TSE 269: Questions Sales Talent Should Ask In An Interview

Looking for a sales job? Well, you better prep yourself up for the interview and understand the importance of asking the hiring manager the right questions that will help gear you to success. [...]

TSE 268: Sales From The Street-“Everyday Selling”

If there’s one guy that has taught me the way of the door-to-door world, it’s definitely Todd Altom. It wasn’t something I would love to go back doing, but it definitely brought great [...]

TSE 267: Tough Questions Salespeople Should Be Asking

What happens when a prospect tells you they don’t have the budget for it? What…cat got your tongue? Well, I’ve been down that road before and getting derailed from how you wanted your [...]

TSE 266: 15 Secrets Successful People Know About Time Management

Having time management and productivity issues? Well, our guest today, Kevin Kruse has this to say, “We can’t manage time but we can manage our attention, our energy, and our focus.” Kevin [...]

TSE 265: Sales From The Street-“This Is How You Get A Referral”

One of the best ways to grow your business is by getting referrals from your clients. Jeff Tockman is a consultant who helps his clients grow their business through referrals. Jeff is a power [...]

TSE 264: 3 Phone Prospecting Strategies You Should Implement Today

So, do you make phone calls to your prospects often? Well, it’s a very common part of sales….”using the phone” that is. In this episode I share some ideas you can [...]

TSE 263: “Selling The Intangible”

Today’s guest is Jeffrey Shaw, an entrepreneur who’s been selling the intangible and has worked with several individual entrepreneurs, coaching them, and helping those with [...]

TSE 262: Sales From The Street-“Work-life Balance”

Work-life balance is a myth! And we have Devon Bandison on the show today to debunk that. Devon’s career started in New York City, developing programs for at-risk youth and first-time fathers. [...]

TSE 261: Are Trade Shows Worth It?

Have you ever questioned the effectiveness of a trade show? Are they worth it? Is there an ROI with these events? How about the following up process? What are the best ways to do the follow-up [...]

TSE 260: Developing A Brand That Sells!

When you talk about branding, you talk about purpose. As a sales professional or entrepreneur, you need to be able to convey your purpose by giving value to your customers. Add that with a strong [...]

TSE 259: Sales From The Street-“Inside Sales”

  If you’re one of several people who tend to shy away from getting into inside sales, you might just be missing out on a very big opportunity here. In today’s episode, John Merrifield will [...]

TSE Blog 007: 10 Qualities A Top Performing Salesperson Must Possess

According to a Sales Benchmark Index report, only 13% of salespeople produce 87% of the sales in a typical organization. So what does this small pie of high achievers have that others don’t? Here [...]

TSE 258: 5 Things I Learned From Superbowl 50

As I watched Superbowl 50 I was able to glean some very fundamental lessons which tied back to sales and marketing. During this episode I share those principles and offer a little elaboration. [...]

TSE 257: “I LOVE SALES!” The Power of The Sales World With Heather Havenwood

Today’s episode is oozing with insights and great value that you can definitely apply into your sales process or business. Heather Havenwood is the CEO of Havenwood Worldwide and the Chief Sexy [...]

TSE 256: Sales From The Street- “I Need Some Help Brother…Part 2”

Bill and I talked back in Episode 227 where I did a coaching session with him. We basically talked about the business that he’s starting with video production to help organizations better [...]

TSE 255: This Is How You Negotiate!

As a salesperson, one of the major responsibilities you have is to CLOSE business! As you’re closing more business, inadvertently you will find yourself in many negotiation meetings. To [...]