TSE 082: Learn Why Every Sales Professional Need To Become A Profit Hero Today!

During this episode I interview Bob Rickert, author and CEO of PCS Strategies. Bob has been selling for over 30 years. After selling for fifteen years ago he said to himself that he was “selling [...]

TSE 081: Case Study “How To Deal with People Who Are Too Nice To Say No!”

During this episode I had the honor of having one of my listeners and great friend, Shem Carlson on the show. Shem is an Account Manager for Hibu formerly “Yellowbook”. He is currently finding [...]

TSE 080: Identifying Your Ideal Customer’s Challenges & Speaking Their Language

During this episode I had the honor of interviewing Joseph Michael, founder of Learn Scrivener, an online training course to master the use of the scrivener writing software. Joseph is an [...]

TSE 079: Is Opportunity Hoarding Killing Your Closing Rate?

So, several years ago my wife introduced me to a TV show on TLC (Opps, I said HGTV on the episode instead of TLC) called Hoarders. I am sure you have seen it or heard of it before. The people on [...]

TSE 078: Why Sales Professionals Need Inbound Marketing and Transparency More Than Ever Before!

In this episode, I interview Marcus Sheridan, aka “The Sales Lion”. Marcus helps businesses embrace the power of content and inbound marketing through his personal experiences. Him and his team [...]

TSE #077: How To Handle Pricing Questions Early In The Sales Process

During this episode I answer questions that are often brought up by sellers in regards how to handle the situation when your customer is trying to bring up pricing too soon. I feel that one of [...]

TSE 076: How Paul Shakuri Earned Six Figures Doing Door to Door Sales!

Have you ever wondered if door to door sales is worth it, much less even profitable? Well, my friend Paul Shakuri can certainly prove that it is. In this episode I had the pleasure of bringing [...]

TSE 075: How To Stay Top Of Mind With Prospects Without Being Annoying!

Okay, so tell me if this has ever happened to you before. You are working with a prospect and for some reason they have to put the project on hold for six months. Whether there is some litigation [...]