TSE 109: Become An Ultra Performing Seller By Procrastinating on Purpose

Folks… get ready to be BLOWN AWAY! I’ve got to warn you ahead that this episode has got loads (and I mean LOADS) of information that you can take away from and apply, not only to your own [...]

TSE 108: 6 Things You Must Do To Gain Maximum Results From Networking Events

Find the right event to go to It has to be close to your niche and mutually beneficial for you to go. Spend your time wisely. Look at trade organizations where your ideal customers are. Limit the [...]

TSE 107: 6 Things Every Seller Must Do To Stay Highly Motivated

Brace yourself guys! This episode comes with an explosive, wealth of really good, motivating and happy information. Being his second time on the show, Ralph Quintero talks about the power of [...]

TSE 106: Find Unbelievable Success In Sales By Creating Your Own Rain!

Here are some of the major take-away from this episode: Create your own rain by organizing local events  Find a local restaurant that does not have a lot of foot traffic on a weekday evening. [...]

TSE 105: Expanding Your Sales Into The International Market

Looking into expanding and growing your company and entering into international markets? Well, it is not that easy. A few important factors have to be considered such as culture, keeping your [...]

TSE 104: Secret Nuggets In Lost Opportunities

No, sometimes you are going to get this from a customer. Even worse sometimes the deal you have been working on for months will be awarded to another company. To most sellers this is devastating [...]

TSE 103: Selling In The New Luxury Market

You’d probably think catering to the luxury market is all glitz and glamor. But the more you’re getting paid, the more is expected of you to bring great value to the table. In today’s episode, [...]

TSE 102: Why Selling Into LARGE Accounts Is Better Than Small Accounts.

In this episode I share my personal thoughts on why I feel selling into LARGE accounts is better than smaller ones. I’ve had the privilege of working with both and the overwhelming [...]

TSE 101: Conquer Your Fear, Stop Procrastinating, Make More Sales!

Have you already created a vision in your life and business? In this episode, our special guest Ray Higdon talks about the power of creating that vision to advance you to your success. Years ago, [...]