TSE 1190 How to Nurture “No” Into “Yes”

  A good salesperson knows how to nurture “No” into “Yes”. Hearing No in the sales world is common regardless of what you sell or to whom you’re selling to. When you hear a no, you can’t [...]

TSE 1007: Is It Possible To Have A “Perfect Day” In Sales?

Is it possible to have a “perfect day” in sales? Phone calls from prospects just as soon as you walk into the office … demonstrations are set … proposal reviews are awesome; everything is smooth [...]

TSE 286: How To Obtain Sales Appointments With Executives

Getting that first appointment with executives is definitely a tough nut to crack. So many salespeople end up not doing it at all out of fear of failure or they do it and they do it all wrong. [...]

TSE 161: Donald’s Top Three Sales Tools Part 2 “Assistant.to”

Sick and tired of scheduling appointments with prospects? Not getting enough appointments set? We’ve got a tool just for you! Think about more ways than just picking up the phone for you to [...]

TSE 122: Three Effective Ways To Be Known Liked & Trusted

We have all heard it before that people buy from those they know, like and trust! Yes, I totally agree with this statement as well, but there is one problem HOW? How does one build relationship [...]

TSE 062: One Major Thing Most Salespeople Hate About Sales!

One of the big plagues for sellers is taking notes or updating accounts in their CRM (Customer Relations Management). Many of us love to visit with clients and prospects to learn their [...]

TSE 033: How To Maximize Your Time As A Sales Professional

It’s GAME TIME! Using your time wisely is very important. In this episode I talk about the importance of scheduling your time properly with your prospects. As a salesperson, how you schedule your [...]

TSE 028: 1 Simple Secret That Will Help You Schedule More Appointments!

Not getting enough appointment with your prospects? Well fear not, I am here to tell you the secrets of getting more appointments and eventually convert those prospects into clients. The secret [...]