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Donald Kelly, Inbound, Inbound Leads, New Leads, Sales Leads

TSE 912: What Should Sales Know About Inbound Leads?

Donald Kelly, Inbound, Inbound Leads, New Leads, Sales LeadsInbound is a powerful tool for your organization. We all want inbound leads, but we have to work with our teams to make sure our company will be known by the people who are seeking our product or service. What should our sales team know about inbound leads?

On today’s episode of The Sales Evangelist, we’ll talk about what inbound is, why it’s important, and how powerful it can be for your organization. Sales professionals who are capable marketers will be able to massively impact their own bottom line.

What is inbound?

HubSpot is the leading online site for inbound marketing, and it defines inbound as marketing focused on attracting customers through relevant and helpful content, and by adding value at every stage in a buyer’s journey.

Inbound customers find you through channels like blogs, search engines, podcasts, and social media. So in a nutshell, inbound is where you set up the means to attract people to your website to digest your content.

Many times, our customers fail to find our business because we don’t do enough preparation. We sit back and hope that someone will find us, or that we’ll get a referral.

The goal is to provide education to our customers.

In the opening of the show, I told you about Jan, who tasked her employee Dave with finding new financial software for their company. The existing software wasn’t working, and they needed a new option as quickly as possible.

Dave started by Googling software, which was the beginning of his buyer’s journey.

As an organization, do you have videos on your YouTube or Vimeo or wherever you host videos?  Is there a way for your customers to find videos on your website?

The buyer’s journey

With HubSpot, the journey begins by attracting people who don’t know anything about you.

In this case, Dave is trying to find accounting software, and perhaps you have a blog post on your website titled 10 Things to Know About Buying Accounting Software. Or even 5 Mistakes People Make When Buying Accounting Software.

You must have a piece of content that will help your customer learn more about your product or service. You’re looking to educate your customer.

In the case of this podcast, a potential customer might search cold calling and find a podcast episode relevant to that topic. He’ll listen to the podcast and then perhaps reach out to me or download one of our assets.

Our podcast attracts people to our product.

The conversion state begins when they download something of value from your page. You may have a few emails that you send out which begins the nurturing process. Your sales team might even reach out to him to see if he has questions.

Once they convert or close, you delight them so they’ll give you more referrals.

Think like the buyer

Too many of us neglect the early part of the buyer’s journey: the attraction.

In the attraction phase, you must think like the buyer. What are the top five questions Dave might have as he researches financial software? As the prospect gathers information, what will he discover?

Buyers are doing incredible amounts of research before they come to the sales table. Your job is to educate them.

If you find yourself worrying that they’ll buy someone else’s stuff even after you give them valuable information, you’re likely worrying too much.

In the case of The Sales Evangelist, some people listen to my podcast without buying anything at all immediately. Two years later, they come back and purchase one of our programs or our trainings, but it likely wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t provided information.

Give your customers things that they need, and especially things they may not know that they need to know.

You can use a video, a checklist, or social media. Give them education and relevant content.

We’re launching a YouTube channel and our Instagram TV on October 1 so people can consume our content via video if they prefer.

The basics

What challenges is your customer facing? What things does she need to know before she buys something?

Attract the prospect. Give her a chance to come to you first. The person she connects with first will most likely be the one she buys from, so increase the odds that she’ll find you before she finds your competition.

In the case of Dave, if you help him look good for his boss, he’ll likely come back and praise you and then send referrals your way. It’s a wonderful cycle.

I share all this stuff with you because I want to help you find more ideals customers. I want you to build stronger value and close more deals. Most importantly, I want to challenge you to go out every single day and do big things.

“Inbound Leads” episode resources

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Donald Kelly, Building Value, Price

TSE 850: TSE Hustler’s League-“Luxury Item”

Donald Kelly, Building Value, Price



If your prospect views your product or service as a luxury item, your sales process may not matter.  If he sees it as unnecessary, or as a step that will create extra work, he’ll likely delay making a decision on it.

Today on The Sales Evangelist Hustler’s League, we discuss how sales professionals can address these objections. We’ll address how you can help them address the extra work and how you can change their perspective of your product or service.

Alleviate extra work

Imagine you’re a house painter, and your prospect needs his house painted. Before you can paint, though, his walls need to be washed. He has so many obligations that he figures the paint can wait because he doesn’t have time to wash walls.

You have two choices. Either offer a service that takes care of this step for him, or train him to do it for himself.

If you find that a majority of your prospects are in this same situation, consider viewing it as an additional business opportunity.

Maybe you act as a consultant or you upsell your prospect an additional service as a leadup to your primary product or service.

Explain the business case

If your prospect views your product or service as a luxury, help him understand why it’s a necessary step.

Help him recognize why delaying this decision will cost him money. Or help him recognize why making the decision now will make him money.

Emphasize why acting now is a better idea for his business. Even if it isn’t a necessity, explain why now is the best time.

Address objections

Identify all the objections your prospects might bring up, and prepare responses to each of them.

If they don’t want to change providers now because it will create additional work, have a response for that. If they have a mediocre system that works for now, help them understand the benefits of acting now rather than later.

Educate the prospect by helping him understand why his objections are unfounded or short-sighted.

“Luxury Item” resources

The Sales Evangelist Hustler’s League is an online group training program that focuses on group training and collaboration. It’s a hands-on opportunity for members to help each other with individual struggles.

No matter how long you’ve been selling, others have faced the same challenges you do, and they may have insights you don’t have.

Visit to get more information and to apply for the program. If you prefer, call us at (561) 570-5077.

I continue suggesting the book, Stop Selling & Start Leading: How to Make Extraordinary Sales Happen from our sponsors at Wiley. It’s a fantastic blueprint of all the things buyers say they expect from sellers and want from sellers.

I’m offering a free excerpt of the book so you can check it out and see the value for yourself.

Check out the Video Jungle podcast, your source for marketing and selling your brand using video. Plan, create and share your way to better content and strategy.

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Christopher Ibezim, Donald Kelly, The Sales Evangelist

TSE 844: Sales From The Street: “My Prices Were Too High”

Christopher Ibezim, Donald Kelly, The Sales Evangelist

What do you do when your competitor’s product is cheaper than yours?

Today on Sales From The Street, we talk to Chris Ibezim about what happened when he realized his prices were too high, and how changing his mindset helped him overcome the challenge.

Begin with research

Chris’ biggest challenge in sales was figuring out how to handle selling a product that was significantly more expensive than his competitors’.

He started by researching why his product cost more, with a goal to determine what made his product different.

He discovered that the way to demonstrate value was to understand the differences between the two products.

Compare your product to your competitors’ product so you can understand what makes yours different. Don’t use the word better; instead, let your customer decide that.

Educate your customers

If a customer has an opportunity to buy a car for $5,000 or a car for $10,000, it’s easy to assume you’ll buy the cheaper car.

But what if the more expensive car is a Ferrari? Although it’s more expensive, it has far greater value.

Your job is to educate your customer about your product, and explain why it’s worth the price.

When you’re confident in your product, when you provide the right information, and when you set the right expectation, you’ll find the right customer.

We’re all in the relationship business. Everything comes after you build the relationship because people buy from people they are comfortable with.

“My Prices Were Too High” resources

You can find Chris on Instagram: @klozemore and on Facebook.

Learn how to lead your buyers instead of being subservient. The book Stop Selling & Start Leading, offered by our friends at Wiley, provides a blueprint for your customers and what they are seeking. Read an excerpt of the book here.

Check out the Video Jungle podcast, your source for marketing and selling your brand using video. Plan, create and share your way to better content and strategy.

The podcast is part of our newly-launched Sales Podcast Network, designed to provide specialized sales content for sellers of all levels and all industries. To learn more, email us at SPN for more information.

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Felipe Lodi, Donald Kelly, Sales from the Street, TSE

TSE 724: Sales From The Street -“Live Local Events”

Felipe Lodi, Donald Kelly, Sales from the Street, TSERegardless of which part in the organization you are, everyone is in sales.

Today’s guest is Felipe Lodi, an entrepreneur and sales professional. He’s sharing one of the biggest sales struggle he had, how he overcame it, and the result he has seen from it. 

Felipe is big on providing not just education, but free education through live local events.

Here are the highlights of my conversation with Felipe:

Felipe’s biggest sales struggles:

  • Creating awareness
  • How to generate the trust

Strategy he applied to build trust:

  • He began providing free events with different themes.
  • Their customers went to their events for free and they started to see them as a go-to company for education.
  • As a result, they started to buy from them months after.

Why they chose events:

Free events are not common

Big results they’ve seen from free events:

  • They were counting for referrals before. Now, they have a good flow of subscriptions coming. They no longer do cold-calling.
  • Because they provide free education, more and more people come to them.
  • People are now aware of the brand just because of the events.
  • 28 events and one year later, they are now expanding to other countries in Europe.

Felipe’s Major Takeaway:

Try to keep a small team because it’s much better to communicate when you have your team on the same page. Educate people for free. Giving stuff for free is the new marketing. Don’t sell. It must be hidden. It must be in disguise. After all, they already know you have some products you’re selling.

Episode Resources:

Connect with Felipe on LinkedIn and Facebook. Find out more about his company on WorkFlowICT.

Check out the TSE Hustler’s League.

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Josh Eck, Donald Kelly, The Sales Evangelist, Podcast

TSE 564: Sales From The Street-“Education is the Key”

Establishing value is not necessarily the easiest thing but it could come much easier if you found a way to educate your prospect and share value with them. Then as a byproduct, they would choose you over your competitors.

Our guest today is Josh Eck, a member of our Facebook group, The Sales Evangelizers, and he is giving us some great insights into how you can leverage education to establish the value you and your customers want.

Here are the highlights of my conversation with Josh:

Currently, Josh works at AJH Creative & Design, Inc., a website, design, and digital marketing agency and the daily challenge he faces is that prospects don’t initially see the value of a website, specifically as a revenue-generating tool and they’re taken aback by the cost of digital marketing. Learn More About Josh—josheckbio

Overcoming the Challenge:

What Josh does to overcome this challenge is he goes to the prospect’s website and points out areas where he sees some room for improvement

Benefits of sharing free advice:

You start to build a relationship with the person.

You’re able to pull out some issues and pain points they weren’t aware of.

They start realizing you actually know what you’re talking about and they would see the value in it.

Education is key!

Reasons for sellers immediately quitting when they face price objection:

  • A lot of sellers are afraid.
  • A mentality that you don’t want to piss them off


It’s not personal. They’re not just brushing you off because they hate you. But it’s because you’re not bringing them anything of value.

Once you’re able to bring value, even if they find they don’t need your services, they’re going to refer you to someone who does.

Josh’s Major Takeaway:

Don’t be afraid to give out free advice. Advice is always free. The more you can talk to your clients, the more you can build a relationship with them. The more people you’re able to build rapport with, the more opportunities to do business with them or someone they know. Give out free advice and people will come to you and keep wanting to talk to you.

Episode Resources:

Connect with Josh Eck on LinkedIn and Twitter @josh_eck.

Get a free audiobook download and a 30-day free trial at with over 180,000 titles to choose from for your iPhone, Android, Kindle or mp3 player.

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TSE 555: TSE Hustler’s League-“Make It Easy”

Today we’re going to talk about how you can make it easy for prospects to do business with us. Whether you’re a mom and pop shop or a large corporation, whether you’re selling for yourself or for someone else, each of us has a sales process that can be fine-tuned so it’s easier for the prospects, taking away any friction. Again, this is tied up to the concept of building value.

  1. Educate the prospect.

You have to educate the buyer as much as possible. The more you can do that, the better you can help them make a buying decision as opposed to you making a sale.

  1. Make sure you know what they need so you can prescribe the right kind of product or service.

Make sure they have at least a copy of what the services are just to make sure you’re both on the same page.

  1. Take advantage of storytelling.

Think of ways to incorporate stories and then get down to the main reason why you need this is for their profitability.

  1. Show that you care.

What’s going to set you apart from somebody else is the fact that you care or you’re showing empathy.

Today’s Major Takeaway:

There are main points in your sales process that are key gateways. Educate them as much as possible to help them make the decision so they feel more in control.

Episode Resources:

Check out the TSE Hustler’s League

Get a free audiobook download and a 30-day free trial at with over 180,000 titles to choose from for your iPhone, Android, Kindle or mp3 player.

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Michael Schein, The Sales Evangelist, Donald Kelly

TSE 166: Giving Yourself Away Will Improve Your Sales Immediately!  

Michael Schein, The Sales Evangelist, Donald KellyIn today’s episode, we teach you the power of giving yourself away. And that my friends, is also very much applicable when it comes to sales. Our awesome guest is Michael Schein. He is a writer over at and one of his articles that struck me “One Habit That Will Immediately Improve Your Sales”. The concept is to “give yourself away”.

Michael owns a content marketing & strategy firm, MicroFame Media, which works with companies that are looking to sell their complex or expensive products.

So, many companies now want to do online sales and marketing to drive business online. But it falls apart because they don’t have the time and the know-how. This is where their company comes in wherein they have a system that focuses on utilizing available resources and a systematic approach to create the kind of content that will drive their customer’s business.

After leaving his corporate job, Michael became a freelance copywriter. Leveraging on the power of using writing blueprints or templates to drive business, Michael has naturally transformed himself from being a writer to an owner of a marketing agency.

Here are the highlights of my conversation with Michael:

Two learning points from Michael’s evolution:

  • Recognize the pain businesses couldn’t solve.
  • Have a process!

Learning points from Michael’s article:

Give yourself away.

The way people buy today is way different than way back. If you’re selling a considered purchase, educate (or entertain a little bit).There’s no reason to be scared of giving value. Be online sharing as much great stuff about what you do as anyone. Always share what you know and what’s unique.

How do you do this?

  • Create a content that will drive those opportunities.
  • Become a professional in the business you’re in and not just in sales.
  • Become a thought leader by having your own podcast or blog or work with your marketing team to do speaking or different means to become an expert in your industry. You no longer have to close deals because they will naturally close for you because of your expertise.
  • Build your business without having to sell.
  • Build a “big enough” audience.
  • Invite persons of influence to appear on the blog or podcast.
  • Push of transmedia, which is storytelling across platforms (starting from one device and finishing up on another device)

Stop being a pitchman.

When you’re selling a complex solution to a problem…

  • Always have a strong pipeline by sharing what you know. Set yourself across as having interesting, unique ideas and a lot of people would come to you and may even want to collaborate with you.
  • Leverage different channels to be able to maximize your reach or your ability to extend yourself and give value.

Current projects Michael is working on:

New podcast coming!

Connect with Michael through email at or call him at 917-273-9885. If you guys have a question, Michael is more than happy to talk to you.

Michael’s Major Takeaway:

“A strong pipeline makes a lion. A weak pipeline makes a lamb.”

Focus on having as many opportunities in your deal flow as possible so you can be more gentle in turning them into business.

Episode resources:

Michael’s article on One Habit That Will Immediately Improve Your Sales

Anthony Tran, Marketing Access Pass, Sales Education

TSE 091: How To Offer Value Through Education And Win More Deals!

Anthony Tran, Marketing Access Pass, Sales Education Today, we will dive into the power of giving value to your customers through educating them first before you even start selling. Our guest for this episode is a California dude Anthony Tran. His company, Marketing Access Pass, is a full web service business that designs websites to social media marketing search engine optimization. He also has a podcast, Marketing Access Pass, where he interviews online entrepreneurs as they share their online tips and strategies so that people can take their business the the next level online. He talks about online business, how it operates, and how online marketing can integrate with their business

In this episode, Anthony shares with us his wealth of knowledge on educating customers as your avenue to sales as well as providing education in order to create a great buying experience for your customers.

Bring value, value, value first…and business will naturally come knocking on your door.

Here are the highlights of my conversation with Anthony:

People buy on emotion more than they buy on logics.

The importance of educating before you start selling.

  • Through teaching your audience, you get their trust to do business with you.
  • Builds relationship with your clients.
  • Even acquiring clients out of serendipity.

How Anthony educates and brings value to his audience:

Becoming the trusted resource.

The principle of “thinking different.”

Creating a blog for your ideal customers:

  • Start with a WordPress platform – easy-to-use content management system
  • Think of how you can educate and help people understand.

Other ways to educate your customers:

  • Live workshops
  • Webinars
  • Sharing content on social media

Figuring out what to provide to your customers:

  • They will usually give you feedback, just ask them.
  • Ask them. (ex. what they’re struggling with or what is it that they want to learn)
  • The power of opening up to people and interacting with them.

The power of giving out free content so customers can test your product.

Shift from a mindset of just closing sales to building the trust of your customers.

Projects Anthony is currently working on:

  • Virtual Summit in 2015 – interviewing online entrepreneurs to share traffic generation and marketing strategies.

Connect with Anthony at

Anthony’s Major Takeaway:

Sometimes sales may have a bad stigma to it. But through this approach, you can actually make sales without pressuring the people to do it. And by giving value and training people, you’re going to make sales… people are going to have a great experience buying from you.

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