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e believe strongly in the concept of working smarter NOT harder. As a seller, there are many tools you can take advantage of which will make your life easier. Below are some of the most effective tools Donald and our team uses on a regular basis.

Feel free to check them out for yourself. To be totally transparent, some of these links are affiliates. Meaning, if you decide to purchase one of the tools using our link, we will get a small commission.

But as you know, we only evangelize about things we absolutely love. If you have questions about these tools, feel free to click here and message us.

Thanks, and as always, go out and do BIG THINGS!


PandaDoc is the future of documents. Using PandaDoc salespeople spend less time working on proposals and more time on sales activities. Salespeople can also quickly build up documents that speak directly to their customer’s needs by pulling relevant case studies, images and graphs from the built-in content library.

PandaDoc Track the document, get it signed and even collect payment without leaving your CRM. Teams adopting PandaDoc have seen 35% increases in Sales Productivity. Close more deals in less time with PandaDoc. 

We have used it internally for over 2 years here at TSE and we love it. Check it for yourself. 


Imagine if you were able to receive a notification every time your prospects opens or forwards your emails? You will be one step ahead, working smarter, not harder. Well, with HubSpot Sales, this is precisely what you will get. Click here to learn more. 


BombBomb is a powerful tool designed to embed videos directly into emails. Imagine how cool it would be to receive a personalized email as a prospect from a seller? It would definitely allow you stand out from the rest. We have used BombBomb and absolutely love it. Feel free to check it here.


If you have listened to our podcast, you know how much we enjoy using audible. It’s by far the easiest way to stay on top of your sales game while increasing your sales acumen. To take advantage of a free audiobook download and a 30-day free trial, simply click here.

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