TSE 693: VMware’s Secret to an Effective Sales Process

In this episode, I was privileged to interview Chris Dials, VP of Global Operations for VMware, where he leads the company’s go-to-market operations worldwide —an 800-person global team that [...]

TSE 692: What You Must Know Before Taking a Commission Only Job Part 1

Should you take a full commission job? This isn’t an uncommon question among sellers. So I want to give you some insights today into how you can be successful at it as well as some red [...]

TSE 691: How Winners Don’t Do Different Things, They Do Things Differently

Today’s guest is Shiv Khera, a motivational speaker who has inspired and worked with some of the biggest brands like HP, Citigroup, HSBC, Cannon, Nestle, Philips, Mecedes-Benz, and the list [...]

TSE 690: TSE Hustler’s League-“Hunt For Customers”

If you stop using or practicing the tools you know would work, you’re going to see a decrease in your sales. Oftentimes, we get training and go to these amazing events. Then we get back to [...]

TSE 689: Sales From The Street-“Don’t Be Sleazy”

There’s a fine line between being persuasive and being pushy. And you don’t want to get to the latter. But how do you reach out to clients without appearing too sleazy? Today’s [...]

TSE 688: How I Grew Our Revenue to 120k MRR with Outbound/Cold Email

Still struggling with doing cold emails? Our guest today is Mike Hardenbrook, the co-founder of Growth Geeks, a marketplace vetted for freelance marketers or geeks. He is also one of the [...]

TSE 687: Make Your Disadvantages Become Your Advantages!

What are some of the things you see as a setback? You can actually turn those disadvantages into advantages. I was on a podcast interview the other day and I was the one on the hot seat this [...]

TSE 686: This Is Why Online Marketing Is NOT Working For You!

Are automation and process the same thing? Nope. Not always. Our guest today thinks online marketers are taking businesses off on a wrong path. And we discuss how you can correct your course. [...]

TSE 685: TSE Hustler’s League-“Your Self Worth”

How much is your self-worth? How do you overcome your fear of rejection? Today’s snippet taken from one of our recent sessions over at the TSE Hustler’s League is about the idea of [...]

TSE BLOG 015: Why Your Elevator Pitch Is Not Working And How To Fix It

There have been many articles and techniques revolving around Elevator Pitches.  These are the pitches that you can make in a very short time as in the amount of time it takes an elevator to go [...]

TSE 684: Sales From The Street-“Why Don’t They Do What They Know?”

Here’s a self-check question for you: What don’t I do what I know I should do? Today, I’m sharing with you the concept behind this. You know how to do cold calling. You know how [...]

TSE 683: How to Help Salespeople and Entrepreneurs Discover their WHY

You’re probably familiar with Simon Sinek and have watched his Start with Why concept on TEDxTalks. If not, how long have you been living under the rock? Seriously though, you’ve got to watch it! [...]

TSE 682: What the Magic School Bus Taught Me About Complex Selling

I watched a show on Netflix called The Magic School Bus. No, it isn’t an action film as you would imagine me watching. It’s actually an animated film but its story is worth to be [...]

TSE BLOG 014: Value vs. Price: The Importance of the Perceived Value

Last week I saw an interesting infographic on social networks saying the following: “Something is happening, Facebook, the most popular social network, does not generate content. Airbnb, the [...]

TSE 681-What I Learned About Sales After Turning Around 77 Businesses Into Profitability

Why do you think most businesses fail? Why is transparency critical in any business? These and more on our episode today! Today’s guest is Robert Thomas Bethel – the man behind the [...]

TSE 680: TSE Hustler’s League-“Know Your Product”

Still scared of picking up that phone? Sellers need to build habits. You have to learn new skills, reinforce, and build on those skills. This semester of the TSE Hustler’s League has two [...]

TSE 679: Sales From The Street – “Closing”

The Ben Franklin close, the puppy doc close, the Columbo close, the assumptive close, and the list goes on ー what close do you use? Many people have the idea of closing totally messed up. They [...]

TSE 678: The Seven Pillars of Authority Marketing

How do you want to be seen by prospects – a salesman or a Forbes 500 businessman? Speeding up the sales process is critical in any business and if you want to do just that, you have to [...]

TSE 677: 3 Things You’re Doing that Your Prospects Hate

Today, I’m sharing three things you’re probably doing but you don’t realize it’s harming you as a sales professional. Sales applies to any areas of our lives. Recently, I [...]

TSE 676: Abundance Now: Amplify Your Life & Achieve Prosperity Today

Abundance is yours – NOW. I’m telling you – this is one episode you want to go back and listen to again. Today’s episode is loaded with gems. We have the most sought-after [...]

TSE 675: TSE Hustler’s League-“Speed Up The Purchase”

The TSE Hustler’s League is an online group coaching program designed to help sellers of all levels. Each semester, we focus on a theme. And for this semester, we have two tracks – business [...]

TSE 674: Sales From The Street-“Change Your Mindset”

A quick question – where are your thoughts focused on right now? Your thoughts are very powerful, they can actually either spell success or failure in your life. It’s your choice. [...]

TSE 673: How to Craft a Personal Brand that “POPs” and Increases Sales

Do you have a brand that pops? Well, there’s more to branding than just your logo. You have to have a brand that stands out from others. You have to have a strong brand presence. Learn more [...]

TSE 672: How Can I Set Myself Apart When Making a Cold Call?

Prospecting may come in shapes and forms. Should you send an email beforehand? Or should you just call right away? These and more on this episode today. First off, we’re starting a new [...]