Do BIG Things.

My early sales pedigree traces to a roadside stand in Jamaica.

It’s a place where everyone sells something, because the average Jamaican salary barely touches $500 a month. 

My mom and dad hustled to create a better way of life for my family. It made me want to be a “business mon” as Jamaicans would say, so I sold mangoes, cookies, and candy. 

Selling was in my DNA, and I loved it. 

But that was before I slept on a bunk bed in a cousin’s small laundry room because my family was homeless.

And before I had to borrow money from my mom because the company I worked for unexpectedly closed its doors.

Hustle, Determination, & a $7,000 Investment

Early in my 10+ year sales career, I became a top performer in B2C sales. Riding on that confidence, I assumed B2B would be a simple transition. I was wrong.

I worked for a number of small businesses where the CEO and the sales leaders did the majority of the selling. These people knew how to sell. When the time came to grow the business, they hired sales teams with the expectation that the reps would sell just as effectively as the leaders had.

But we had no idea what we were doing because we had no sales process and no training. I couldn’t ignore reality anymore:

I had no idea what to do and I needed help.

I was a seller with no real basis for success. I had lots of hustle and determination, but no training.

Fortunately for all of us, that changed when I landed an inside sales role with a company that was willing to invest in my education. The company spent $7,000 training me as a seller, and the first big deal I closed for the company totaled $30,000.

Sales Evangelist Mobile Phone

I quickly discovered that sales requires a repeatable process and an effective message. When I developed that message and followed that process, I was finally able to generate the results I was looking for. 

I saw “hockey stick” increases in my performance, and I realized a simple truth.

Desire to Succeed + Proper Training = Sales Success

The simplicity of it inspired me, and I shared what I learned with other people. I became an evangelist for sales. I set out to help salespeople in small companies who were in the same situation I was in.

When a friend suggested I help people on a larger scale by launching a podcast, The Sales Evangelist was born.

I started teaching sellers and
entrepreneurs how to find more ideal customers, build strong value, close more deals, and make sales fun again.

Today, The Sales Evangelist audience includes listeners in 158 countries, and we have more than 2 million all-time downloads. 

We’ve been recognized by countless platforms and influencers as a place to find the kind of information sellers need to grow and improve: Entrepreneur Magazine, Inc. Magazine, HubSpot, Huffington Post, Yahoo! Finance, and The South Florida Business Journal.

With that, I achieved the exact success I was looking for, but then a whole new set of challenges emerged.

Without warning, I found myself in the same boat as those small business owners I previously worked for: I needed to increase sales quickly in order to grow, and I needed a team to help me do it.

I couldn’t sell fast enough to grow my company. But I believed that sales training could do the same for my team that it had once done for me.

Along my own journey, I consulted with more than 100 small business owners who were facing the same challenge.

The owners I encountered were ruled by a “What if I train them and they leave?” mentality.
Most failed to consider the other very real possibility: “What if I don’t train them and they stay?”

Think of it this way: If sales is the very lifeblood of your company, why wouldn’t you invest the money to educate your team and set them up for success?

We understand that increasing sales to grow your business can be intimidating at best.

  • Where do you begin?
  • How do you know which approach truly works?
  • And what if you spend money on a system that fails?

We’ve developed a training system that will teach your team the basic skills necessary to succeed in sales. But we don’t stop there, because we believe that every single seller, regardless of experience or talent, benefits from ongoing coaching and routine refinement.

We help entrepreneurs and small business owners build capable, consistent sales teams that establish reliable pipelines, close more deals, and meet or exceed quotas. 

You’re exactly the business owner we’d most like to help.

We free business owners to focus on the vision and the future of their companies while we build sellers who love their work and who are invested in the process.

We do it because sales is our passion.

We do it because we know that your business will never grow until you can develop sellers who work just as hard as you do.

And we do it because someone was willing to do it for us.

Join our movement today.

“To be successful, do the opposite of what everyone else is doing.”

~Donald C. Kelly, The Sales Evangelist