TSE 117: One Simple Activity I Learned as a Mormon Missionary Which Has Revolutionize My Sales Prospecting

This, my friends, is not an episode about preaching or religion but this is about helping you learn to OPEN YOUR MOUTH. What many of you probably don’t know is that I went to Brigham Young [...]

TSE 067: Uncovering Pain and Creating Revolutionary Solutions!

In this episode my good friend Jay Quiles and I interviewed Mike McGee who is one of the co-founders of the of  Starter League and Starter School.  Mike and his co-founder started Starter Leagues [...]

TSE 060: You Are A Sales Professional….Stop Trying To Be A Psychic!

Okay, I got to admit something to you. At one point in my sales career I thought I was a psychic! Well, not exactly, let me explain further. As a new seller I always assumed and tried to predict [...]

TSE 034: Mastering The Art of DISCOVER Questions™ with Deb Calvert

One of the most important skills that ANY sales professional needs to master is the ability to effectively ask questions. From being able to connect with folks on a personal level to [...]