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TSE 014: You Are Never Too “little” To Do BIG THINGS With WatermelonRind (WMR)

WatermelonRindWMRDuring this episode I interview two young men who, from a young age, started setting goals and has been doing BIG  THINGS. Jacob (age 16) and Jared (age 14) Hatch are brothers who started their band called WatermelonRindWMR. The power behind the message taught by these young men is the fact that anyone can set goals and accomplish BIG THINGS. Too many times  we make excuses, blame someone or something as to why we can’t or will  not do something special.

It is way too easy to never start, but far more rewarding when you put in the hard work and get great results. Jacob and Jared could have justified many reasons why they should not go for their dream of creating a band, but they did not. The result now is the fact that they have released one albums on iTunes, created several great singles and are earning great money with DJing opportunities on the weekends.

What are some dreams you can start accomplishing today?

Here are some take aways I learned from Jacob and Jared that you can apply as you start to do BIG THINGS:

  • Have a clear vision of what you want and set small incremental goals to accomplish it
  • Get help from the right people
  • Do something that you find fun and exciting
  • Make sure you have your perspective and priorities in place
  • Don’t compare yourself to anyone else, but compare yourself to who you were yesterday
  • Keep going at your goals even if they are tough, you will get doubts but keep hashing away

Check out Jacob and Jareds new single called “Where Nobody’s Been” on iTunes. You can also visit their website to listen to their other songs and videos.