TSE 323: How Selling SaaS To Doctors Is Totally Different Than Traditional SaaS Sales.

Today’s episode is another interesting one as we talk about selling Software as a Service (SaaS) to doctors and how this is very different than selling as a pharma representative. This might be [...]

TSE 322: Timing Isn’t Right

How would you handle a prospective client saying that the timing isn’t right for your product or service and that if they decide to take advantage of the opportunity at a later time, they [...]

TSE 321: Embrace The Machine! Radically Improve Your Salesforce With This New Model

Today, you will learn about an interesting concept about eradicating commission as part of the business model. Say what? Okay, hold your horses now. Our guest today has a pretty interesting [...]

TSE 320: TSE Hustler’s League-“Why & How To Follow Up!”

In this episode, I’m sharing with you a piece of our training at TSE Hustler’s League, a group coaching session that I have every Wednesday night. We talked about following up, why [...]

TSE 319: Sales From The Street-“Collaborate”

Today, we talk about the idea of partnership or getting the right people into a project. How am I going to get this deal? Shall I collaborate with somebody else? Should I split the commission? [...]

TSE 318: Leveraging LinkedIn For Networking With Bobbie Foedisch

There are practical, basic stuff that we tend to forget when we get online. Today, we’re bringing in Bobbie Foedisch as we touch on this topic plus more social selling strategies, specifically [...]

TSE 317: Just Go Negative On Them

Many people are so afraid of getting rejected. Of course, who wants to be rejected? In this episode, you will learn how you can utilize a technique to be able to help you land more deals, close [...]

TSE 316: Give Yourself A 20% Raise | The Art of the Cross Sell

You may be doing well with your sales right now but you can’t just stay at one level of your career. You always want to push yourself forward. And at certain points, you would have to upsell or [...]

TSE 315: Leveraging Systems And Processes To Grow Your Business

Today’s show is golden as we talk about leveraging systems and processes to grow your business. I am bringing in Scott Beebe on the show today. Scott is the expert when it comes to processes, [...]

TSE 314: Sales From The Street-“Prospect Right”

Having trouble connecting with like-minded people? Or are you struggling with getting new prospects? We’ll talk about that today as we bring Kurtis Tucker on the show. Kurtis talks about having [...]

TSE 313: TSE Hustlers League Tip “Messaging”

Today, we’re giving you a glimpse of what’s happening in our mastermind group, the TSE Hustler’s League. In this session, we focus on messaging, which is something a lot of [...]

TSE 312: Stories Are A Great Way To Create Value

Today, we’re going to talk about how you can utilize stories in your selling situation to establish tons of value, credibility, and to help sell more. People love to buy, they hate to be [...]

TSE 311: How To Get And Keep Your Competitive Advantage In Today’s Nosey Digital World

One major weapon that every salesperson must keep loaded in their artillery is to have that competitive advantage in today’s noisy digital world. So I’m bringing Justin Christianson on the show [...]

TSE 310: Why Startups Need To Focus On Sales Before Marketing

Today’s episode is explosive since our guest today, Patrick Helmers, is a double-edged sword who brings a lot of value on the table. He is not only a master on the tech side but he also has [...]

TSE 309: Sales From The Street: “Sell Value”

Today’s guest is Ted Ryce, a health and fitness professional for the past 17 years in Miami Beach, Florida. He has worked with tons of celebrities, CEOs, multi-million dollar companies and [...]

TSE 308: TSE Hustlers League Tip “The Most Important 10 Minutes”

Today, I took a snippet out of one of our training sessions from TSE Hustler’s League so you can take some things and apply them to your selling career and help you improve. The TSE [...]

TSE 307: How To Think Under Pressure While Cold Calling

Today, we basically talk about how you can think on your feet when you’re cold calling. Or should you actually be doing that at all? Okay, so I’ve done this thing with Toastmasters [...]

TSE 306: Treat Your Customers Right and They Will Evangelize For You

Today, we’re going to talk about the power of treating your customers right. Treat them the way they need to be treated and they could actually become evangelizers for you. I’m bringing in Jared [...]

TSE 305: Learn How To Write Proposals That Convert

Writing proposals is one of the many critical challenges that every salesperson may have to face. Even a significant amount of time has to be allotted solely in writing proposals to ensure you’re [...]

TSE 304: Improve Your Copy, Improve Your Sales!

We all need to know how to write effectively, even in sales, now more especially because of the social selling opportunities brought to us by LinkedIn or other blog posts and sites. Therefore, it [...]

TSE 303: Sales From The Street-“Think and Act Like an Entrepreneur”

One defining trait among highly successful salespeople is their ability to think and act like entrepreneurs. I’m bringing in Lucas Barra today as we talk about why you need to think and act like [...]

TSE 302: A New Decision Maker In Town!

How do you handle it when there is a new decision maker in town? A decision maker can mess up your deal if you don’t do it right. And while some things can be out of your control, there are [...]