TSE 589: Sales From The Street-“Remember Their Name”

Have you ever experiencing talking within someone and 5-10 minutes down the conversation, you actually don’t remember their name? Imagine this scenario with your client, asking what’s [...]

TSE 526: How to Build a Sales Team that Contributes to Long-Term Customer Success

Sometimes we tend to overlook the impact of treating our customers right when in fact it’s one of the most critical things to having long-term customer success. Your customers should not merely [...]

TSE 427: Sell The Way They Buy!

There’s something I want to propose to you, sell the way that your clients like to buy. It’s a simple but often overlooked principle by many businesses. Many companies focus on the [...]

TSE 306: Treat Your Customers Right and They Will Evangelize For You

Today, we’re going to talk about the power of treating your customers right. Treat them the way they need to be treated and they could actually become evangelizers for you. I’m bringing in Jared [...]

TSE 276: The Little Things Matter The Most With Customer Service

I just had a bad experience this week and I want to share it with you because I want to emphasize the value of giving your customers what they need and treating your customers well. You see, I [...]

TSE 246: How To Balance New Business v.s. Current Customers

Can you actually balance handling current customers and new accounts? Of course you can! Challenging? Yes, but if you’re able to get your focus on the things that need to be done to do both, then [...]

TSE 080: Identifying Your Ideal Customer’s Challenges & Speaking Their Language

During this episode I had the honor of interviewing Joseph Michael, founder of Learn Scrivener, an online training course to master the use of the scrivener writing software. Joseph is an [...]