TSE 009: Does The Way You Dress Affect The Way You Sell?

In this episode I interview Linda Yates who is an Executive and Business Coach. For years I have heard different options about dressing and the way if affects your performance. Linda has assisted [...]

TSE 008: Can Anyone Sell?

Can anyone sell? In this episode I address a question I discussed recently with some friends regarding my views on selling. You see, so many people feel that it is difficult to sell. Some say you [...]

TSE 007: 10 High Performance Habits That Lead To Success From Justin Su’a

Ever wondered what makes a top producer, a top producer?  Well, during this episode I interview Justin Su’a who has cracked  the “top producer” code. Justin is the Head of Mental Conditioning at [...]

TSE 006: Quick, Easy Way To Overcome “The Undecided Prospect”

Don’t you just dislike that lukewarm, super nice, undecided prospect who doesn’t know how to tell you no? You know the type, they feel bad “letting you down” so they drag the already endless [...]

TSE 005: The Power of Follow Up with Judy Garmaise

During this episode I interview the queen of follow up, Judy Garmaise. She has  developed one of the best programs out there and also is the author of the book “The Power of Follow [...]

TSE 004: Follow Up Lesson I Learned From a 14 Year Old

Hey everyone! Welcome to another great episode of the Sales Evangelist podcast. During this episode I reveal the new format of having two episodes weekly. The first episode will be shorter and [...]

TSE 003: Relationship Selling with Jim Cathcart

During this episode I interview Jim Cathcart who teaches us the power of “Relationship Selling”. It is a concept which Jim has mastered. Listen to the podcast to learn how and why this is [...]

TSE 002: Creating an Attitude of “Success” with Ralph Quintero

Ralph is committed to having an AWESOME life! Ralph has a passion for excellence, personal development and the success of others. He lives life with no limits in his journey to achieve all of his [...]