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TSE 841: Seek To Serve When Using Social Media

Rom JD, The Sales Evangelist, TutoringSocial media is here to stay. The faster sales professionals learn to use it, the better off they’ll be. The trick, according to Romual Jean-Baptiste, is to seek to serve when using social media.

Today on The Sales Evangelist, Rom explains how he uses social media, why he uses social media, and why you must incorporate it into your own sales process.

The truth, he said, is that we really have no choice in the matter. Everyone around us is using social media, and it’s a necessity that we evolve to it.

The more we resist it, the more of a disservice we’re doing to ourselves.

Identify your ideal customer.

Rom is a certified special educator whose company provides in-home tutoring for clients in New York City.

His ideal customer is a married working mom who is busy with her career, her family, and her social life. She uses social media extensively to interact with her friends, share things with her family, and ask questions.

Everything Rom does on social media is based around Lisa.

He completely surrounds himself with her life so he can understand how she sees the world. He joins women’s groups, reads content targeted at women like Lisa, and goes to live events and interacts with women like Lisa. He even tries to predict her favorite restaurants.

Rom said he constantly learns new things about Lisa because she is always evolving. As a result, his marketing and his use of social media must do the same.

He has determined that, once you understand your ideal client, you’ll be able to market effectively.

Interact with your prospects.

Once you understand who you’re marketing to, watch them to see how they use social media.

Rom discovered that his prospects are in their 30s, so they are primarily using Facebook, although they are also moving to Instagram. Because his prospects are moving, he’s going with them.

He also said he is careful not to spread himself too thin, choosing instead to focus on a couple of different platforms instead of trying to master them all.

In Rom’s case, he follows the school calendar and other related events to provide value to prospects.

If they ask a question about education, he answers it. If they accomplish something, he congratulates them. If the end of the school year is coming, he posts about summer learning. During back-to-school, he shares information about that.

By understanding who he’s going after and the problems they face, he is able to provide content relevant to the pain they are facing.

Invest in the people you’re trying to reach.

People tend to overthink social selling and incorrectly assume that the goal is to push their own agenda.

Instead, Rom said, take the time to invest in your ideal customer. Understand her. Provide value to her.

When prospects are considering whether to pursue tutoring, Rom works to land their cell phone numbers because he calls text messaging the “Holy Grail” of social selling. (People respond faster to text messages than email, in his experience.)

Once he has the number, he sends an infographic to their phone with a list of questions they should consider as they continue their research and decide which tutors to choose.

  • How flexible is your schedule?
  • How will you track my child’s progress?
  • How will you inform my child’s teacher about his progress?
  • Do you have a money-back guarantee?

This guide helps them make an informed decision about tutors, even if they decide to go with another company, and it’s directly on their phones so they can access it as they interview prospective companies.

Seek to serve when using social media.

Use time to improve your ROI.

It boils down to the platinum rule: treating people the way they want to be treated.

And though it may seem too time consuming to keep up with all of your clients via text message, Rom said the return-on-investment is incredible. If you are able to scale the unscalable, the sky is the limit.

It might seem too time consuming to send a Mother’s Day text to each one, or to acknowledge a child’s birthday, but people do business with people they know, like, and trust. Your clients will always be loyal, and they’ll refer you to other people.

“Seek To Serve When Using Social Media” resources

If you’d like to connect with Rom to hear more about how he tripled his revenue in less than two years with the help of social selling, connect with him on Facebook.

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TSE 833: How To Connect In Facebook Groups Without Being That One Person

Travis Chippell, Donald Kelly, The Sales Evangelist, Facebook Groups

Facebook is a powerhouse social media platform. Its 2 billion users make it a great place to connect in Facebook groups and a great vehicle for targeted online networking.

On today’s episode of The Sales Evangelist, we’ll talk with Travis Chappell, founder and host of Build Your Network podcast, about how to connect in Facebook groups.

Proper philosophy

Just like asking directly for the sale with no relationship doesn’t work in a face-to-face setting, it doesn’t work in an online setting.

Your philosophy should include the following:

  • Be giving. Add more value than you subtract.
  • Be genuine. Build true connections.

Understand that networking and friendships don’t have to be separate entities. In effect, networking is creating friendships with people who have similar interests to yours.

Marketing is a long-term game.

Profile cleanup

Go to your profile and evaluate what people see within the first 10 seconds of visiting your profile.

The first thing people will do when you connect with them in a Facebook group is visit your profile. Your first impression online is as important as your first impression in person.

Make sure your photo represents you well. If your photo has a group of people in it, consider changing it to a photo that reflects you only.

Use your profile photo and your cover photo to show visitors what you’re all about.

Many people are going to view your photo and it’s essentially a free billboard.

Increased engagement

Sales professionals have a tendency to make relationships into transactions. They sometimes ask for business right out of the gate.

In Facebook groups, this kind of conduct won’t benefit you.

Facebook algorithms prefer people who engage with community, and it doesn’t like external links. As a result, if you aren’t engaging with the people in a group and you show up simply to post a link, Facebook won’t show your link to many people.

Be smart about joining Facebook groups. Do it the right way. Grab a copy of Travis’ book Groupology: How to network in Facebook groups without being “that one person.”

Long-term goals

If you engage with people in Facebook groups, consider it a long-term investment. Expect to spend three to six months building relationships and engaging with people there.

Post valuable things that make it easy to engage. Ask questions. Seek feedback.

If you post something of value that generates responses, make sure to respond to those comments. Rather than simply collecting comments, engage with the people who are responding.

There is no silver bullet for any sales activity. Instead of looking for shortcuts, put in the work to build relationships in the group.

Episode resources

Find Travis and his podcast at, and connect with him on social media from there.

Grab a copy of the book Stop Selling & Start Leading, offered by our friends at Wiley, to help you become a leader to your buyers by presenting value and building relationships. The book provides a blueprint for your customers and what they are seeking. Read an excerpt of the book here.

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TSE 042: How To Become A Top Influencer on Facebook with Amy Porterfield

Amy Porterfield - The Sales EvangelistHave you ever thought of using Facebook for your business? Well, you are not the only one. I have had many conversations with individuals about this subject. Some of them have seen tremendous success and others have not. With this disparity, I wanted to find out more from a Facebook expert.  I reached out to Amy Porterfield, and expert who has seen tremendous success and shares a great deal of information. Here are some of them:

  • Selling on Facebook is a journey. It requires strategy to effectively grow your customer base.
  • Use Facebook to grow your list.
  • Look for opportunities to offer great information to your followers.
  • Seek out ways to create relationship with your followers/customers.
  • Local businesses can check out “Facebook Offers” to get their name out there.

Resources that Amy Porterfield shared: Jon Loomer  to learn about Facebook Graph Search. B-School is a program to help entrepreneurs with their business. Facebook Marketing Profit Lab is Amy’s 6 week course that offers a deep dive into using Facebook to grow your business. FB Influencers  is a $97.00 intro Facebook course that Amy offers. My wife and I are taking this course and are seeing a   significant difference with our Facebook engagement and growth.


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