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Donald Kelly, Selfless, The Sales Evangelist Podcast, Donald Kelly, Dustin Dellera Salespeople get a bad reputation for being greedy, self centered and money hungry. Obviously those of us who are out here truly hustling know that this is far from the truth. Today’s episode is set to validate this point by shedding light on how Dustin Dellera did the unthinkable by turning a potential client away to one of his competitors.
Simply put, Dustin said he truly wanted the best for the client and he was willing to do that. As a result, Dustin saw tremendous returns with the client who could not find what she wanted elsewhere, but guess who she came back to because of the professional manner in which he took care of her? We can all take a lesson from Dustin who eventually won the deal.
If you would like to get connected with Dustin Dellera, visit his blog here or connect with him on LinkedIn. . Find him on Twitter at @DDellera.

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