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TSE 946: Three Effective Ways To Create Loyalty

The buying process has changed, and by the time your prospect gets to you, he has already done a substantial amount of online research. A recent study showed that 68 percent of people in the B2B space believe online information is far more helpful to them than the information they get from salespeople.

On today’s episode of The Sales Evangelist, we talk to Matt Suggs, executive vice president of Mediafly, about developing better presentations to create loyalty.

Mediafly creates mobile selling tools for large companies to use to their customers.


Loyal customers will see you as a partner in their business. If your customer sees you as a vendor, you don’t have loyalty.

The challenge for salespeople today is that buyers have access to vast information on the Internet. Some of that information is true and some of it isn’t.

Think of the things a salesperson would least like to hear from his clients. The worst thing would be hearing that your customer purchased a different solution from another vendor because they didn’t know you provided that capability. If they didn’t know you offered it, you missed an opportunity to help them solve that problem.

Perhaps your customer doesn’t have a full understanding of all that you do. Think back to your customers over time and evaluate whether they call you about a problem even if you’re ultimately going to point them to someone else.

Make sure you’re their first stop.

Building relationships

The most important consideration is how much value you bring to the customer. Do an honest assessment of your capabilities and build a relationship with your customer based on your strengths.

Responsiveness is a big component. Your customer will likely call the provider that is the most responsive to his communication because he wants an answer quickly.

Knowledge is important as well. If you present the same information to every single buyer without tailoring the conversation to each prospect and making the presentation relevant, the buyer will be less likely to see you as a partner.

Capitalize on your own capabilities. Use your strengths to solve problems for your partners so they learn that you’ll help them solve their problems.

Make every conversation valuable to the client rather than simply pushing product.

Maintaining clients

Many salespeople excel at discovery. They’re good at finding what the customer needs. Most are able to use it to run their sales process. 

When you engage with the client, use discovery to tailor the solutions and conversations to the client. Tie those solutions and conversations to the information that you found during discovery.

Realize, though, that your engagement after the sale is just as critical because your customer can go find another provider.

When you compare the cost of acquiring a new client to the cost of maintaining an existing one, it’s obvious that implementing solutions for your existing clients is important than ever.

The ability to go back to past clients is critical to long-term success, and you’ll need those clients to develop new ones.

Those clients, for example, will provide referrals for prospective buyers, and your relationship with each customer is part of that positive reference.

The hit-and-run sales approach will eventually catch up to you in the long run. You’ll eventually wear out your welcome. You’ll build a reputation for that kind of activity.


Ensure that every interaction you have with your customer provides value to that customer. Loyalty is about maintaining those clients.

Making sure that you prepare adequately for each interaction is vital. Don’t take your customers for granted.

Create scorecards or health checks that help you keep the finger on the pulse of that client.

Every company has a couple of metrics they use to measure customer satisfaction, but the customer may measure it differently. Talk with the client about what’s important to him.

Get your sales and customer success teams working together. Treat your client the same on the last day of the relationship as you did when you were selling them initially.

Ensure that they never feel a dropoff in your concern or care about that account.

“Create Loyalty” episode resources

Connect with Matt at Mediafly, and check out the available webinars about the tools they have to offer.

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Trust, Sales Leader, Innovation, Stop Selling & Start Leading

TSE 877: How To Build Trust & Be Seen As An Innovative Seller

Trust, Sales Leader, Innovation, Stop Selling & Start LeadingYour prospects likely have dozens of sellers seeking to connect and build relationships with them. That means dozens of cold calls, emails, and presentations by dozens of different organizations. The key to success with any prospect is to build trust and be seen as an innovative seller.

Today on The Sales Evangelist, we begin a 3-part series based on the book, Stop Selling & Start Leading: How to Make Extraordinary Sales Happen. We’ll discuss principles that sales professionals need to adopt and apply in order to be successful.

Be human.

Imagine yourself in a meeting with a prospect for a deal that could be the biggest of your career. The prospect continually interrupts you and you’re frustrated because none of your best content seems to be making a difference.

In a moment of frustration, you tell her you’re only here because she invited you. You could be home hanging out with your family and your pet rabbit.

Something changes immediately. It turns out the prospect has a pet rabbit, too, and suddenly you have something in common. You two launch into an entire conversation about lives outside of work and a relationship begins.

This is one of the stories in the book Stop Selling & Start Leading: How to Make Extraordinary Sales Happen, and it illustrates how commonalities can boost you from seller to trusted advisor.

Let the prospect know who you are. Let her see behind your sales persona to your other interests. Find a way to remind her that you’re human.

Building rapport encourages the prospect to share something of her own with you, and it may give the buyer reason to connect with you.

See around corners.

Illustrate to your prospects that you’re an innovative seller.

You must know the roles and challenges of the industry you’re selling to in order to provide solutions that make your prospect’s life easier. If you’re working with CFOs in manufacturing, what are the challenges they face on a daily basis? Trade wars with China? Looming high prices?

If I can provide intel or info, even if it’s unrelated to my product, I can help the prospect prepare for — and deal with — the challenges that are stumping her.

Will the company face layoffs? What if they have to raise prices?

When a small organization hires a new seller, they begin a honeymoon phase in which everyone is excited. Eventually, though, the seller gets bored because he doesn’t have any training processes. The CEO doesn’t have time to invest in him because he’s busy running the company, and the seller gets tired of doing cold calls.

I’ve seen it happen countless times, and I can see around the corner for small organizations because I’ve seen this happen before. I can point out five things they’ll struggle with long before the issues actually arise.

If you present yourself as a trusted advisor, your prospect will trust you in all things, and she’ll look to you for solutions.

“Innovative seller” episode resources

We’ve been recommending the book the book, Stop Selling & Start Leading: How to Make Extraordinary Sales Happen from our sponsors at Wiley  for quite some time because we believe in the message. Based upon interviews with buyers, it offers specific information for sellers to help them become trusted advisors.

As part of the series this week, we have a SlideShare available for you to download, or you can link to it here. As always, we also have a free excerpt of the book so you can try it out for yourself. We believe you’ll like it so much you’ll want to grab your own copy.

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