TSE 787: Why They Should NOT Buy

Sometimes, your customers shouldn’t buy from you. We don’t often think about that as sales professionals, but we should. Sometimes, their objections are correct. In today’s [...]

TSE 221: Sales From The Street- “Hustling to Find Business”

Today’s guest on Sales From the Street is my good friend, Rom “The Tutorpreneur” Jean-Baptiste. He is an entrepreneur and a true hustler, that’s why he absolutely deserves [...]

TSE 041: How To Build A Sustainable Business As A Service Based Business with Josh Shipp

During this episode I interviewed Josh Shipp on the subject of developing a service based organization. Josh Shipp is a former at-risk foster kid turned teen advocate. His TV series TEEN TROUBLE [...]

TSE 026: What Is This Social Selling Thing???

Have you heard of social selling and wondered what in the world it is? Well, you are not the only one. It is a HOT new buzz term that is being thrown around to describe the power of utilizing [...]

TSE 025: The Conscious Millionaire with JV Crum

“I want to be a millionaire so freaking bad”….. Have you dreamt of being a millionaire? Or thought, what does it takes to get to that level? Well, JV Crum is a successful entrepreneur who [...]

TSE 024: The 3 Most Crucial Elements Of A Sale!

So the first quarter came and went and some individuals are worried that they did not hit their goals or quota. Now, the reasons may vary and may not all be related to one particular thing. [...]

TSE 017: Why Do People Give “Sales” The Stink Face?

In this episode I have the opportunity of interviewing two amazing individuals who are doing BIG THINGS to transform the way entrepreneurs build a successful business. Both Omar and Nichole have [...]