TSE 061: Eveline Pierre, Empowering Sellers with The Secret to Winning Big!

Let’s face it, as a seller sometimes we all fall into a rut or need an extra boost. Well, this is why I thought it would be great to bring Eveline Pierre on our show. Eveline is also known as [...]

TSE 060: You Are A Sales Professional….Stop Trying To Be A Psychic!

Okay, I got to admit something to you. At one point in my sales career I thought I was a psychic! Well, not exactly, let me explain further. As a new seller I always assumed and tried to predict [...]

TSE 059: Learn How To Have Conversations That Sell From Nancy Bleeke!

Nancy Bleeke is the queen when it comes to having meaningful conversation with prospects. Conversations that really, engage the prospects and that really sells! She has been doing this for quite [...]

TSE 058: How To Use LinkedIn To Sell with Josh Turner

Well, we have all heard that we should use LinkedIn to sell more; but the problem is many people really don’t know how to exactly do this. In this interview I had the great privilege of speaking [...]

TSE 057: Showing Up and Throwing Up Does NOT Work!

One of the major challenges that I faced as a new seller was my over excitement for the products and services that I sold. As you can tell, I get pretty excited about things that I find valuable. [...]

TSE 056: Learn Why Technology Alone “WILL NEVER” Seal The Deal!

One of the major challenge that many sellers are coming upon today is their over dependency on technology to gain more business, without any human interaction. Joanne Black is a sales trainer, [...]

TSE 055: Is There a Proper Way to Ask For a Referral From a Client?  

A few episodes back I mentioned the power of asking for referrals from everyone, even prospects. Now, granted the quality of a referral from a prospect may not always be the strongest avenue to [...]

TSE 054: How To Use Email To Sell with Ian Brodie

Does selling using email really work? Well, Ian Brodie surely thinks so and I believe him! He is an email marketing expert and is able to prove it with his years of experience. During a recent [...]

TSE 053: At Least 1 of 4 Things You Should Get From EACH Prospecting Call!

During this episode I am going to go a little personal and share something that I learned early on in my sales career as a novice seller. You see, when making prospecting calls I use to think [...]