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Donald Kelly, The Sales Evangelist, Goals, Planning

TSE 982: Throw a Dart at The Wall Goals

Donald Kelly, The Sales Evangelist, Goals, PlanningToday on The Sales Evangelist we’ll talk about planning and setting effective goals.

It’s that time of year again where we find ourselves contemplating our achievements over the past 12 months. Some of us reached our sales goals and some of us did not, but we can all benefit from reflecting on what worked well, and what did not work at all.

Have a plan

There’s a difference between setting goals by ‘throwing a dart at the goal wall’ versus setting goals based on the experiences that we are guided towards by the people we meet.

It is the difference between having hope and having a plan. [03:27]

A ‘throw a dart’ goal is as simple as choosing a random number – say $80,000 for example – and then setting that as your commission goal.

But why that number? Are you simply hoping to make $80K, or do you have an actual plan in place to achieve it?

I hope I lose 10lbs next year, I hope I win the lottery, I hope we get out of work early… Those are all just hopes because there is no plan in place to accomplish any of it. You have no control over the outcome.

Goals, however, are fact-based. Let’s consider again the idea of earning $80K in commissions. If you made $40K last year and you know you want to push yourself more next year, does doubling your income seem realistic? Or is a goal of $60-65K more reasonable? [04:16]

Unrealistic goals

The problem with repeatedly setting goals that are not based on fact is the likelihood of failing to meet them. It becomes a vicious cycle. We fall short of our goal, we feel deflated as a result, and we stop trying.

This contradicts Grant Cardone’s 10x Concept but hear me out. Let’s say I went to my manager and told him that I am going to try to get a million dollars in revenue for the year. We put that idea in motion and plan around it despite that, in reality, my highest revenue ever was $50K. It’s just not going to happen because it is an unrealistic goal from the start. [05:10]

So what steps can you take to ensure that your goal is both realistic but also pushes you to achieve more? I have five that I want you to consider. [06:50]

Reasonable and achievable goals

Learn from the experience of others. Talk with your teammates that have done well or talk with your manager. Find out what goals they set when they were new to the business.  What steps did they take? What is a reasonable goal in their opinion?

Put your goal in writing. Once you have decided on a reasonable goal, write it down and put it where you can see it. Studies have proven that goals that are written down are more likely to be achieved because there is a confidence that comes from taking that first step.

Focus on fewer goals. This may sound counterproductive but do you really have the time and energy to reach your sales goals, be the top seller, get 10 new clients every week, go to the gym every day, travel the world and achieve those lofty 10x goals? Wouldn’t it make more sense to break it down into fewer achievable goals instead?

Your goal needs to be measurable and specific. Suppose, after talking with your teammates, you’ve set a realistic goal of $50K.  The next step in achieving that goal is to decide how, specifically, you will achieve it. Break it down. How many new clients, for example, would you need to achieve the $50K? If gaining eight new clients is possible based on previous experience, then a goal of 10 new clients is not so far-fetched. [09:06] [12:21]

Divide the goal into manageable pieces. The beauty of the book The Twelve Week Year is that it breaks the entire year down into 12-week increments so that you can take your goal and divide it into quarterly goals. How many appointments, how many new clients, how many presentations etc. do you need, on a quarterly basis, to stay on track? Put those calculations into your calendar and work toward them on a regular basis.  

It really helped me to achieve my goals because it is so manageable. I can focus on what I need to do each day or each week to achieve my end goal instead of just hoping that it magically comes together at that end.

A quarterly focus on a realistic goal enables you to turn the process into a habit. Once you have the system down, you can replicate it over and over again. You are going to see measurable and amazing results. [09:57]

We’ve had our best year yet at The Sales Evangelist and I want to make sure you can do the same. I’ve been in your shoes and I really enjoy helping new sellers however I can.

We are already planning for next year by taking a look at what we’ve accomplished this year and what we hope to accomplish moving forward. I hope that today’s podcast will help you do the same.

“Goals” episode resources

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TSE 453: How To Create A Seven Figure Automated Income Stream From Scratch

Daryl Urbanski, Donald Kelly, 7-Figure Income, The Sales Evangelist Podcast Do you find that your website is just sitting and not making any good money? In our world of social selling today, you’ve got to have some strategies and systems in place to get your ball rolling.

Today, my guest How To Create A Seven Figure Automated Income Stream From Scratch is giving us behind-the-scene strategies to help you build the 7-figure funnels. Daryl Urbanski is a bestselling author, teacher, and entrepreneur. He helps businesses with websites get customers and keep them as long as possible.

Here are the highlights of my conversation with Daryl:

How to get you started:

  1. Blank units x blank price = $1 million

It can be easier to reach your financial goals if you sell at a higher price. Going the cheapest is the wrong way to think about it.

  1. Think about how you can scale your business right from the get go.

Think of your business in terms of how to do it 10,000x. How do you handle 10k customers? By what means do you handle 10k leads? How do you handle delivering for 10k orders?

The “Oprah Effect”

This is when a team is sent to audit companies before even brought on Oprah. That whatever Oprah says, people will buy. So if she says something about your business and the next day you’ll get a thousand phone calls.

Now how can you handle this if you’re only used to getting 5 phone calls? This could kill your business. So you have to think of how you can scale your business right from the get go.

The solution: Have a process.

Think of systems, processes, and SOP’s like tools such as auto-responders to pre-plan stuff where you do it only once and it can get sent to thousands of people.

  1. Get paid media to work.

Branding is not marketing. Branding is getting dressed in the morning and putting on nice clothes. It is the look and feel of your business. It’s your reputation with someone. It is not marketing. Marketing is about making offers. Implement this difficult stuff and you will receive payment to advertise work.

How can you find your own message:

  1. Trial by fire

You have to be able to appeal to their own self-interest and their greed. Set up a landing page which you can test super quick. Get an ad that works and then you can use that in all other place.

  1. Go spend some money.

You’re going to lose some money, but you’re going to learn and buy data. You need to buy the data. Make a budget for it.

Jim Rohn’s 70-10-10-10 Finance Management Plan for Getting Rich:

  • 70% – live off of what you make
  • 10% – active capital
  • 10% – passive capital


  • 10% – savings

Daryl’s Major Takeaway:

Money is not everything. Have the 24-hour a day that you can live and get your routine down. Don’t live in the future. Be happy right now. Have a daily and weekly ritual where you also get out with nature. Live your life that covers your bases. Take care of yourself.

Episode Resources:

Connect with Daryl Urbanski on or on social media. Check out his podcast, The Best Business Podcast

Predictable Revenue by Aaron Ross

From Impossible to Inevitable by Aaron Ross

The ONE Thing by Gary Keller

Get a free audiobook download and a 30-day free trial at with over 180,000 titles to choose from for your iPhone, Android, Kindle or mp3 player.