TSE 627: No Strings Attached!

You’ve probably met somebody in one way or another where they do something for you but you just know there are strings attached to that. They expect something from you in return. Sure, they [...]

TSE 626: Your Sales Message Matters. What Does Yours Say About You?

Message is something often overlooked by salespeople especially those just winging it. They are too focused on finding leads but once they get to speak with someone on the phone, the freeze out. [...]

TSE 625: TSE Hustler’s League-“The Golden Message”

So you think your message is good, huh? But is that what your customers want? Do you speak to their challenges? Are you able to solve their problems? Well, it better be more of a [...]

TSE BLOG 013: The Critical Importance Of Lead Validation In Internet Marketing

Your lead generation website may be optimized with all of the best tricks and techniques to lure visitors. However, if you’re not including lead validation among those techniques, you may be [...]

TSE 624: Sales From The Street-“I Didn’t Like Following Up”

Too scared to follow up? In today’s episode on Sales from the Street, fellow Floridian Jeff Lee II shares with us how he overcame his biggest challenge of following up. Jeff and I initially [...]

TSE 623: Discovering What Makes You Different Which Makes You Marketable

We all hear about making yourself different to stand out from your competitors, but how do you really differentiate yourself without having to color your hair purple? Our guest today is Jeffrey [...]

TSE 622: Number One Sales Tip To Performing Your Best On Every Sales Call

As a salesperson or an entrepreneur, you have to be consistent if you want to see significant results. Today, I’m sharing with you some insights into how you can become more consistent in your [...]

TSE BLOG 012: Transforming Sales Training: The Case for Women-Centric Sales Training

According to recent data published by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, women make up 48.4 percent of retail salespersons. Yet, despite this nearly equal representation, there is a distinct [...]

TSE 621: How to Empower Customers to Make Faster Decisions Through Improv Comedy

Looking for an exciting, highly effective tool you can use for your next sales conversation? Then you surely need to listen to this episode. Marc Levine is the Founder of Improv My Sales, a [...]

TSE 620: TSE Hustler’s League: “Creating A Proper Buyer Persona”

As what others would say, me included, “The riches are in the niches!” Today’s snippet from one of our sessions over at the TSE Hustler’s League is about how you can [...]

TSE 619: Sales From The Street-“Should I Share My Price?”

Scared of putting your price on your website? Some entrepreneurs I know are afraid of putting their coaching prices on their website. I had a fair share of that fear too because I thought I was [...]

TSE 618: Making Millions In Your Living Room

It wasn’t a smooth path for Melissa Krivachek. Seven years back, she was broke and homeless. And she knew something had to change. Fast-forward to now, she has been nominated for Forbes 30 [...]

TSE 617: There’re Too MANY of Us Here!

Whether you’re selling life insurance or a car or plumbing service, you’re in an area where there’s a lot of competition and you’re trying to standout. But how can you [...]

TSE 616: Understanding the Voice of the Customer In Your Data

Sometimes we think we know what our customers think, feel, or want that sometimes when things don’t go down our way, we end up forcing ourselves on them. Remember, people love to buy, not to be [...]

TSE 615: TSE Hustler’s League -“Sell The Way Your Prospects Buy”

The way most businesses are set up is that the company or seller pushes something on the buyer. And that’s not cool. Totally not cool! By doing this, your prospects will feel they’re [...]

TSE BLOG 011: Say Good Bye To Inaccurate Sales Forecasting!

When’s the last time you made a miscalculation on your sales forecasting? Sometimes the mistakes are positive—say, forecasting too slow of a growth period. But sometimes the mistakes can be [...]

TSE 614: Sales From The Street -“Reaching VITO”

As an entrepreneur and seller, prospecting is one of the fundamental things you need to master. Today, I’m sharing some effective ways I’ve seen to get to that decision maker. This is [...]

TSE 613: Five Mistakes Entrepreneurs Have Made Since the Beginning of Time

Today’s guest is Joe Carlen, Co-Founder of Value Guards, LLC and practitioner of business valuations, patent valuations, and marketing assessments. He is consulting for hundreds of entrepreneurs [...]

TSE 612: Four Fundamental Areas You Should Start Coaching Reps In

Coaching problems? Basically, it all comes down to the situation the seller is in at a particular time. They may be having a tough time with cold calling or closing the deal. In each of those [...]

TSE 611: What Is The “GAP” & How Can I Find It In My Prospects Business?

Mind the gap! I’m not talking about London tubes here but today’s guest, Tibor Shanto, is going to teach us this concept of how you can help your buyers understand where they are and [...]

TSE 610: TSE Hustler’s League-“Pre-Call Planning”

Oftentimes, many sellers overlook the importance of pre-call planning and you can’t just wing this part of the process. Today, we’re pulling another snippet from one of our sessions [...]

TSE 609: Sales From The Street-“Cold Warm Leads”

What if your warm leads are not warm enough? Just because your leads are smiling back at you doesn’t mean you had them at first glance. You’ve got to make sure you’re able to nurture your leads [...]

TSE 608: Declaring Freedom From Mediocrity & Forging A Successful Mindset

As we’re celebrating Independence Day, it’s just right to discuss how you can gain financial freedom by solving the blocks that shift our thinking from entry-level job status to [...]

TSE 607: How Humble Should I Be At My New Sales Job?

Not having any luck with your hiring process? Today, I’m sharing my thoughts and insights into some hiring strategies that may help your business big time as well as what you can do as a [...]

TSE 606: How To Shift Your Mindset From Playing It Safe To Taking The Leap

Still playing it safe? Afraid to take that leap? Our guest today is Felena Hanson and she shares with us how she got inspired to start her business and she teaches us how you can essentially [...]

TSE 605: TSE Hustler’s League-“Three Reasons Why Your Deals Are Not Closing”

Today’s episode, we’ll give you a sweet taste of the first session of the TSE Hustler’s League this semester. If you still want to join, go ahead and apply. This is a group [...]