the recommendations you write for your friends and colleagues, make sure to incorporate the following:

  • Offer a brief story that gives meaning to your recommendation
  • Be specific and use metrics or statistics if applicable
  • Offer a glimpse of the personality for the individual you are recommending
  • Keep your recommendation short and concise (under 200 words)

Here is example you can refer to

“David is a genius when it comes to photography! I hired David two years ago to take some pictures for our companies new website, but I had no clue what exactly to do to pull off a professional modern feel. He understood our dilemma, sat with us, listened to what we wanted, shared some ideas and came back with more some awesome concepts. We went with some photo concepts he recommended based on our desires and saw amazing success! Our home page is now more eye-catching, our conversion rate has increased 30% and we receive compliments daily from clients and visitors. David’s creativity and his keen ability to exceed his clients expectation separates him as a photography genius in my book. If you are looking to for a high quality creative, professional photographer for your business, I would highly recommend you use David, hands down the best.”

4. Encourage them to take actions on what you recommended them this person for.

The final part of your recommendation is to encourage the reader to take action on what you are recommending. However, remember this is not a sales pitch just an simple one sentence encouragement would do. Here are a few examples:

“I thoroughly recommend that if you think Barbara might be able to help you or your business, that you pick-up the phone sooner rather than later-you will not be disappointed.”

“I would recommend her to anyone looking to have a professional website created.”

“If you are looking for a quality sales professional for your organization, I encourage you take a look at Richard.”

Now that you have a better understanding of why LinkedIn recommendations are so important and how you can do them, start writing recommendations and increase your social selling factor. The more you do, the better off you’ll be able to gain new opportunities and start doing BIG THINGS.


TSE 058: How To Use LinkedIn To Sell with Josh Turner

Josh TurnerWell, we have all heard that we should use LinkedIn to sell more; but the problem is many people really don’t know how to exactly do this. In this interview I had the great privilege of speaking with Josh Turner and learned from him some of the most powerful ways we can used LinkedIn to sell.

1. How can sellers use LinkedIn to sell?

One of the easiest things most sellers can do is utilize the “Advanced People Search” feature in LinkedIn. Here, sellers can easily pinpoint searches for individuals who fit their ideal customer description. For example, you can search for CEO of companies with 100 or more employees, who are in the same groups as you and who are one degree of connection away from you. This is a powerful feature to take advantage of.

LinkIn Advanced Search

2. How to maximize your LinkedIn profile? 

Most sellers on LinkedIn have a headline that screams “I want to sell you something”. Josh suggests that you soften that by talking about how you help your clients as oppose to “sales person”. Generally people are turned off when they feel that you are just going to try and sell them.

Look at Josh’s LinkedIn headline and see how he describes what he does. It is a great example.

Josh Turner LinkedIn Headline

3. How do you grow your LinkedIn connection? 

  • Use the Advanced Search feature.
  • Connect with folks you meet at trade shows, local events meetings etc.
  • Tie your emailing system to LinkedIn.

4. How to take a cold call into a warm call? 

One of the strongest things that you can do is nurture a relationship with messages. Then strategically position yourself properly. When you feel that you have done so, asked for a meeting through LinkedIn or just pick up the phone and reach out to the prospect. This process no longer makes it a cold call, but a conversation between friends or aquiantances. Josh teaches this processes effective to clients at

 Linked Selling_mini

5. How to be perceived as an “Industry Expert” on LinkedIn?

Post relevant information and be consistent at it. Also, repurpose those content in the groups where your prospects are. Don’t spend all your time posting that content in groups where your competitors are and other sales people are hanging out. Go where your prospects spend their time.

6. Do you actually sell on LinkedIn?

You don’t want to use LinkedIn to do a hard sell. You want to build the relationship and then to connect offline to do your business transaction.

7. How to leverage LinkedIn Groups as a seller?

One of the best things a seller can do in relation to LinkedIn groups is to form your own group. Don’t say I will wait for marketing or my company to do it. You must take charge! Also, look at ways to engage with prospects in conversation by commenting and speaking to things that you know. Reply to others and open the communication dialog.

8. Are there automated services that you can use to automate your post?

Yes, you can use tools like Hootsuit and Octopost. Also, seek to create your content.

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