TSE 345: TSE Hustler’s League-“This Calendar Thing Worked”

Are you really selling as a sales rep? How much of your time do you really spend on actual selling? A study done showed that sales professionals spend an average of only about 39% of their time [...]

TSE 344: Sales From The Street-“Ask Questions”

Today, we’re going to talk about the power of qualifying, which means asking questions and asking the right questions so you become more efficient and you save much wasted time out of failing to [...]

TSE 343: The Power of Promotional Products

A lot of salespeople apparently don’t see promotional products as a great sales tool. And this is where we underestimate how powerful they can actually be. In fact, promotional products can help [...]

TSE 342: Complacency In Sales Performance

Complacency is a bad thing when it comes to selling. Unfortunately, a lot of salespeople can fall into a trap that can prevent them from performing better. Even if you’re doing well with your [...]

TSE 341: The Power of In Person Networking

If you’ve been hiding behind your product or service all this time then it’s time to come out of that shell if you truly want to grow as a seller or entrepreneur. Today, I’m bringing in Matt [...]

TSE 340: TSE Hustler’s League-“Soft Selling”

Today’s episode is another excerpt from our mastermind group over at TSE Hustlers League where we talked about soft selling, a selling strategy where the whole concept is that you’re [...]

TSE 339: Sales From The Street-“Being Bold & Confident”

Today’s episode on Sales from the Street is about being bold and confident. Oftentimes, behind a prospect’s objection is an underlying core problem that you need to dig deeper into. [...]

TSE 338: What You Must Know When Hiring Your Next Sales Rep

Are you hiring for the right reasons? Or are you just getting people on your team for the sake of filling in the numbers? Hiring is not a joke, not to your company and certainly not to the [...]

TSE 337: 7 Key Sales Metrics You Should Track

As a salesperson, you need to understand your numbers and the gauges of what you’re doing, how you’re doing it, and how you can improve. Today, I’m giving you 7 metrics you can [...]

TSE 336: Selling Online Is Easier Than You Think

If you think guest blogging has nothing to do with helping you grow your sales, well, don’t overlook it. Today, we have Cody Lister on the show as he shares a whole ton of blogging and content [...]

TSE 335: TSE Hustler’s League-“Rejection and Upselling”

 Today, I’ve pulled out yet another snippet from one of our training sessions over at TSE Hustler’s League so that you too might be able to benefit from these. In this clip, we talk [...]

TSE 334: Sales From The Street-“Account Based Selling”

Today, we discuss the idea behind account-based selling. I’m bringing in Brandon Redlinger who’s giving us insights into the challenge they had with account-based selling, what they [...]

TSE 333: Practical Tips To Improve Your Communication as a Seller

Did you know that leaders spend 80% of their time in communication either written or verbal? Unfortunately, communication is a very important area in selling that is becoming a lost art. Barney [...]

TSE 332: They Only Want To Communicate Via Email

What do you do if your prospect is only willing to communicate with you through email? No phone, no in-person meeting. Now you’re preparing a proposal when you haven’t fully [...]

TSE 331: How To Discover The Core Challenges When Meeting with Prospects

Oftentimes, it can be quite difficult to discover the core challenges of prospects because these could be covered by superficial reasons that the real problem remains unknown to you. Failing to [...]

TSE 330: TSE Hustler’s League-“Salesperson Time Management”

In today’s episode, I’m giving you a snippet out of one of our training in TSE Hustler’s League where we discuss the idea about focusing and making sure we’re maximizing [...]

TSE 329: Sales From The Street-“Theme Your Days”

There are days when we feel we really haven’t done anything for the day, didn’t get any prospect in, running around doing stuff, and working on paperwork, and on and on and on. Can [...]

TSE 328: Cross Selling and Upselling

Today’s episode is all about the idea cross-selling and upselling to your current customers and we have Kevin Karner on the show today to give us more insights into how this can be done [...]

TSE 327: How To Close The Deal

A lot of people are having a difficult time closing deals and we tend to put so much emphasis on the close that we actually start to miss. You start to think ahead and that could mess you up. Now [...]

TSE 326: Improving Your Personal Sales Hustle One Vending Machine at a Time

Wouldn’t you want to create a lifestyle where you get to earn passive income so you still have the ability to do other things? Today’s guest, Matt Miller, has done exactly just that and you too [...]

TSE 325: How To Improve Your Social Media Sales Skills

How are you using social media to grow your sales? Are you even using social media to sell? But is it appropriate to sell on social media in the first place? I’m bringing in Marty McDonald as he [...]

TSE 324: Sales From The Street-“Coaching”

Today, I’m going to talk to you about sales coaching, specifically how sales managers.And here are the common questions I have come across. Should a sales manager sell? Or should he/she be [...]