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Bob Burg, The Go-Giver, Donald Kelly, The Sales Evangelist Today I have the awesome opportunity of having Bob Burg come on the show. Bob is an author and speaker. For years, Bob was best known for his book Endless Referrals. Over the past few years, it’s his business parable, The Go-Giver (coauthored with John David Mann) that has been a big hit for many salespeople and entrepreneurs all over the world.

The Go-Giver is a Wall Street Journal’s Business Bestsellers as well as BusinessWeek. Recently, Bob created an expanded edition to “The Go-Giver” that has enhanced the learning of the principles for readers. Check it out here.

Here are some of the major takeaways from our discussion:

  • Buyers won’t buy from you because they want to give you money…they need something and it’s your job to help them
  • Don’t focus on the money, focus on providing value. The money you receive will be a natural by-product of the value you offer.
  •  Profit is the result of pleasing other people
  •  “Make your win, about the others person’s win”
  • “You can have anything in life you want if you just help enough other people get what they want!”
  • Learn to go beyond 50-50. Look for an opportunity to give 100% without expecting anything in return.
  • Being a Go-Giver will help you sell quicker. Some salespeople may feel they need to be patient to wait for something to come back to them. Again, sales will come as you start looking to help others instead of only focusing on yourself.
  • Selling is not about you convincing people of things they don’t need. It’s about you helping them get what they want and need. Your job is to help them get it.
    • Ask questions to help develop their need (discover)…don’t just listen to see how you can close. If you see what you have can help them…it’s your job to let them know.
  • Sales skills are important. Being a Go-Giver, will help you better hone in on the skills you learn
  • The great people sell great products that they believe in. They know their product, but the thing that separates them from the average sellers is their focus! The top performing sellers are laser focused on their customers.
  • The law of authenticity says the most valuable gift you have to offer is yourself! People love you when you are you! They will gravitate towards you. Bob Burg, Donald Kelly, Donald C. Kelly, The Go-Giver, Podcast Movement
  • Why is it that people don’t show up authentically? It is because they don’t have the self-confidence to do so.
    • Intrinsic value- We’re here, we’re alive and we are a part of the world
    • Market value- The combination of strength, traits, talents and characteristics that allow us to add value to the marketplace in such a way that we will be financially rewarded.
  • Seek to learn from other great people and adapt their wisdom to your authentic core.
  • People will do business with those they know, like and trust!
  • Value is always in the eyes of the beholders.

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