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How To Know Who To Go After!

This is my first sales tip video on the blog! I wanted to try something new and share a simple, but powerful principle. Watch this video to learn who to go after when you are prospecting.

Keep in mind these three key sales strategies when you are looking for new clients:

  • Research and select the specific client type you want to target
  • Focus on your prospects needs
  • Learn how YOU can solve their problems and NOT create more problems

As always, apply what you have learned and share with me your results. Enjoy!

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Is Knowledge Power? My Second Segment on the “Starve The Doubts” Podcast

Is Knowledge Power?I am back with my second segment on the “Starve The Doubts Podcast” with Jared Easley. During this segment, I hit upon the idea of “Knowledge” and “Power”.  On this same episode Ryan AveryThe World Champion of Public Speaking, is interviewed . Listen carefully to my segment since it is featured at the end of the episode.

Check out the episode and let me know your thoughts. Do you think that “Knowledge is Power”?


 Check out the episode! 

What is “I & R” ? My First Segment on the “Starve The Doubts” Podcast

Starve the Doubts PodcastThis was my first segment on the amazing “Starve The Doubts” podcast with Jared Easley! The featured guest on this episode was none other than Pat Flynn. It was an honor to have my debut on the same episode as Pat. During the episode, I introduce a powerful principle the “I & R”. This was something I learned from on the greatest sales trainers in South Florida Bernie Cronin !

Check out the episode, leave a review and let me know what you think. Enjoy!

 Starve The Doubts Podcast Episode: Click Here!