DK The Sales Evangelist

Let me guess: you are new to sales or are an entrepreneur who is frustrated with the amount of money you are making. The crazy thing is you know you could do a lot better, but you don’t know how to improve or where to start.

Maybe you have been selling for years, but the evolving sales landscape with social selling practices and changes in buying behaviors has you confused. You are looking for ways to sharpen your selling skills. I know. I’ve been there. We want to find more qualified leads, close more business and earn more money. That is why I created “The Sales Evangelist.”


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This is a place where sellers of all levels can get the education needed to overcome the most challenging obstacles salespeople are facing. I offer a lot of this education through our podcast, The Sales Evangelist, which has been recognized by Entrepreneur Magazine, Huffington Post, Yahoo Finance, South Florida Business Journal and UpStart.

Ever since I was a kid, sales was in my DNA. Growing up in Jamaica, I watched my dad work as an entrepreneur and saw my mom hustling to create a better way of life for us. I instantly fell in love with the art of selling. I was that kid in the front yard selling cookies, candies, mangoes or whatever I could sell. The passion for sales followed me all the way to college and, finally, to corporate America. During the space of that time, I had a wide range of sales experiences, from serving in a restaurant to selling complex enterprise-wide software.

But, just like you, I wasn’t always successful. I was part of that 80% who brought in 20% of business and I hated that! I wanted to be part of the top-performing 20% who brought in 80% of business. I was sick of not making the money I knew I deserved.

Fortunately, I was granted the opportunity to receive expert, professional sales training. I read sales books, learned from the top performers, and I hustled harder than ever before. As a result, I began to close more business. I was a selling machine! I was making commission, paying off debt and earning the income to take care of my family. The satisfaction of being a confident seller changed my life and it empowered me to DO BIG THINGS.

privacy We value your privacy and would never spam you

If you had experienced this, wouldn’t you feel it’s your moral obligation to help others who are struggling? This is why I’m so excited for sales and the opportunity to “evangelize” about it. That experience taught me that ANYONE can sell.

You only need 3 things:

  1. The desire
  2. The hustle factor
  3. Proper training

This is the message of TSE. Everyone can learn to sell and DO BIG THINGS. Anyone can take control of his life and create a meaningful lifestyle he deserves.

Besides the podcast, we help struggling salespeople and entrepreneurs through the following:

  • Training Sales Team (in person and remote)
  • Online Courses
  • One-on-one Sales Coaching
  • Keynote Presentations
  • Online Group Training (TSE Hustler’s League)
  • Webinars
  • Workshops & Seminars
  • Free Training Resources

Donald and Cristina Today, my wife Cristina and I live in South Florida, and we love it. We’re passionate about sales and we want to help you gain the edge you need to become part of the 20% and overcome the obstacles preventing you from accomplishing your sales goals. It’s an honor for us to be affiliated with a thriving community of sellers and entrepreneurs like you.

To better assist this community of like-minded salespeople, we recently launched a private Facebook group where individuals can ask questions, collaborate with others, build strategic alliances, find motivation and educate each other on what’s working and what’s not. Check it out here.

Overall, we believe in the message that anyone can sell, and everyone can overcome the obstacles that are holding them back from doing BIG THINGS. If you have the desire, we can teach you how.

All in all, I want you to be happy and successful……I want you to do “BIG THINGS!”

Welcome to The Sales Evangelist.

privacy We value your privacy and would never spam you