604: Sales From The Street-“Time Is Money”

Are you making sure you’re casting your net to your target? Otherwise, you may just be wasting your time doing all things that you could have delegated to others. Today’s guest is Jason Avery. He [...]

TSE 603: How Can I Better READ My Customers?

Part of sales is knowing how to read your customers well and understanding what they’re thinking so you would know how to handle the situation and in order for the sales to progress. [...]

TSE 602: Is Sales A Numbers Game?

Do you think sales is purely a numbers game? You’ve probably heard of sales teams or have been part of a sales team where they relate sales purely to the activities you do. But does the x [...]

TSE 601: Effective & Efficient Execution of Goals and Outcomes

Still struggling with hitting your goals? Sure, you may have devised a great plan but you may be lacking in effective and efficient execution. Hmmm…I smell commitment issues. Our guest [...]

TSE 600: Our 600th Episode Q & A

In celebration of our 600th episode, we’re doing a Q&A session where I’m answering some questions posted on our Facebook group, The Sales Evangelizers, and I’m sharing with [...]

599: Sales From The Street-“Cold Emails & Curiosity”

Need help with your cold emails? Today, I’m going to talk about some of the things I’ve seen that can help you to be effective with cold emails. Less than 10% of targeted emails are [...]

TSE 598: The Seven Mindsets of Success!

Today’s guest is a true hustler Sten Morgan who went from having $40 in his account to making a six-figure salary through hustle and hard work. As a result, he created a success story in [...]

TSE 597: Don’t Talk Yourself Out of It

Yesterday, I posted a quote on our Facebook group, The Sales Evangelizers, that says “It’s better to be told no than to not ask at all.”  So today, I want to tackle a common [...]

TSE 596: The Multigenerational Sales Team

Do you have millennials in your sales team? How about Baby Boomers or the GenX people? Many sales organizations consist of multiple generations in their team and even within the buyer-seller [...]

TSE 595: TSE Hustler’s League – “Plan Prospecting”

Today’s snippet of the TSE Hustler’s League is taken from our very first semester where we talk about prospecting, social media, and how you can increase your opportunities. Please be [...]

TSE 594: Sales From The Street- “Conventional Methods Don’t Work”

Today, Grant Wise shares with us some wise insights into how you can improve your real estate skills. Wait up! Before you even say real estate is not your stuff, the principles you will learn [...]

TSE 593: Just Go For No!

Sometimes we don’t like to hear the word “no” and this episode is going to change the way you look at it. Oftentimes, it takes multiple approaches before your prospects finally [...]

TSE 592: Is Rapport Building a Waste of Time?

Life is a big ole sales process. No matter what stage of life we’re at, being a student or a kid, we all have to persuade individuals and do some kind of persuasion in our life. Today, we [...]

TSE 591: Getting Your Motivational Level Up

 We’re basically in the middle of the year, how’re your sales going? Are you slowly finding yourself in a rut? Especially, if you’re not where you want to be at this point, this [...]

TSE 590: TSE Hustler’s League-“Tell Me More About The Group”

Today I’m going through some questions concerning the TSE Hustler’s League that came in and I’m going to answer them here. Why did I create TSE Hustler’s League? I was [...]

TSE 589: Sales From The Street-“Remember Their Name”

Have you ever experiencing talking within someone and 5-10 minutes down the conversation, you actually don’t remember their name? Imagine this scenario with your client, asking what’s [...]

TSE 588: Stop Leaving Money On The Table With Guest Post Backlinks

Just because you can’t afford to go to conferences to network with people and generate leads doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world. Did you know you can be leaving money on the table by not [...]

TSE 587: How Many Customers Do You Have?

One of the things I commonly come across with many salespeople and entrepreneurs is that they want the sale without necessarily doing the work. Many entrepreneurs have the ability to produce a [...]

TSE 586: Structuring Sales Onboarding To Get New Sellers Ramped Up Faster

Onboarding new hires is a crucial process every company should have, big or small. But this is something a lot of salespeople struggle with, worse, several companies don’t have an [...]

TSE 585: TSE Hustler’s League-“Humility”

Today’s episode is a throwback session of the TSE Hustler’s League that I did with Jimmy Burgess where we discussed different attitudes and things to help you generate a tsunami of [...]

TSE 584:Sales From The Street-“6 Figure Medical Sales”

Saul Marquez used to sell toilet paper and today he shares a very inspiring story about how he went from doing that to making six figures in the medical sales industry and hopefully, you can [...]

TSE 583: Stop Leaving Money on the Table

Today’s episode is jam packed with great insights into two of the essential aspects of sales: Prospecting and standing out. Today’s guest is John Brubaker, a nationally renowned Performance [...]