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TSE 075: How To Stay Top Of Mind With Prospects Without Being Annoying!

Prospecting, The sales evangelist, Top of mindOkay, so tell me if this has ever happened to you before. You are working with a prospect and for some reason they have to put the project on hold for six months. Whether there is some litigation reasoning, lack of sufficient budget or whatever (insert your own reason here). Whatever the reason is they say to contact them later on. However, when you do call they can’t remember who you are or what the project was or just put it on the back burner.

Well, say bye bye to those days. In this episode I share specific things you can do to always stay  top of mind with all of your prospects; even with those projects on hold for an extended period of time without being annoying.

Here are some of the major takeaways from the show:

  1. Get Google Alerts and set it up for each prospect, their company and their industry.
  2. Follow their company on LinkedIn and Twitter to keep on top of pertinent information.
  3. Based on intel you gain from LinkedIn for special occasions such as work anniversary, birthdays etc., send them a personalized hand written card in the mail. This single activity alone will make sure that you are not forgotten.
  4. Follow other employees in the company via social media as well.
  5. Take advantage of their social media pages, company calendars, press releases etc. Go to their website to take advantage of the information that most don’t pay attention to.
  6. Make a calendar reminder to yourself to send them relevant information to them monthly. Do this in a way that it is not spammy, but as a true friend.
  7. Use social media avenues and emails to communicate interesting things you find about the prospect or the organization.

With any of these top of mind activities, make sure you do not pitch your product or service. As mentioned above, these activities are purely to allow your prospect to see you as a human being and to build a relationship. You want them to see you as a trusted resource or a friend. When these practices are successfully implemented, it doesn’t matter how long it has been sine you have spoken with a prospect, they will remember you because you stay on top of their minds in unique ways.

Do BIG Things:

Set up a couple Google Alerts for your company, your name and one of your top prospects.

Start here: Set up Google Alerts for FREE!