TSE 1101: Forging An Ironclad Brand

          Your brand tells your story when you’re not in the room, and today Lindsay Pedersen shares tips for forging an ironclad brand with sales reps, entrepreneurs, and other [...]

TSE 1099: Sales From The Street – “My Ideal Customer”

  Business owners and sales reps who try to sell to everyone will struggle to succeed until they decide to focus their efforts on the ideal customer. Today, Dr. Frances Richards, whose [...]

TSE 1045: TSE Certified Sales Training Program – “David and Goliath”

Sometimes the logical approach doesn’t make sense, just as in the story of David and Goliath it seemed impossible to believe that the shepherd boy could beat the giant. In sales, we [...]

TSE 1042: 3 Mistakes Small Company Sales Leaders Make

Very often, sales reps find themselves frustrated and hemmed in by the mistakes small company sales leaders make. I had a conversation last week with a sales rep who was frustrated because his [...]

TSE 1024: Sales From The Street: “Selling To Everyone”

Selling a product or service that expands across multiple industries is possible when we realize that selling to everyone takes a team effort. Phil Sweeney worked in sales while in college [...]

TSE 963: How To Help Business Owners And High Performers Hone In On Their Zone Of Genius, Work Smart And Make More Money

In this episode of The Sales Evangelist, I talk to Phil Newton about how we can work smart and accomplish more by doing less. It all began with a “sob story of events” when Phil was diagnosed [...]

TSE 962: What Salespeople Can Learn From The “Political and Dating” Industries

The political and dating industries share a common goal: to narrow your choices down to the one candidate that makes the most sense for what you want. Particularly in the political arena, the ads [...]

TSE 947: How Do You Help Sell or Bring a Brand New Product to Market?

Bringing a revolutionary new product to market can be difficult, especially if you don’t yet have a community of supporters. Apple did it in 2007 with the iPhone, solving a problem that [...]

TSE 926: Lead Generation Through Digital Marketing

Traditional marketing options will always exist for business owners and people in sales. Digital marketing, however, can be a more cost-effective way to grab people’s attention and guide [...]

TSE 780: TSE Hustler’s League – “Where to Find Your Ideal Customers”

As you know, TSE Hustler’s League is where we can learn from each other, get accountability among ourselves and see the performance and improvement of each member.   In today’s [...]

TSE 710: TSE Hustler’s League – “Who Are Your Ideal Customers?”

Today’s episode on the TSE Hustler’s League is all about finding your ideal customers and how you can actually find them by asking yourself these series of questions. And in so doing, you [...]

TSE 695: TSE Hustler’s League-“Defining The Ideal Customer”

Today’s episode is another snippet taken from one of our sessions over at the TSE Hustler’s League. Quick Hacks to Find Ideal Customers: Customer Support Best customers are the ones paying [...]

TSE 646: Sell To Zebras, Close More Deals!

Do you find yourself all over the place? You could be putting your efforts into selling to so many customers right now when all you should be focusing on are zebras. In this episode, find out who [...]

TSE 488: How To Get Better Clients By Identifying Most Profitable Customer And Find More People Who Look Just Like Him or Her

We all need profitable customers, but you have to speak to their needs. Much less, how do you even find them?  Today’s guest is John Dwyer, an Australian marketing genius, sales professional and [...]

TSE 282: Your 100 Most Ideal Customers

As a sales representative one of your key roles is to sell. I know that sounds very obvious, but I promise there is a point to all of this. I just want to make sure you all understand the premise [...]

TSE 195: Sales From The Street- “Get To Know Your Audience”

Our guest today is Giulia Guerrero. She is an experienced marketer and sales professional. She has worked with large organizations and small businesses alike. Her mission is to help small and [...]

TSE 092: Service and Focus, Keys To Your Unbelievable Sales Success!

Curtis McHale is a successful entrepreneur, coach, writer, and speaker. He is living his passion for designing and building WordPress sites and plugins through his company SFNdesign, which [...]